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The Making and Life of a Registered Nurse in the Era of COVID-19: The Introduction

When you write multi-volume work on your life, there is bound to be some overlap in the books, and my memoirs will be no different. This is mainly the case because my second, third and even fourth volumes were totally unplanned for. I never thought I would even complete my first book, let alone a second one. So I included a lot of information in each of these books. When someone finds a career that completes him/her it becomes a very large part of their lives. It is, therefore, when discussing your life, nearly impossible to separate the two. As I stated in my Foreword, there will be a few chapters taken in part or in its entirety and put smack dab into this book. I am again doing this for two reasons. One is to treat it not only as a companion edition but to allow it to behave as a standalone book as well. This book will also be unique that at the time I am starting to write it, I don’t have a firm number of chapters set or even a pre-determined outline. I know all my English teachers and history professors are rolling around in their graves right about now. I have broken two cardinal rules right from the start. But I promise you that by the time I finish writing this book I will know the answer to both of them, LOL. If you have read any of my previous writings or books you are probably not surprised by this. I tend to play fast and loose. When I wrote essay questions for my history tests in college, I never wrote down the outline, I just kept a loose one in my head. I guess old habits are hard to break.

In this book, I will devote a chapter or two on how I became interested in a nursing career. I will also spend some time discussing how my life path prepared me for my career. I will spend some time discussing my education and my nursing degree. Of course, there will be several chapters devoted to my nursing career. I will also change how my anecdotal nursing stories are positioned in this volume, and place them in dedicated chapters. There will be some space devoted to my struggles with PTSD. I will spend quite a bit of time covering the medical field and how it interacts with our political system. I will include a chapter how nursing interacts with the other medical disciplines. Of course, I will discuss COVID-19 as well as previous and future pandemics. Nursing and the medical field in general has changed and matured throughout its history. So I will wrap this book up with a brief history of medicine and Nursing and where it’s future will lead.

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