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The Making and Life of a Blogger: The Story Continues: Chapter Twenty-Eight–Honorable Mentions

I want to use this chapter to acknowledge those selfless people who have contributed to my two books. I also want to mention a few family members that were not mentioned in the books. I am sorry about your omission or the little time that was devoted to your impact on the family. You are all loved equally and your lives have left an enduring impact on our family.


Connie Landry–chief proofreader, editor and muse

Regena Crane–chief consultant and technical advisor

Cousin Rick Landry–historical advisor and consultant

Aunt Barbara Landry–conduit to my family

Marty Crane–storyline consultant and inspiration

Honorable Mention:

Ronald Landry Clan

-Ann Marie Landry

-Diane Landry

-Rodney Landry

Kathleen Landry

Regena Crane Clan

-Stephen Crane

-Alfred Venditti

-Mary Crane

Robert Landry Clan

-Doreen Landry

-Kristi Dugan

-Billy Dugan

-Katie Wright

-Shannon Wright

-Kelley Green

-Chad Green

-Robert R. Landry

-Jessica Landry

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