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The Making and Life of a Registered Nurse in the Era of COVID-19: Table of Contents

Table of Contents


-The Introduction

-Part One–My Nursing Foundation

-Chapter One–My Stepfather’s Influence

-Chapter Two–My Pre-Med Years

-Chapter Three–The Influences of My First Wife

-Chapter Four–My Nursing School Years

-Part Two–My Nursing Career, COVID-19 and PTSD

-Chapter Five–My Florida Career

-Chapter Six–My First Three Years in Las Vegas

-Chapter Seven–My Life as a Charge Nurse

-Chapter Eight–My Life as a Clinical Supervisor

-Chapter Nine–My Life as an Intermediate Care Nurse

-Chapter Ten–My Experiences as a Relief House Supervisor and Charge Nurse

-Chapter Eleven–My Life as an Intensive Care Nurse

-Chapter Twelve–My Life With COVID-19

-Chapter Thirteen–My Life in a Long-Term Acute Care Hospital

-Chapter Fourteen–My Battle With PTSD

-Chapter Fifteen–My Nursing Stories

-Part Three–Medicine, the Government and Our Future

-Chapter Sixteen–Pandemics: Past, Present and Future

-Chapter Seventeen–A Brief History of Medicine

-Chapter Eighteen–A Brief History of Nursing

-Chapter Nineteen–Medical Doctors Vs. Nurses

-Chapter Twenty–The Corruption of Medicine and Medical Research

-Chapter Twenty-One–The COVID-19 Pandemic the Crime of the Century

-Chapter Twenty-Two–A brief History of Pasco-Hernando State College

-Chapter Twenty-Three–What’s Next–Our Future in Medicine

-Chapter Twenty-Four–The Lessons I learned

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