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7/7/2021 6:10 PM

I just watched the news today, the FBI is requesting help in identifying more individuals involved in the January 6th Capital Building protests. Yes they were protestors and not insurrectionists. The only thing they were guilty of was being stupid. The only person killed was an protestor, Ashley Babbitt. Four other people died that day in Washington D.C. and they died of unrelated causes. If you have watched the videos, you can see that the actual instigators were Antifa agents. You can recognize them from their attire and their actions. There has been over 150 individuals arrested and the vast majority are still being incarcerated. Many of them have been refused bail, have not been charged and are in solitary confinement, with only 1 hour a day of fresh air. If you know some of these individuals, I can only beseech you to do what his right. Follow your heart. What they are doing is unconstitutional and illegal. The FBI and the Justice System are tools of the Left. They are no longer interested in protecting us and our constitutional rights.

7/7/2021 8:55 PM

Well its official Trump is suing Facebook, Twitter and Google for unlawful censorship. Go Trump. Anybody can get information on the class-action lawsuit by going to their website.


So is the White House taking all the bribes for President Joe Biden through paying for Hunter’s art work, LOL? So I guess they are laundering the bribes through the WH. Absolutely F__king amazing.they must think we are really dumb. Who in the hell would spend $500,000 for a Hunter Biden painting?


I guess the government has forgotten that we still only have emergency clearance for the vaccines for COVID-19. They can’t force you to take the virus. Even when it is passed by the FDA. I guess the have forgotten the over 100 million people who have gotten it already. So we have reached Herd Immunity now. What are the vaccinated people worried about?

7/11/2021 12:08 AM

So how many Caucasians out there think that they are the anti christ? How many think that they are racist? Apparently that is what our children being taught in the schools. That is why it is perfectly OK for the liberals and leftists can take what ever they want. They can shoot and kill us, because are evil and less than human. I think it is time the God fearing conservatives stand up for what is right and take back our country. Because if we don’t do something we won’t have a free country anymore. We will be living in a country like China.

7/11/2021 3;04 AM

You can only turn the other cheek once. In today’s society the more you give, the more they take. I believe you should treat everyone like you would want to be treated. So if someone punches me in the face, they must want to get punched right back. That is my religion.

7/12/2021 5:42 AM

I have decided that I am long over due for a rant. Mainly I want to rant because everything is pissing me off lately. Why in the F–k are the left pushing Socialism when Cuba and Venezuela are falling apart, China is a virtual police state and Russia is a hackers paradise, where you can assasinate your rivals with impunity. The level of intelligence exhibited by these individuals is mind boggling. Which leads me to the green new F–ked deal. How many times must we discuss this subject. We have one of the cleanest countries in the world. France maybe has cleaner air. The communist countries are sesspools. Our world is a closed system. It doesn’t matter where you get the oil from. We all breath the same air and drink the same water. Eventually, that is. So why give the money to Russia and the Middle East? That is really stupid. Now to the subject about racism. Enough with the bullshit. Our country is not systemically racist. And nobody but a f–king idiot likes or understands critical race theory. It is crap. You also can take your woke and cancel culture and shove it up your collective asses. If I failed to piss anybody off, I am sorry. It wasn’t from a lack of trying. So don’t feel left out our slighted, I am sure I will find some way to piss you off too.

7/12/2021 4:29 PM

Does anybody think it is wrong for us to be taking down our statues? I have been through most of our states, and I have actually photographed 100’s of these statues. Most of them are incredible works of art, they are also valuable records of our history. In no way are these statues lauding the actions of the people, they are simply regurging historical facts. In many cases these statues are the closet people get to actually learning about our history. Lets face it most history books are not as enjoyable to read as a good Patterson or Baldacci novel. The left knows this and it is an integral part of their cancel culture and is helping to lead our country down the socialist pathway. These statues were built with taxpayer dollars, we all have a say in preserving them.

7/13/2021 11:29 AM

There are an estimated 1,832 victims that die due to serial killers each year in the US. The U.S.A. has had the highest number of serial killers of any country in the world. 20 times that of England, who are our closest competitor. According to John Douglas, the former chief of staff of the FBI’s Elite Serial Crime Unit, there are between 35 and 50 active serial killers operating in the US at any given time.

7/13/2021 5:31 PM

I know I have been asking a lot of questions lately. Some of you may say that this is some form of abuse. But all I can say is, suck it up Buttercup. My first question is easy and as a matter of fact my second one is easy as well, so stop your whining. How many of you live in caves? Pretty simple, right? And second do you have some form of photo ID? This can be a Driver’s license, a State ID or a passport. I am guessing just about every one of you will say no to the first question. I will also go out on a limb and say your answer to the second question will be yes. Well, how did I do? So what the hell are the Democrats bitching about? What is wrong with proving your identity in what is arguably the most important thing we can do as a citizen of this country, voting? The answer is, there is not a damn thing wrong with it. So why do the Dems keep on beating this dead horse? The answer is simple, they can’t win the presidential election without cheating. The democratic party has nobody that can compete with either DeSantis our Trump. And we all know how much the Dems love power. So we have answered all of the questions posed in this article, with just a little bit of common sense. Why can’t the Dems do that? The answer is they can, they just chose not to do so. One more question, how many people think it is a good idea to eliminate the police? I say eliminate because that is what defunding is. I will discuss this question in my next posting.

7/14/2021 11:41 AM

So who thinks that defunding the police is causing the crime numbers in our country to go up? I believe that even when good people know that there will be no repercussions for their actions, they may be tempted to do unethical things. Bad people will certainly feel entitled to do illegal activities. So what do we expect to happen when criminals get a jail out of free pass, for all but the most heinous crimes? Thanks to our piss poor educational systems, children are raised to hold little regard for human life, so even murder and raped is not repulsive to them. Our DA’s and our mayors are turning our judicial system into a paper tiger.

7/16/2021 3:28 AM

I know people are still dying from covid-19, Supposedly most of the cases are of the delta variant. It is also apparent that most of the new cases are of this variant. There are a few getting covid after being vaccinated. These cases are mostly with individuals that have compromised immune systems. Their bodies just can’t take advantage of the vaccine. Unfortunately there is so much politicking going on with covid, that I have difficulty trusting very much that comes from Fauci or the Biden administration.

7/16/2021 4:34 AM

7/6/2021 6:22 AM

I have come to the conclusion that the only systemic racism that exists in this country is in the far far left, far far right and in BLM. These are small fringe groups that are a very small minority, that unfortunately have a powerful voice in America right now.

7/17/2021 6:38 PM

The United Nations is going to what!? Are we that stupid!? Just about every country in this world has slavery in its history and many still do. If they try to insist on us paying reparations, that will be the final straw. I kid you not.

7/17/2021 10:46 PM

Why do the democrats think it is racist to require an ID to vote? If that is the case all credit card compare racist, all banks are racist and congress is racist as well. Because you need an ID to get a credit card, open a bank account and one to enter the capital building in Washington DC. That is if you can even enter it anymore. Do they understand that you can get a photo ID in each state, for a few dollars? Most people have SS cards. Unless you are a hermit or live in a dumpster or under a bridge, chances are you have an ID. Even many homeless people have ID’S. Mainly, because they weren’t always homeless. They don’t want ID’S so it is easier to cheat. That is the only reason. They have proven that they can change or alter the outcome of any election by cheating.

7/18/2021 3:3[ AM

Unfortunately we have no control of our taxes. I can see our taxes going up and our free money going down. I am too old to bust my ass so a total stranger can get a free ride. If I am going to give money away, I at least want a say where it is going.

7/19/2021 5:23 PM

I have another question, when does one have enough power? When is enough, enough? I always heard that the president of the United States was the most powerful office in the world. So why does Biden or his successor want to be a dictator? Are world leaders so insecure or so power hungry that they can’t allow their people the right of self determination? We all know that a vast majority of our leaders are corrupt. They may not have entered office that way, but the temptation of untold wealth was too much. Is the answer insurrection? If you look at the history of the world, most armed insurrections resulted in military dictatorships. I don’t think this is the answer. I don’t want Anwar Sadat as my leader. I know we need to do something to protect our rights.

7/22/2021 11:59 AM

I am tired of politicians pissing in my corn flakes. 10,000s of people die every year from the flu, and while it is tragic, we don’t close down our country. We take proper precautions. If sick we stay at home or go and seek medical care if serious. Somehow we manage to get by without big brother telling us what to do. We are all responsible for ourselves. Why in the f__k are politicians stepping in and screwing with our lives now? Did the coronavirus pandemic make us brain dead? I feel like I still have my mental faculties. So guess what, leave me the f__k alone, and let me live my life. I am sure the rest of the people in this planet feel the same. What would the powers at be do, if we all decided to stop wearing masks? Would they arrest billions of people?

7/23/2021 9:12 AM

I know I have discussed this topic already. But I just can’t help myself. It just amazes me on how stupid politicians really are. Or maybe they are just so removed from reality that they don’t have a clue. I know one thing, our founding fathers did not for see career politicians. They expected people to serve their time in office and then go back to work in the private sector. They would have never understood people like Pelosi, Schumer and Biden who between them have close to 150 years of politics between them. I guess it is a syndrome that is a combination of stupidity, cluelessness, i don’t give a shit less and I know everything, that causes them to do the shit that they do. It seems to me that if you tell criminals that they can steal less than a $1,000 worth of goods without penalties that they will treat this like open season on the retailers. Guess what, this is exactly what is happening in California. And of course the politicians don’t understand why this is happening. So retailers are closing up shop and are moving out of the state in droves. Do you blame them. How can a retailer tolerate these kind of loses, well they can’t. Oh and I almost forgot, they have to pay their workers higher salaries, just to add insult to injury. I guess you could argue that they are trying to drive the small businesses out, but large retailers are being hit as well. So I have no clue what they are thinking. All I know is that they are clueless assholes.

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