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  3/24/2021 11:29 AM

I think Biden will go down as not only the most incompetent president , but the most ignorant and arrogant president in our history. On my blog, I had rated James Buchanan as the worst president followed by Andrew Johnson in the number two position. I now believe that Biden has leap frogged both of them to take the worst president spot. Everything that he has touched has turned to absolute shit. He his doing all of this out of sheer hate and spite for president Trump. I dare anyone to tell me otherwise. He could have coasted into this presidency. All of the framework was set up for him. He could have concentrated on trying to bring the country back together, something his boss Obama also failed to do. I guess having a united country is not sexy enough. Silly me, I thought eliminating racial issues was a noteworthy accomplishment. President Trump was too hated to pull it off. But Biden had a chance at it.


Everybody has the right to their own opinion, and to practice their faith in peace. No one has all the answers an no one truly whst is in store for them in the afterlife. So knock the f__king shit off and grow up. Leave your BS in the garbage where it belongs.

3/27/2021 2:47 AM

Worldwide deforestation is having a greater effect in global warming than the use of clean fossil fuels. 100,000’s of acres of forests are being cut down every day. Trees help reduce carbon emissions and produce oxygen. If you want to slow down the global temperature changes, help the third world countries learn how to do sustainable farming. New farmland in these countries only lasts about 5 years, after that, the land is barren, due to poor farming techniques. We also have seeding Drones, which can plant thousands of trees a day. Reducing deforestation and planting new trees will do more for our environment than trillions of dollars worth of green new technology will do.

3/27/2021 7:08AM

This is in regards to the border wall. The wall has already been paid for. Why can’t the states decide for themselves about the wall? It has to do with their safety. I am sure that the border wall was never mentioned in the constitution. So any law or matter not discussed in the constitution falls under the preview of the state governments. It is the whole concept of states rights. What does everyone think about this? Am I right?

3/29/2021 3:58 PM

So our government wants to impose a mileage tax now, plus increase our over all taxes. So is this mileage tax going to be imposed on every vehicle in the country? If so, that means everything that requires transportation in this country will go up in price, because the price of gas has gone up a dollar a gallon already, and expect it to go up at least another dollar a gallon. This is going to hurt every business that relies on road travel for their revenue. We are also going to have a guaranteed salary per household. So people that are not working will make as much in the long run as people who are working, after you factor all these taxes in. How am I going to afford to buy an electric car? Like I said last year if Biden wins the election, expect at least a 60% percent or higher tax. We are well on our way towards that figure. Because next year they will figure out how screwed we are with all these trillion dollar infrastructure bills they are passing. They basically want everybody to live in small apartments and use public transportation. Our lives will be totally controlled by the government and big business. Do you want to see our future, watch the movie 1984. It is based on George Orwell’s novel with the same title.

3/31/2021 2:31 AM

I know this has been out for a while, but the commercial with four ex-presidents and four ex-first ladies was a major slap in the face for President Trump and First Lady Melania. We would not even have a vaccine if it were not for the actions of President Trump and his Operation Warp Speed. I know it was meant to help the drive for vaccinations, but I am sure that President Trump was never even asked to be in the commercial. Since he has left office, everybody and his brother has tried to take credit for the vaccines. But we all know better.

3/31/2021 3:19 AM

3/31/2021 11:45AM

If the Democrats were smart, they should have finished the border wall. This way they could have still had catch and release, but they could have controlled the flow of immigrants. Like making sure they are not transporting drugs across the border. Also they could monitor how many people are entering our country. Plus they could test everybody for covid, then they could quarantine all the positive individuals. They could also turn back all the people with cartel bands on them. This might deter the cartels some. But they aren’t smart.

4/1/2021 1:36 PM

I know, I seem, like the doomsday man, now. China and Iran signed a 25 year agreement of cooperation. It didn’t say it was an outright alliance, but I am reading between the lines. All we need is Russia and North Korea to join them and we are really screwed. That means Nuclear power and weapons will most likely be shared. If you know your history, look at how WWI started with all of the alliances. China has drawn a line in the sand. It is also a whole lot worse than just those two countries. China has a lot of influence throughout the world now. If it came down to choosing sides, I am afraid that a lot more countries would side with China. We may find ourselves vastly outnumbered and on the loosing side of the next cold or hot war.

4/2/2021 2:00 AM

4/3/2021 1:04 AM

So MLB is pulling out of Atlanta due to new voting laws. That is a bad call. MLB lost millions of dollars last year, now they just alienated all the citizens of not only Atlanta but Georgia as well. When they need to be growing their fan base they are shrinking it. Not very good business if you ask me.

4/5/2021 4:04PM

You know, I think all these public schools being closed is hoing to hurt the left. More and more people are sending their kids to catholic and Christian schools, which will ultimately increase the numbers of people participating in organized religion. This is something that the left is trying to destroy, so that they can move us to socialism. The left never seems to know when to stop.

4/5/2021 4:11 PM

2 years ago, MLB awarded Atlanta the 2021 Allstar game. So Atlanta spent all that money getting
ready for the game. I think Atlanta should sue MLB for a breach of contract.

4/5/2021 4:19 PM

I know I mentioned this in a previous posting. The border wall. I don’t think the federal government can stop the states from finishing the border wall. Just look at the 10th amendment. The border states should tell the federal government to f__k off.

4/9/2021 4:53 PM

4/10/2021 2:02 PM

I think it is safe to say the Biden is not only going to go down as the worst president in our history, but he is also going to be listed as the most destructive president as well. Every action he has taken has helped to divide this country further and further. He is trying to weaken our Constitution as well. Our country was founded on the premise of a weaker central government and stronger state governments. We also value our freedoms , which include speech and the right of assembly. These freedoms are being chipped away at, by cancel culture and wokeness. Who in the hell came up with that term anyway? I think the best way to beat this crap is to stop enabling the individuals who are pushing these agendas. If we stop listening to them and empowering them, their influence will eventually be eroded away. We are more powerful than we think. We can also stop buying products from companies who support this crap, and eventually they will be forced to stop their support or go out of business. Instead of waiting for Twitter to block your access, just quit them in droves. If all 70 plus million people who voted for President Trump last year, quit Twitter, Ole Dorsey would think twice about the shit he is espousing. Stop watching liberal news channels and watch Newsmax and even Fox News. You will be surprised what you have been missing. Maybe your eyes and ears will open up some.

4/14*/2021 8:27 AM

I have heard a lot of crap about abolishing the police, due to people being killed by them. I have seen many of the videos involving police shootings. Everyone of them involved someone resisting arrest or resisting them in some manner. I want to know if people have been taking stupid pills? When did it become ok to resist the police when they are trying to do their jobs? I firmly believe if people listened to the police and stopped resisting, just maybe shootings would drop markedly. What do you think?

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