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The World of Photography– Table of Contents


Part One: The Story of Photography and its Equipment

Chapter One–Theory of photography

Chapter Two–History of photography

Chapter Three–Cameras

Chapter Four–Lenses

Chapter Five–Filters

Chapter Six–Lighting Equipment and Modifiers

Chapter Seven–Misc equipment

Chapter Eight–Props for added interest

Chapter Nine–Protective Garments

Part Two: Photographic Techniques

Chapter Ten– Choosing Your Subject matter and Honing Your Skills With Fun Projects

Chapter Eleven–Exposure

Chapter Twelve–Composition

Part Three: Photographic Genres

Chapter Thirteen–Capturing motion

Chapter Fourteen–Sports Photography

Chapter Fifteen–Automotive Photography

Chapter Sixteen–The use of Drones in Photography

Chapter Seventeen–Landscape Photography

Chapter Eighteen–Underwater Photography

Chapter Nineteen–Wildlife and Animal Photography

Chapter Twenty–Shooting Cityscapes and Architecture

Chapter Twenty-One–Travel Photography

Chapter Twenty-Two–Night Photography

Chapter Twenty-Three–Astrophotography

Chapter Twenty-Four–Macro Photography

Chapter Twenty-Five–Still life and Product Shots

Chapter Twenty-Six–Portrait Photography

Chapter Twenty-Seven–Wedding Photography

Chapter Twenty-Eight–Glamour, Boudoir, Nude and Cosplay Photography

Chapter Twenty-Nine–Street Photography

Chapter Thirty–Photojournalism

Chapter Thirty-One–Video Photography

Chapter Thirty-Two–Niche photography (film, infrared, high speed and BW)

Part Four: Wrapping Things UP

Chapter Thirty-Three–Post Production Editing

Chapter Thirty-Four–Protecting Your Investment and Your Work

Chapter Thirty-Five–Assistants and Makeup Artists

Chapter Thirty-Six–Selling and Displaying Your Photos

Chapter Thirty-Seven–Careers in Photography

Chapter Thirty-Eight–The future of Photography

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