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The Making and Life of a Blogger: A Truly Never Ending Story–The Introduction

“Oh no, not another damn book”, and you would be right. But I feel that I have something to give, and yes, I mean give. There will be no charge to read this book. It will also be posted in almost real time. That is after I finish each chapter it will be posted. The reason I chose this format is that it gives me virtually unlimited flexibility. Even after I post a section, I can go back and add to it or edit it. Which book allows you to do that? I also hope as the book progresses I will become better at story telling. If I do, then I will be able to enrich the earlier chapters with my newly gained skills. I also, as stated earlier on my Blog Page, encourage any and all positive input. This will hopefully be a journey of growth and discovery for us all.

I am not a gifted athlete, though I been involved in endurance related sports. I can’t use my accomplishments to act as a podium to speak from. Neither was I gifted with a handsome face and a luxuriant voice that enraptures the listener. I am just an average individual, who is concerned about his country. In 2020, we all suffered immensely with Covid-19, and many of us continue to suffer at no fault of our own. I started my blog and eventually a podcast as a means for me to make a change for the better. I believe everyone has valuable insights and knowledge to share provided they can put aside their animosity towards their fellowman long enough to discuss them.

Our country was built upon the premise of freedom of speech for all. While our founding fathers realized that a true democracy was not a truly viable form of government, a constitutional republic was. However, for it to work, the officials we elect must be truthful and honest and actually follow their stated platforms. That is, of course, why we elected them. Our founding fathers had no understanding of lifelong politicians, most if not all of them were professionals first and politicians second. So, in my way of thinking they can’t really be blamed for a couple of glaring issues. Issues like term limits for both the House and the Senate. Because we have no term limits in Congress, we now have career politicians who have served for 50 years or more in office. They no longer care what the people think, and they no longer know what it is to be like a regular person. Most of them have become corrupted by incessant lobbyist-like activity.

Another thing I noted during the pandemic, governors, mayors and politicians in general have become all too ready to take away our rights to increase their stranglehold over us and increase their power. They have utilized many scare tactics to break down our will. When people are afraid of dying or losing everything, they are willing to give up some of their rights. However, it is understood that these measures were only meant to be temporary. Once the emergency goes away their rights will be restored. Hence, the term “Emergency Powers Acts”. This has not been the case, we are 18 months into this pandemic and these politicians are still refusing to give back our rights to us. And in many cases are taking them away from us again. We, as a free people in a free nation did not sign up for this.

Our country is also being attacked from within by an insidious plot to destroy us. It started over a 100 years ago in our educational system and now it has spread to every aspect of our lives. From Wokeism, Cancel Culture, Transgender Issues and claims of Systemic Racism and now Environmental Changes. I will not discuss these topics any further because I have posted multiple articles on these subjects. But I have finally had enough. I have been stuck at home and the only thing I could do was go to work. Thank God for that release. I am an ICU nurse, so I was considered an essential worker. I think this is BS. I believe we are all essential. Everything we do affects everyone else. So I started my blog to see if I could spread accurate information on the virus and other events that were transpiring in our country. It kind grew out of hand. It is quite a behemoth with over 370 postings, many of which I routinely update to keep them current. I have interests in many subjects including history and science of which I will discuss in some of the following chapters. So, my blog contains something for virtually everyone provided you are not a left-leaning liberal. One thing I am quite proud of is that my articles have been read by readers from currently 115 different countries.

I started a weekly podcast for a while, there are 25 weekly casts and now I post as I see fit or current events demand. In many of the podcasts, I simply read shortened versions of my articles to hopefully cater to a broader audience. I know a lot of people don’t like to read or have the time to read some of my more lengthy postings.

So, now we find ourselves at this book thing. How it all came about. Well, I have a slightly unwilling audience with my wife. She doesn’t really care for history or any heavy reading. But she is a great proofreader and has provided me with some valuable incite. One thing she said is that I need to give more humanity to my posts. So that is what I have tried to do. I have included little snippets of my life in some of these articles. And no, I don’t remember which ones they were posted in. There are just too many of them. Besides posting on my blog, I am a frequent irritant to Facebook. Any posting of import has an exact copy in the blog as well. Facebook likes to discontinue some of my entries or intentionally make them more difficult to find. By keeping copies , it helps to keep them honest. I am able to copy and paste them right back in my Facebook account if they “disappear”, and guess what the missing one seems to magically reappear right afterwards.

Since I have been letting it all hang out so to speak, I might as well go all the way and write my memoirs and discuss some of my life experiences such as they are. If nothing else, my escapades may provide some entertainment. I firmly believe that our life experiences make us and shape us into the adults and people that we become. To make my romantic readers happy, the story of my life is also a search for true love. Even though I was nearly married once earlier in my life and was in fact, married and divorced two times, I never gave up on finding my soul mate. Finally when I entered the fifth decade of my life it finally happened and I met the love of my life. So my story is also about the indomitable human spirit and the unwillingness to give up no matter what roadblocks have been placed before me. If I can find my happiness in my personal life anybody can. My story proves that there is hope for all of us. For whatever you do in your life, don’t allow yourself to give up. Another valuable lesson I learned in my life is that you have to have a sense of humor. You also have to be able to laugh at yourself. So lighten up a little. This ability will help you get through many of the tough times ahead of you. Without a little fire to temper us, we do not develop any strength of character. The biggest thing I hope you take away from this book is don’t be afraid to live life. I will not say at this time how long the book will be or how many chapters it will include. Because frankly, I don’t know. This book will be probably be my one and only book because I have a feeling that it will be my “Never Ending Story.”

I also want you to know that the stories I have included in this work are by no means all the crazy things that have happened to me. If I were to include every single out of the ordinary thing that has happened in my life this book would be a thousand pages long, and nobody including myself would read it.

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