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2/10/2021 3:35 PM

I hate to be a naysayer to all those optimistic Republicans out there. That are talking about winning in the 2022 and 2024 elections. Unless they fix the election system and eliminate the fraudulent practices that took place in 2020 and in Georgia in 2021, there is no way in hell that they will win even one seat, let alone in taking over the Senate and the House. The only reason that Republicans were able to pick up seats in the House and the Senate in 2020 was because the Dems were willing to sacrifice them so they could eliminate Trump. Which is exactly what they did. The Dems did exactly what they set out to do. They now control everything. They also control the Supreme Court, because the justices are too terrified to do do anything, as is evidenced in there refusal to hear any cases of Election Fraud and are now letting an unconstitutional impeachment to take place. They are also refusing to do anything about all of the executive orders being signed by Biden.

2/11/2021 4:15 PM

Just a little history. The news services are touting that 5 people died as a result of the Riot at the Capitol building on Jan 6. Well, 5 people died that day, that is true. However only one person actually died as a result of the riot. That person was unarmed and was in fact shot by the police. The cop who died, died of an unrelated stroke the following day. Three other people also died in DC, all of unrelated causes. They were in DC, but they were not involved with the riot. Countless videos have been viewed by the police to see if the cop with the stroke was in fact hit with a fire extinguisher. No footage could be found, nor did he complain of it to his family when he went home. So, way to go fake news.

2/13/2021 5:46 AM

They asked on Fox news what should the punishment be for Gov Cuomo? Nothing short of the gas chamber. He knowingly sent 15,000 people to their death. Than he lied shout about the actual numbers. So he can’t deny it. If he didn’t think he did wrong, why did he lie?

2/15/2021 5:06 PM

Everybody is keying in on lost time for our children with the school closures. Frankly I am not that concerned, yet that is. If you are honest with yourself, you know that there is at least 2 years of wasted BS if not more in the 12 or 13 years if you count kindergarten school, that kids go to school. So even if they miss two years , that is not so bad. Frankly parents should consider it a godsend to have some time to deprogram them from all the bullshit that they are being taught in the schools. What is more of a concern is the psychological affect is having on them. Kids are by nature egocentric. They think the world revolves around them. Because of this attitude, they tend to blame themselves for a whole slew of events, like their parents fighting and getting divorced. They are also probably blaming themselves for the schools being closed. Because they are now super spreaders. They are being forced to wear masks and are being isolated from their friends. Socializing is very important in the early developmental stages of children. Case in point, has anybody studied how serial killers are made? Part of their root cause is that they are (1) abused, (child abuse numbers are increasing), (2) they are isolated , (isolation is now part of most children’s lives). Even when the schools open our children will be isolated. Have you seen their plexiglass cubicles? If we are going to have a future, we have to take care of our children. But in the meanwhile as parents, give them as much love as possible. But most important of all, let them know that they are not to blame for this covid-19 pandemic.

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2/17/2021 2:16 AM (excerpt from Article, “President Trump Was Acquitted , But Impeachment Was a Distraction,” By Daniel Greenfield)

The Russian hoax and the insurrection hoax are both pretexts for a state of emergency.

Impeachment, like the Russia election hoax, never proved anything, never explained how one thing led to another, and never laid out credible motives. Instead it followed the Democrat pattern of declaring an emergency and accusing anyone who questions it of treason.

And that has always been the underlying motive.

The Democrats went from attacking an election on false grounds to criminalizing challenging an election. But their one consistent theme has been to accuse their political opponents of posing a national security threat, pushing a state of emergency, and moving to criminalize dissent.

Impeachment, like the thousands of soldiers occupying D.C., was political theater. The reality behind the theater is meant to sweep away the Constitution and the Bill of Rights, due process and free elections as if they had never existed under the guise of fighting domestic extremism.

And that is a true emergency.

2/19/2021 3:50 AM

A few postings and memes from Facebook, that don’t have an appropriate location for posting:

2/19/2021 4:14 AM

A top expert on the Second Amendment warned in an interview this week that President Joe Biden has launched a “four-prong” attack against the Second Amendment and already has more plans to dismantle it.

“It’s a four-prong attack against firearms ownership in the country,” Alan Gottlieb, the founder of the Second Amendment Foundation, said in an interview this. “One is universal background check is really a universal registration system. Second is banning of assault weapons and then defining assault weapons as almost any semi-automatic firearm. Third is banning magazines that hold more than 10 rounds, you know, again, hurts people twice for self defense in our country, and then attacking the firearms industry so that any criminal that goes out and misuses a gun, the gun manufacturer can be sued for it, it’s going to put the industry out of business and nobody can buy a gun.”

2/19/2021 10:53 PM

Just when I thought I heard of everything, know we have land acknowledgements. Nobody truly owns the land. We are here for a brief blink of an eye. So just how can we decide who the original stewards were? If you examine the history of native American people, it reads like the hidtory of the strip in Las Vegas. None of the casinos here today are the original casinos. The same goes with native Americans. Most of them followed the migration of the Buffalo in the west. The eastern tribes were slightly more sedentary. The hopi Indians actually built lasting structures. They were farmers, and can be considered true stewards. However, they were driven out by other invading Indian tribes. I guess we could go back further to the Cromagnum man, or maybe the Neanderthal man. How about the dinosaur they roamed the earth for over a 100 million years. Do they count? Where does it end? I know one thing we need to stop Telling our children that they are living on stollen land. Indians had no word for land ownership. So knock it off already. We have enough problems now without trying to correct injustices that occurred hundreds of years ago.

2/20/2021 5:23 PM

I have been watching tributes to Rush Limbaugh, well deserved I might add. In these tributes they have shown on a few occasions the honor that President Trump paid him on his 2020 State of the Union Address. Seeing him being honored with the Presidential Medal of Freedom award reminded me of how the speech ended. It ended with Nancy Pelosi ripping up a copy of President Trump’s speech. Not only was it it an insult to the President, it was an insult to every individual mentioned and honored in his speech. Which was basically the entire country. I can’t believe that it has been over a year now and she still has not felt any repercussion from that act. In my way of thinking it should have been grounds for immediate impeachment. It had to be one of the most vile and hateful acts I have ever witnessed on public Television. Yet she still is in power. My wife believes in karma, well Pelosi definitely needs a good healthy dose of karma.

2/21/2021 2:00 PM

Well said all of you. How do we put a stop to this growing trend? My wife an I was discussing this subject. I told her that our history as a country has been full of divisiveness, even dating bag to our birth, where we had the Tories, who were loyal to the English monarchy. Throughout our history, we have been so divided, that we should be called “The Divided States of America” instead of “The United States of America.”

2/22/2021 5:46 AM

Kermit is the next victim of cancel culture. Disney has decided that “The Muppet Show” — featuring Kermit the Frog, Fozzie Bear and Miss Piggy — contains “offensive content” and can now be seen only on an adult account.
When viewers open the streaming service, which made five series available last Friday, viewers are greeted with the disclaimer: “This program includes negative depictions and/or mistreatment of people or cultures. These stereotypes were wrong then and are wrong now,” the Daily Mail reported. “Rather than remove this content, we want to acknowledge its harmful impact, learn from it and spark conversation to create a more inclusive future together. Disney is committed to creating stories with inspirational and aspirational themes that reflect the rich diversity of the human experience around the globe,” the statement says.
Said the Mail: “The warning is believed to refer to Muppet characters designed as stereotypes of Native Americans, Arabs and East Asians.” What the hell is this country coming too?

2/22/2021 5:28 PM

So, now people that are fighting racism are saying that Caucasian Americans need to act less white. If I tried to change my voice to match different ethnic cultures and regions, or changed my hair style and dress to match as well, I would be told that I am trying to make fun of these individuals or that I was being condescending. We will never get rid of racism in this country if our citizens don’t stop race baiting. I think we were on our way to almost eliminating it as an issue until Barack Obama became president. As a matter of fact that should have ended it for ever, but under his presidency, people seemed to take pleasure in reigniting the race fires. President Obama did nothing to put them out, as a matter of fact I think he enjoyed stoking the fire. We now have a female Vice President who also happens to be a black woman. How can we be systemically racist? This is bullshit and everybody knows it. They are using racism to control the dissenting voice. It is all part of eliminating our first amendment rights of free speech. Because people are so afraid of upsetting other people that they are not speaking out at all. That is not right, thousands of people died throughout this country’s storied history to protect and maintain the rights enumerated in our Bill Of Rights. We need to all stand up for our freedoms, before they all disappear.

2/23/2021 1:01 AM

2/24/2021 5:53PM

The question is why is the Democratic Party concerned about 1/2 of 1 percent of the population? You guessed it transgender people. The answer is, they don’t care at all. This whole argument is nothing but a distraction. It is right out of their hand book. The same goes with systemic racism. Only a few, very powerful individuals are keeping this argument going, just to keep the country divided. Nobody in their right mind believes that this country is systemically racist. People are talking about hockey being racist, that is BS. How many black people do you know that even can ice skate, let alone play hockey. If there are no players to draft, what are they supposed to do? Our problem in this country is that we look for shit to argue about.

2/26/2021 9:22 AM

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