Short Stories From the Life of a Blogger-Table of Contents

Table of Contents


Who Needs Fingers?

The Landry Clan Travels to Florida

There is more to Cape Cod Than Lobsters

Where Did All The Water Come From?

Mike Tyson, I am not.

Boy, you have a hard head.

Playing hot potato with a watermelon.

Randy gets even

Thank God for Sudsy.

Was it a chainsaw or my aunt snoring?

Where’s Aunt Rita?

Basic Instinct Curtain Call

Sporting Events Destined Not to Make It Into The Olympics

Pie For Everyone

My Aunt and the Plumber’s Crack

How My Boxing Career Got Started

Randy Gets High

Randy Becomes an Opera Singer

A joke about the Sahara Desert and Camels as told by my Sister Regina

-A joke about a prized pig as told by my sister Regina

The Tiger By The Tail

Rocky and Apollo Creed Re-Match

Run, Randy, Run!

How much shit can one take?

Randy and newspapers don’t mix

I should have ducked.

Bug spray tastes like shit.

Hornets Make Poor Pets

-Just because It’s cheap doesn’t mean it is a good deal–story about my brother Robert

-Don’t take a Volkswagen camper van on a windy causeway–story about my brother Robert

-Don’t live at the end of a T in the road as told by Robert

Things you shouldn’t do under a waterfall.

Aunt Barbara in Mexico

Gramps in a Tree

Gramps and the Stool Softener

Help, I have Fallen Asleep And I Can’t Move My Arms!

Who Shot Dallas’ J.R. Ewing?

Gramps and the Suwannee River

Gramps and Racquetball

-Don’t re-finance your house 10 times–story about my brother Robert

Summer Road Trip From Hell Part II: Ronnie’s Turn

Randy is Infested With Fleas and Discovers the Swamp Thing.

-How I met My First Girlfriend

Randy Peddles Produce.

Don’t buy a pick-up truck if you have friends or a family

-Don’t marry an Agoraphiliac (Exhibitionist) if you are shy

-Don’t marry a red-headed Sasquatch (aka psycho bitch)

Alcohol and Volleyball don’t mix

We are all Going to Jail or Hell

-Can you eat Opossum? Don’t do it if you value your taste buds.

Moving Mishaps

The Bataan Death March in North Carolina

-Don’t date an alcoholic midget unless you have no choice

Give it a Break, Will Ya?

The More you Try, the Worse it Gets.

Honey, Where is the Wall?

-Don’t trust a smoker when they say they will quit smoking

Randy Goes To Sea

Honey I Lost My Snorkel

Don’t piss off TSA agents; several accounts of sheer folly involving film, an over-sized bag and the wrong last name

Stop the Damn Car!!

Randy Griswold

What almost was.

Don’t Let Your Cat Drive Your Cherry Picker

Now That Is Damned Weird!

Help I’m Seizing.

Randy’s Party Extravaganzas

-Don’t wait till the last minute to book a flight–My Bonaire Experience

Cancun and Cozumel

Too Much of a Good Thing in Hawaii

Randy and His Little Diving Buddies

How I almost got strip searched

-Don’t take a thousand pound backpack on a summer hike in Havasuapi

-Don’t do a thru hike in the Grand Canyon in the summer

Randy Gets Lost In Havasu Falls

Randy buys a video

My Name is Jose

-Don’t cut backpacking weight in your food allowance

My Kingdom for a Dive Computer

Who says it Doesn’t Rain in the Desert?

What Happened to the Roof Rack?

What Happened to the Damn Heater, Part One?

What Happened to the Damn Heater, Part Two?

-Don’t take a bike ride\hike around Lake Mead in the summer

What Ants?

Cell Phones Don’t Float

Where is the Road?

Round Two: Where is the Water?

-Don’t get a bariatric operation if you love to eat

-A leopard can’t change it’s spots or can it?

-There is always two sides to a story, so don’t judge without knowing all the facts.