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In the first volume, I laid the groundwork for the events that will take place in this volume. Prior to the birth of Grandpa Gordon, the Anderson family consisted mainly of farmers. Grandpa Gordon led the way for change. Not only was he the first member of the family to join the military, but he blazed the path of familial diversity as well. Partially as a result of their brother’s actions and success, none of Papa Thomas’s other children chose to remain on the farm. This broke Papa Thomas’s heart, even though he and his wife Mama Lilian knew that this might be a possibility when they insisted that their children get advanced degrees. They took these extraordinary measures to ensure that their children had options that they were never afforded.

Grandpa Gordon set a shortlived trend by joining the military. Due to extenuating circumstances, it ended with his son Papa Sam. Peter, the next in line had every intention of following in their footsteps. However, he had a change of heart when in part when his half-sister was kidnapped.  His father’s exposure to the Kuwaiti oil well fires and resulting lung cancer was the final determinant.

In order for the reader to understand the tenacity that Peter exhibited, it was first necessary to discuss his roots. Grandpa Gordon was once described by his father as being a force of nature. Papa Sam was a chip off the old block because he refused to give until he finally earned his father’s love and respect. So it is no wonder that Peter inherited this same indomitable spirit as his grandfather and father possessed.

It will take Peter an astounding 22 years of investigating, many of it undercover to  find out what happened to his sister. He will not only give up his dreams of continuing on the family legacy, but he will devote a large portion of his life in this single-minded pursuit. In order to be successful in finding the truth where many had failed, he would get a degree in criminology. He will then become a police officer and then a missing person’s detective.  Once he has the required skill set, he will leave the restrictive environment of the police force to  continue on his own for a while, and eventually. He will work part-time with an agency that specializes in human trafficking.

Throughout these two books, you will discover how decisions made by the main characters affect not only their lives but those of their loved ones as well. As a matter of fact, it is a recurring theme. Take, for instance, when Papa Sam rescued the Kurdish Mastiff in Iraq. The dog not only saved Papa Sam’s life on two separate occasions, but one of his offspring will save Peter’s life.

Hopefully my expounding on the Anderson family history helped the reader begin to comprehend the tenacity and determination that was required on Peter’s part to bring his life’s work to fruition. His actions not only helped to solve the cold case that his sister Yua’s kidnapping had become, but it drove home how every major event that took place in their lives was linked together in the family. The butterfly effect rests on the notion that the world is deeply interconnected such that one small occurrence can influence a much larger complex system.

The first volume was broken up into two separate parts. An informative appendix was provided at the end. The second volume will also follow a similar pattern. However, there will be a few minor variations. I have additionally included a prologue and an epilogue. In each of these new sections, I will include pertinent information that will help to tie the story together. In each of the two main parts of this second volume, I will tell the story in little Yua’s and Peter’s perspective. By doing it this way, the reader will see first hand what they are experiencing.

I would also like to include a word of warning. First of all, I will never include explicit descriptions of sex acts in any of my books. That is simply not my style. However, the subject matter in this second volume will definitely be quite dark, and some people may take exception to it. That is fine. Unfortunately, the information that I am trying to disseminate requires it. The subject of child sexploitation and trafficking while being a part of our underground culture for quite some time is only now just becoming part of the mainstream culture.  If you want to see a very well done movie, go see or by the time this book is published rent or buy the video, “The Sound of Freedom”. You won’t be sorry you did. The real-life events that transpired were very tastefully recreated. That is precisely the manner in which I am trying to present my story.

While my story is a fictional one, the kidnapping of baby Yua is loosely based on a real-life event, and to this day, it is still an unsolved cold case. It is my hope that the real families will eventually find closure and peace of mind like the Anderson family did. By that, I mean in a totally legal and ethical manner.

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