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The World of Photography–Chapter Eight-Props for added Interest

I started doing glamour, boudoir, nude and cosplay and theme photography for over ten years now. During this time I have amassed quite a few outfits, pieces of jewelry, shoes, wigs and various theme props. I have flowers, drired leaves , even window panes. I made a faux glass door for my shower so I culd do a shower scene. I had planned on doing a location shoot with tall grass, but since the location does not provide enough privacy for my model, I am going to make my own sence in the studio. I also did the same thing with a backdrop of grafitti. I used to shoot bedroom scenes in our master suite, now I shoot them in my studio. I have a fake bed and headboard that I set up. I have enought outfits for my models to fill up three closets. I have even a real sword, though I found that plastic swords work better, because they don’t pick up the color cast from my green screen. I wanted to do a moonlit sand dune shoot, so I picked up a sand dune backdrop, and I have also purchased 50 pounds of clean sand sand so I will make my own sand dune. I even have a lit fake full moon to simulate the lunar orb in the sky. Just a little heads up I just finished my photoshoot and the results were stellar. My model looks like she was in the desert. I also did a field of sunflower shoot. Thanks to my props the model looks like she is in a field of sunflowers. I will include photos of both these shots in chapter 28.

With green screen, the right backdrops and props and outfits and a little ingenuity the sky is the limit. I have started buying diecast model vehicles when my photoshoot calls for hard-to-find cars or trucks. My most ingenious scene to date is where two models sitting in a sports car are dropped out of a cargo plane and parachuted to the ground below. I used a small parachute from a model rocket, and of course the car was a diecast sports convertible. I found photos of the cargo bay of planes with the ramp opened up.

Goodwill and until just recently a one, two, three dollar store provided a lot of my cheap outfits. Goodwill has provided almost all of my prop shoes and boots. When I was a wedding photographer, I had my family make up bouquets for me, so I could pose the brides with them. I still have these floral arrangements. It takes time to collect all these props, with a little bit of perseverance and patience you will eventually collect all the props you will need. My biggest piece of advice is keep your eyes open at all times, you never know when you will come across that perfect prop. There is one thing for certain, you don’t have to spend a fortune on them. The biggest problem is where you will store all of these little gems.

Places to Find Cheap Photography Props

Whether you are a product photographer or a newborn photographer, props can often make a big difference in your photographs; however a quick look through a photography supply store website will have your wallet crying out for help in no time. While there are some props that are worth spending more on, and others that you can’t find outside of prop stores, there are alternatives. By finding props that aren’t as expensive, you can either save some cash, or pick up more items for more variety to your shots. So where are these seemingly mythical places that offer cheap photography props? Actually, many are probably right in your neighborhood. Here are eight places to find cheap photography props.

Craft Stores

Craft stores are great places to pick up props. By-the-yard fabric works great for adding texture and colour to a newborn photo shoot, or even as a small backdrop for a single person or small products. Baskets and bins are easy to find here, as well as chalkboard signs. Flowers, burlap, and headbands are also easy to find for a good price here. Most craft stores offer coupons, so do a quick online search before you head in to the store.

Hardware Stores

While props from hardware stores may require some assembly, you can save quite a bit by checking a hardware store first. Wood paneling, the kind that’s sometimes used on walls, can work as a faux floor in a pinch. Reflective white plexi makes a great backdrop for product photography. Don’t have a backdrop stand? You could even make one from plastic piping. Walk through a few aisles, you may be surprised but what things offer great prop inspiration.

Garage Sales

Many people start to throw out items when the paint starts to peel, and yet photographers are paying big money for a rustic-looking prop. Garage sales are great places to find props. While scouting garage sales requires a much bigger time commitment, you can find great props for just a few bucks. Old suitcases, chairs and trunks are often common props you can find at garage sales, though of course that varies based on where you stop, so treat it like a treasure hunt and have fun.

Thrift Stores

Consider thrift stores like year-round multi-family garage sales. While you may head to a thrift store and come away with nothing, you could also find some gems for just a few dollars. Household items that double as props, like baskets and vases, are often easily found at thrift stores. Many thrift stores are also owned by non-profit organizations, so you can both find props and help out a good cause at the same time.


If you want to find a variety of items that are cheap and cheerful, Amazon could be the place to go. You’ll be able to find themed decorations and props, most usually centered around specific holidays. You might be able to find specific photography props too, like photobooth kits with lots of items for your guests to wear or hold in front of their faces.


AliExpress is usually best for business owners who are shopping in bulk, but if you know that you are going to use certain disposable props over and over again, then why not? You might also be able to pick up some good deals on single items that you can keep for longer.


They say one man’s trash is another man’s treasure. Well, eBay is sort of like that! Someone might be getting rid of a lot of old props – maybe someone who’s retired from photography, for example. This could be your chance to swoop in and pick them up at a reasonable price, especially if they are listed in an auction that isn’t going very fast.


People often list things on Gumtree totally for free, so you could be in luck if you’re willing to drive to their location and pick it all up. You can also find items for sale, and sellers are often open to a bit of negotiation to help you get a good deal.


Both Facebook Marketplace and Facebook groups are good places to look for props. Photographers often sell old equipment, so keep a look out – and consider posting a request for what you want. If no one has something to sell you, they might at least be able to recommend a place that can.

Your local superstore

Surprised? It’s true – even places like Walmart will sometimes have a dedicated section for photography props if they’re in a big enough area. Or you might just wander through the seasonal goods aisle, the homewares section, the toys, and so on to find something that fits your requirements.

Flea Markets

Think of flea markets as several garage sales in one place. Flea markets are great for finding props, and they don’t require as much time as stopping to multiple garage sales. Older items are often found in abundance at flea markets. Crates, trunks, chairs and more are often pretty easily found at flea markets.


If you are looking for something specific, you could waste a lot of time scouting garage sales and thrift stores with no luck. Online classified sites like Craigslist are searchable, so it’s easier to use to look for something specific. If you don’t find it, you’ve only wasted a few minutes instead of an hour. Of course, you can also browse through postings searching for prop ideas, or post a wanted ad for exactly what you are looking for.

Estate Sales

Much like garage sales, estate sales are good places to find props, though they can be quite hit or miss. Estate sales are good places to find vintage items, as well as larger props like chairs and settees for posing people. Just like at garage sales, don’t be afraid to offer a lower price if you don’t quite think it’s worth what they are asking.


Want a DIY prop, but have no time to actually do it yourself? Etsy (Link: is a good place to shop for props, and many Etsy stores are dedicated prop stores catering specifically to photographers. While Etsy may be more expensive than shopping garage sales, it’s often still cheaper than big prop companies. Most items on Etsy are handmade, so it’s a good place to find crocheted hats for newborn photography, woodworking items, rustic tabletops for food photography and more. Since it’s searchable, it’s also a faster method of shopping for a specific prop.

Props can make a big difference in many types of photographs, but they’re often expensive. To find inexpensive photography props, try searching craft and hardware stores, garage and estate sales, flea markets, thrift stores, Craigslist or Etsy.


Are you looking for the best props for your photoshoots as a blogger or influencer? Here’s a list of 50 props that bloggers and influencers can use in your photoshoots at home or anywhere. And you probably already have many of them lying around your home!

As a travel blogger and influencer who isn’t always used to taking lifestyle photos, using props makes it so much easier for me to take interesting photos at home.

I also like to take small props with me when I travel to make it easier to create unique and visually interesting photos during my trips.

Plus, using props helps with that age old question many bloggers and influencers have – what can I do with my hands in photos so they don’t look like awkward claws?

Prop #1: String lights

String lights can make any photo feel more magical and are one of my favorite props for photoshoots. Whether you string them along the headboard of your bed, around a bathtub, hold them in your hands or put them in a jar, the possibilities are endless.

Prop #2: Glitter or confetti

Glitter and confetti are so much fun to play with! You can toss them, spread them out on the floor around you, or even stick them to your face (how cute is this star shaped confetti?) for a festive and playful look.

Prop #3: Balloons

Balloons are a cheap way to add some fun and color to any photo! You can use traditional round balloons like these. Or, you can use letter balloons or number balloons to spell out “happy birthday” or announce a milestone when you hit a certain number of followers.

Prop #4: Bubbles

Bubbles instantly make any photo 100% more playful!

Prop #5: Food

Posing with food does really well on Instagram.

Some ideas for food you can pose with include pasta, cereal, pancakes, croissants, citrus fruits like lemons and oranges, pizza, charcuterie boards, cookies, fruit, candy and colorful smoothie bowls. The possibilities are endless!

Prop #6: Wine + Wine Glasses

Posing with wine and wine glasses – is always nice touch.

Prop #7: Mugs, Coffee + Tea

Whether you’re in a 5-star hotel, in your bedroom, or at a cute cafe, holding a mug of coffee or tea always looks good. Some great places to find cute mugs are Anthropologie.

Prop #8: A French Press

If you’re styling a photoshoot with coffee at home, why not also include your french press in the photo to add more visual interest?

Prop #9: Serving Trays

If you have one or two serving trays, you can reuse them over and over again in your photos. Use bamboo serving trays and woven serving trays , they give off Bali vibes.

Prop #10: Flowers

Flowers look gorgeous in photos, whether you’re holding a bouquet, filling a bathtub with them, scattering flowers around you or taping them up to create a flower wall.

And here’s a secret – a lot of influencers and bloggers use faux flowers in their pics to save money!

Prop #11: Houseplants

If you have plants in your house, gather them all in one place and show off your plant flex.

Dried pampas grassdried palm leaves and faux monstera leaves are also low maintenance and reusable options that look great in photos if you don’t have a green thumb.

Prop #12: Vases and Baskets

The vases and baskets you already have in your house are perfect for adding variety to any photo. For a boho look, use woven vases and baskets.

Prop #13: Party Favors

Have you hosted a party in the last few years? If you have any leftover party hats or a tinsel fringe curtain, you can easily create a party themed photo at home.

Prop #14: Board Games

Why not set up a game night themed photoshoot? Grab your favorite games like Scrabble or Monopoly, for a fun and playful photo.

Prop #15: Playing Cards

A deck (or multiple decks) of playing cards is also a cheap and fun photoshoot prop.

Prop #16Books / Bookshelf

When I don’t know what to do with my hands in a sitting down photo, I’ll often grab a book. My favorites books to use as props for photoshoots are the Puffin in Bloom hardcover books designed by Rifle Paper Co.

If you have a bookshelf at home, you can also use it as a backdrop to make it feel like your photoshoot is in a library.

Prop #17: Magazines

If you’re more of a magazine gal, magazines look great in photos too.

Prop #18: Makeup + Makeup Brushes

Are you a beauty lover? Your makeup and makeup brushes can add beautiful color and texture to your photos.

Prop #19: Perfume Bottles

An elegant perfume bottle – think Chanel No. 5 and its iconic bottle for example – instantly glams up a photo.

Prop #20: Mirrors

Taking a photo of your reflection in an ornate mirror can have a big impact. If you’re feeling extra creative, take the mirror outside and include the sky with your reflection!

Prop #21: Framed Art

Framed photos and posters are great props for photoshoots – don’t be afraid to take them off the wall and lean them on a dresser or shelf, on even on the floor.

Prop #22: Pillows

Decorative pillows area great way to add color and texture to your photos. Just like with your wall art, don’t be afraid move them around your home.

A lot of influencers will set up a scene for their photoshoots using items from all over their home, take their photos, and then put everything back where it actually belongs.

Prop #23: Blankets

A chunky throw, a faux fur blanket, or a casually rumpled linen or cotton blanket adds visual interest to a bed or couch photo.

Or, you can use put them on the floor (or the ground if you’re outdoors) and set up a picnic shoot.

Prop #24: Rugs

Move the rugs in your home around to style your shoot. You can even thinking about layering them to add a unique touch.

Prop #25: Picnic Basket

An indoor or outdoor picnic shoot is always charming, and a wicker picnic basket is the perfect prop for your photoshoot.

Fun fact – a picnic basket was the only “Instagram prop” my husband let me add to our wedding registry! He knew the chances of us actually having a perfect pre-planned picnic were small, and that I only wanted it for styling photoshoots!

Prop #26. Cutting Boards

If you’re styling a picnic photo or other photo with food, wooden cutting boards are a beautiful addition. I like to use a variety of sizes and shapes in one photo.

Prop #27: Musical Instruments

Have a guitar, piano, ukulele or other musical instrument? Why not use them as a photoshoot prop too?

Prop #28: Candles

Use candles of varying sizes and shapes in your photos.

Prop #29: Old Camera or a Fujifilm Instax Mini

If you have an old camera you don’t use anymore, it can add a vintage vibe to your photoshoot. You can hold it up to your face, or have it placed on a table or other surface around you.

Prop #30: A Suitcase

If you’re a travel blogger or dreaming of travel, why not use a suitcase as a prop? I’m dreaming of buying vintage style luggage one day, and I also love a good pink hardsided suitcase.

Prop #31: Bathrobe and/or Towel Turban

Ahhh dah-ling, nothing says glamor and 5-star hotel level service like a plush white robe and a towel turban… even if you’re just at home in your bedroom!

Prop #32: Sunglasses

Sunglasses are great props, especially plastic cat-eye style ones. You can wear them, hold them, or rest them on a table or other surface.

Prop #33: Hats

I wear hats all the time and they are one of my favorite props for photshoots. You can wear them, hold them, or place them next to you. I think I”m almost guilty of using hats in my photos too often!

My favorite hat is the Lack of Color Rancher, which I have in multiple colors.

Prop #34. Bubble Gum

If your style is playful, a photo of you blowing a big pink bubble is irreverent and adorable. If you can’t master actually blowing the perfect bubble, you can cheat and use a pink balloon.

Prop #35. Landline Telephone

A landline phone is a stylish prop for at home photoshoots in your living room or bedroom. Bonus points if it’s one of these cute pink ones from Wild Wood or Crosley.

Prop #36. Record Player + Records

If you have a turntable and some vinyl, why not create a vintage style photo?

Prop #37: Pets

Well, our furry friends aren’t exactly props, but including your dog or your cat in your photos is always adorable!

Prop #38: Department Store or Branded Shopping Bags

If you’re a fashion blogger/influencer, shopping bags from your favorite stores are a great prop for photoshoots. You can either hold them for a standing up photo, or sit down and surround yourself with them.

Prop #39: Newspaper

Yesterday’s newspaper is a super cheap and easy prop for photoshoots! Hold it like you’re reading it, or cover a wall and part of your floor in newspaper for an easy photo backdrop.

Prop #40: Laptop

No working from home boss babe photo is complete without your laptop!

Prop #41: Jewelry

Your favorite jewelry is a great prop for photshoots – you don’t have to even wear it but can style your dresser with it.

Prop #42: Notebooks + Pens

You probably have a cute notebook and pen in your home office (or… if you’re like me… your kitchen junk drawer). Use them in a working from home styled photo or a cute flatlay.

Prop #43: Postcards/ Vacation Souvenirs

Can’t travel right now but want to create a travel themed photo? Use postcards and vacation souvenirs to create travel content at home.

Prop #44: Handbags

There are so many ways you can use your handbags as props for photoshoots. You can hold it towards the camera and swing it to create motion, you can place it on a table next to a beautiful coffee or tea for a cafe (or at home cafe style) photo, or you can include a bag in a chic flatlay.

Prop #45: Stuffed animals

Going for a cute girly theme with your photoshoot? Add a cute stuffed animal, or, a more grown up faux-rose bear.

Prop #46: Yoga Mat

Have a yoga mag at home? You can easily do a wellness themed photoshoot at home or outdoors. Bonus points if it’s a cute color.

Prop #47: Cinema Light Box

If you’re like me and you don’t have cute writing? Use a cinema light box to spell out what you’re thinking.

Prop #48: Chalk Board

If you have nice writing, a chalk board is a versatile prop for photoshoots you can use over and over again!

Prop #49: Photography Backdrop Stand

If you don’t have an open wall in your house or apartment that you can use for photoshoots, invest in an inexpensive photography backdrop stand. You can then hang pieces of fabric, backdrop paper or (see #50) a sheet to create a clean background for your photo.

Prop #50: Bedsheets/Bedding

Wrap yourself up in them, hang them on your photography backdrop for a cleaner background or create a super cozy layered bed.

My favorite sheets are linen bedsheets because they have a softer, effortless and slightly rumpled look. Our Casper linen sheets are no longer available, but these look similar.

Top 30 Cheap Photography Props

1. Crystal Ball

Crystal Sphere BallVery clear and smoothDiameter: 3.15 inchesComes with cleaning cloth, pouch, and metal standVIEW PRICE

If you want to create inspiring and eye-catching pictures, then this ball is what you need. Its reflection inverts the photo.

As a result, everything will be upside down. However, you should be very careful as the ball works as a magnifying glass. It means you can easily set the fire or even burn yourself.

2. Fairy Lights

Fairy String Lights12-PackBattery works for 48 hoursSealedWireVIEW PRICE

Fairy string lights are one of the most popular props for photography. As a rule, this prop is used in low lighting conditions in order to light up the model’s face. Be ready as you may have some difficulties with arranging them.

A tripod will also be a great helper for taking sharper shots in poor lighting conditions. Just make sure you chose a slow shutter speed in the settings. The camera will pick up a sparkle shining brightly.

3. Smoke Bombs

Smoke Bombs6 colorsSafeProduce bright colorsVIEW PRICE

Use smoke bombs if you are looking for creative props for photo shoots. The images will look trendy with such an interesting background.

Moreover, smoke can create an impressive atmosphere and draw attention to the movement. Be sure, such eye-catching photos will become a nice addition to your photography portfolio. Make sure you’ve chosen the right outfit as smoke stains everything around.

4. Light Wand

Light Wand30 Brightness LevelsLong Battery DurationVIEW PRICE

It will help take long exposure photography to an absolutely new level. This tool is perfect for light painting.

The photo will have pulsing trails of color. Check a shutter speed. It must be at least 1/15th of a second to achieve such an effect.

5. Glitter

Glitter is a true way to have both fun and creative shots. These photography props are always close at hand as children like playing with it. So why not to catch their real emotions?

It will be great if a glitter color matches the tone of the model’s outfit or other props.

6. Bubbles

Bubbles are one of the most popular children’s photography props. They will make a picture of a static subject livelier.

Maybe you will have to spend some time capturing the best facial expression. You can ask somebody to blow the bubbles to simplify the shooting process.

7. Balloons

Party BalloonsBundle of 60 balloonsMade of quality thicken latexSafeVIEW PRICE

Balloons can become an excellent tool to add colors to the shot. Choosing them, you will not have to ask where to buy props as they are always close at hand.

Moreover, kids are crazy about balloons so they will agree to pose. In fact, there are many options how you can use them. Let the children play with balloons, blow or pop them, decorate a background, etc.

8. Hat

Straw Bowler HatMade of 100% paper braid strawBreathable & Rain resistPacks easilyVIEW PRICE

A hat is one of the best photography props for funny baby photography. Moreover, it can easily transform the look of any shot.

There is only one point you should take into consideration. The brims of a hat produce shadows. So, angle a kid or use some lighting source in order to get rid of these shadows. All in all, great photo results are guaranteed.

9. Paint

Paint SetPalette, brushes, paint, and paperComes with instructionsSafe materialVIEW PRICE

Why not incorporate kids’ interest and hobbies? They will be busy with favorite things and activities and forget about the camera. Suggest them painting and capture nice smiles and funny faces.

10. Flowers

Flowers have always been one of the best photography props for adults and children. They offer a simple way to add some spring mood to any photo.

You can place them over the whole frame or in the basket. Anyway, the result will be impressive. Don’t get upset if you have no opportunity to use fresh plants. Replace them with artificial ones.

11. Cake Smash

If you look for photography props for toddlers and children, then a “cake smash” deserves your attention. The main hero can taste a cake and play with it as he/she wants.

Such a DIY prop doesn’t require spending a lot of money. Place the cake either on the ground or on the floor. In such a way you will have more exciting angles. The cleanup process will also be easier and quicker.

12. Inflatable Toys

Inflatable MicrophoneHas a variety of colorsMade of reusable plasticDurableVIEW PRICE

Inflatable toys aren’t widely used photography props. However, they provide both shooter and models with a variety of ideas.

For instance, choose musical instruments and arrange a concert-themed photoshoot.

13. Chalkboard

ChalkboardSizes 23×17 InchesTop-qualityVIEW PRICE

A chalkboard is one of the best kids’ photography accessories. It is also a nice way to boast of some achievements.

Write some information about toddler’s growth, development, etc. A fun message will be also a great idea. The prop perfectly suits back-to-school pictures.

14. Letters

Rustic Wood Décor100% WoodThe size of each letter: 4.1×0.8×5.9 inchesVIEW PRICE

It is one of the cutes props for photography that doesn’t cost a fortune. Just prepare wooden letters, scrapbook paper and make nice inscriptions. They will help memorize any important event.

15. Heart-Shaped Pillows

Plush PillowSize: 12.4 x 10.1 x 3.2 inchesTop-quality materialVIEW PRICE

You don’t need to visit some special photography prop stores to find a good accessory for the Valentine’s day. Just pick up such ordinary but still nice pillow to add some festive mood to your shots.

16. Stuffed Toy

Teddy BearSoft materialSize: 12x7x5 inchesVIEW PRICE

One of the best children’s photography props is a stuffed animal, which you can simply put near the baby and get a great composition.

Children of all ages really like such toys and you get a chance to capture several nice moments while a newborn is smiling looking at the stuffed animal.

The most frequent choice is a teddy bear, but you can pick another animal that a baby loves. Such cheap photography props are not only simple to arrange, but they also add a certain charm and tenderness to the picture, making it truly adorable.

17. Angel Wings

Feather Angel WingsIncludes :4 wings+4 Head BandsMaterial: feather and Fabric with diamond and pearlVIEW PRICE

Such props for photography have a deep metaphorical meaning. Using angle wings you show how innocent and sweet your little model is.

The pictures you get have a certain adorable mood and will become the favorite shots in the family photo album.

18. Headbands

Headband Floral CrownNo allergy-inducedOne Size Fits AllVIEW PRICE

Photographers like such cheap photography props as they are easy to put on and off without disturbing the baby. You can prepare several variants of headbands to give a fresh touch to one and the same pose.

Choosing the headband, mind the baby’s size, so that the accessory won’t be bigger than the newborn’s head.

19. Wraps

Long Ripple WrapCotton materialSuper soft and stretchyVIEW PRICE

Choosing cheap photography props for the newborn photo session, baby’s safety and comfort must be your key criteria. That’s why various wraps are a win-win option.

They are soft and stretchy, so you won’t have any problems wrapping a baby. Babies like to be wrapped, as they feel comfortable and warm, so the shooting will be trouble-free.

20. Stork Sacks

Stretch Sack100% RayonSuper Soft, Comfortable and Breathable21 colorsVIEW PRICE

If you dream of giving life to an old story of a stork bringing a baby to his/her parents, you will definitely need such cheap photography props. While posing a baby, you need to be absolutely careful and mindful of how to do everything properly.

Some practice before the shooting is a must. To fully reveal this idea, you need to take several shots and then combine them into one collage. The result will leave nobody indifferent.

21. Wooden Crates

Rustic Crate100% all Organic3 different sizesVIEW PRICE

Have you thought about a wooden crane as a photography props cheap variant? If don’t, give it a try. You need to put a crane on the floor, place a warm blanket inside of it and pose the baby on the top.

Check if the crane is sturdy and still. Never put the baby directly in the crane as he/she may get a splinter. Create the coziest conditions possible.

22. Hat

Knit HatMade of Knitted WoolenLength 7.9 inchesVIEW PRICE

There is such a variety of cute, funny and adorable hats for kids that you can use at the shooting. Choose something special for your tiny model to meet the theme of your photo session.

These are the best photography props that not only add loveliness to your images, but also keep babies warm and comfortable.

23. Bucket

Among photography props for toddlers, buckets are, probably, the most popular ones. They come in various sizes and forms, so you will easily find the one that will help you realize your toddler photoshoot ideas at home.

To give the bucket a final touch, put some fluffs, furs, and blankets of different colors inside. Choose the bucket in accordance with the baby’s proportions. If you need a deep bucket, put weights in it, so the baby won’t fall down together with the prop.

24. Wool Twist Rope

Wool Rope PropSize: 157.5 inchesSoftVIEW PRICE

Wool ropes of both pastel and bright colors look great in children photos. Such kids photography accessories are very soft and flexible, so you can place them as you wish, creating interesting patterns in the frame.

Wrap the baby before putting him/her directly on the ropes to provide maximum comfort. Mind the position of toddler’s legs to get the best shot.

25. Faux Fur Blankets

Fur BlanketEasy to wash and cleanSize: Approx. 24×20 x0.4 inchesVIEW PRICE

If you don’t want to use an ordinary blanket as photography props for toddlers, you may substitute it with faux fur. Such material is soft and pleasant to touch, so babies will feel absolutely comfortable lying on it.

Fold faux fur into a cushion and pose a baby on it. Choose the fur of neutral colors not to distract attention from the newborn.

26. Hobby-Related Props

If you want to use creative props for photo shoots, you should ask the baby’s parents about their hobbies. Probably they have some items to bring to the shooting.

This can be musical instruments, sports supplies, books, etc. The best thing is that these props are absolutely free. The photos you get will look rather symbolic.

27. Costumes

Baseball Newborn CostumeMade of cotton100% handmadeIncludes a hat and a ballVIEW PRICE

No matter how comfortable regular baby clothes are, you’d better choose something more creative for a photo session. This football costume with a ball included is a nice variant.

There are many outfit photography props Amazon you can choose from, depending on the idea of the shooting.

28. Blanket

Mimixiong BlanketMade of 100% AcrylicTop qualitySoft &CozyVIEW PRICE

If you prefer minimalistic newborn photo sessions, then a standard blanket is a perfect option. Fold a blanket in a Z shape and place a baby on it.

Images with such cheap photography props help focus attention on the tiny body and a cute tummy. Just check whether the blanket is clean and soft.

29. Lace

Coberluss Lace WrapSize: 19.7x 59.1inchesMultifunctionVIEW PRICE

This is a typical kind of affordable photography props girl variant. It looks incredibly charming and suits all little models. You may choose lace in accordance with the season or particular holidays.

30. Flower Crown

Flower CrownLength: 51 inchesOne size fits allVIEW PRICE

This is probably the most adorable accessory for tiny newborns. It brings some colors and fresh elements to the frame.

Below are just a few props that I use. I included only two of my diecast car/truck models. I also just showed one rack of my shoes. I have another rack just of boots.

R. Landry Gallery
R. Landry Gallery
R. Landry Gallery

R. Landry Gallery

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