Lincoln and Kennedy Lone Assassin or Conspiracy (Part 2 of 2)

I have written several articles on our Presidents and Vice-Presidents. A list of the links have been provided at the bottom of this article for your convenience. This article will, however address additional Presidents and their places in history.

President John Fitzgerald Kennedy was assassinated by a deranged loan gun named Lee Harvey Oswald. In this posting I will show that there is no credible evidence for any conspiracy. I have investigated this matter quite extensively, I have read numerous books, looked at the Zapruder Film (the enhanced copy), watched several documentaries and I have studied the Warren Report. I feel confident in making this claim. The two key figures in the assassination and the aftermath were simply too unstable. No government, agency nor country would trust these individuals in a conspiracy to assassinate a world leader. Lee Harvey Oswald (LHO) showed his meddle by attempting suicide when he became disillusioned with Communism while in Russia. Jack Ruby was delusional and paranoid with a fragmenting Jewish Identity. He was also know to beat his dancers in his strip club.

LHO defected to Russia in 1959, he wished to join the KGB, but was turned down because he was too unstable. He soon tried suicide as mentioned above. He eventually met Marina and got married. But he was never able to find any work besides menial labor. He returned back to the US in 1962. He, however, never gave up on Communism. He believed that Cuba practiced a more pure form of Communism. In 1963 he went to Mexico in the hopes of obtaining passage to Cuba. He failed in this attempt. It has been proposed that he was an agent of the KGB and that they were behind the assassination, because of the Cuban Missile Crisis. This couldn’t be further from the truth. Nikita Khrushchev greatly respected President Kennedy, he was seen openly weeping when he heard of the death of Kennedy. It is highly unlikely that he would have supported any attempt ion his life. It was also proposed that Castro had an “Ax to Grind” with Kennedy because of the Bay of Pigs and the Cuban Missile Crisis. While this may have been the case, both issues had been settled and were no longer an issue. Besides Castro came out on top with the Bay of Pigs. Castro was too smart, to risk a Nuclear War over the Assassination of Kennedy. While it was true he was a bully he was too pragmatic to risk so much for so little. He also knew that he would fare far worse with President Lyndon Johnson, A known hard liner. He also knew that Cuba, along with Russia would immediately be suspected in the assassination of Kennedy.

It was also promulgated that Lyndon Johnson ordered the assassination of Kennedy. It was widely know that Vice President Johnson hated Attorney General Robert Kennedy, he did not however, hate his brother, the president. He had actually grown to respect him after the Cuban Missile Crisis. It is true that he was not totally happy with his roll in the Kennedy administration, it is hardly cause for murder. Johnson while rude, uncouth, bellicose and crude he was a coward at heart. He most certainly would not have risked discovery in a plot to assassinate President Kennedy. There were rumors floating around that Kennedy was going to replace Johnson in his second term bid for president. These rumors were unfounded, Kennedy still needed to win Texas, and Johnson gave him that. It was highly likely that Lyndon Johnson would be the heir apparent after Kennedy left office. He had been patient this long in his political career, he could afford to wait four more years. Besides he appeared to be quite taken aback when Kennedy was assassinated. Not what you would expect of somebody who order someones death.

There has been a lot of discussion about the grassy knoll in Dealey Plaza and a second gunman. But it has been proven by advanced and modern investigative techniques that LHO was the loan gunmen. His first shot missed completely( witnesses testified the heard a bullet strike the pavement), the second shot hit Kennedy in the neck and came out his throat and hit Governor Connally in the chest, went through his wrist and entered his thigh. The third shot hit Kennedy in the head and was the kill shot. The Zapruder film and a subsequent re-enactment proved this to be the case. Additional re-enactments have been done, including computer generated ones. All support the assertion that there were only 3 shots fired.

Finally, the death of LHO. Was it an attempt to cover up a conspiracy? Jack Ruby had the perfect opportunity to kill LHO very early after his capture. If he was hired or ordered to kill LHO, he would have presumably done so as early as possible, to prevent him from releasing damning evidence. He waited 2 more days to kill Oswald. Something a gunmen hired to silence a witness would never have done. According to Jack Ruby, he killed Oswald, so Jackie Kennedy would not have to suffer through a painful trial. Jack Ruby idolized the Kennedy couple. While it is true that Ruby had ties to the underworld, they would have hardly used someone so unstable in such an important matter as this. Besides the mob hated Robert Kennedy, not his brother, the President. If they wanted to stop his campaign against organized crime, it would have been much easier to kill an Attorney General. Robert Kennedy did not have the security his more famous brother had. It is most certain, that the death of Robert Kennedy would have ended the threat to the mob. So, why Kill the President. If nothing else organized crime lords are very practical.

When you look at each part of the conspiracy theory, you quickly realize there is no grounds for it. There is simply no evidence to support it.

(Update 11/13/2021)

I just watched the movie Executive Action which came out in 1973 and starred Burt Lancaster. It is a fictionalized version of the assassination of JFK. It takes known facts and attempts to fill in areas of question regarding the assassination. One of the major issues is the actual shooting. The movie takes 3 highly trained snipers to replicate what supposedly Oswald did by himself. While the movie really makes you think, I still stand by my assertion that Oswald acted on his own. I believe that he was trying to score points with the communist government in Cuba. He wanted to move there and he knew that Castro hated the Kennedy’s. The supposed conspiracy involved way too many people. Keeping a secret that involved that many people would be nearly impossible. Just watch the movie Wag the Dog.

(Update 12/9/2021)

After reading a seminal work by Mark Lane, entitled “Last Word,” I am starting to question my belief that Oswald acted alone, or that he might not have been involved at all. While I am not all in about the CIA being responsible, I do believe that the presidential detail lead by the Secret Service was certainly lacking in the protection department, it seems that the only agents that were functioning as they should were the ones for the LBJ and Mrs Kennedy details. If the presidential detail acted at all it was to do so against protocol. After hearing the first “shot” the driver came to an almost complete stop. Which is evident by the video showing that the agent protecting Mrs Kennedy was able to catch up to the car. The agent seated in the front passenger seat whose job was to cover the president, did not even move till they arrived at the hospital. So something was definitely going on here. Of what I am not sure. Will we ever know for sure, probably not. Too many key witnesses are dead and too much evidence has been destroyed or is missing. We even have conflicting autopsy information. So I am going to have to ride the fence on this one. My answer to the question was the Kennedy assassination a conspiracy, my current answer has shifted to a big maybe. Sorry guys.


“Last Word: My Indictment of the CIA in the Murder of JFK.” By Mark Lane;

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