Short Stories From the Life of a Blogger–Preface

This book as I am sure you can tell is a collection of stories from my life’s many adventures. Readers of my previous books may recognize some of the stories included in this collection. I try to write every book as a standalone book, so I included some of my favorite stories in this volume. I have, however, spiced up many of those stories. There are also a lot of new stories enough, in fact, to certainly make my faithful readers happy. I have also included a couple of stories that I said I would not discuss. So, if you want to find out what they are about you will either need to buy the book or go to my blog and read those stories there. They certainly make for some titillating reading. I have interspersed throughout my book several “Do Not Do Stories”. These stories are self-explanatory. When I started writing my memoirs, the list of stories that I chose to include was fairly short. However, as time progressed new stories just kept on popping into my head. These new story ideas kept on forcing me to make frequent additions to my books. I am sure I drove Amazon crazy with all these edits. There were so many edits on two of my books in particular that it necessitated printing a second edition for each one. Since there were so many new stories, a book just dedicated to these stories became necessary. When I started writing my first book, I never thought I would even be able to fill up one halfway decent length book. Boy, was I wrong. You just don’t realize how much stuff happens in one’s lifetime. Especially if you are adventurous and like to try and experience new things. Not only have I written seven books now, I have written over 600 articles for my blog, granted I do a lot of cut and paste for some of these articles, I do include a lot of original comments in them as well.

I hope you enjoy this collection of my stories. I believe I am finally running out of new stories, at least for the interim, that is. Hopefully our economy will improve and the prices will drop some, so my wife and I can create some new memories and experiences.