Postings From Other Internet Sites: Part 13

8/12/2022 5:00 AM

This is an excerpt from a posting in the Western Journal regarding the raid on Mar-A-Lago just a few days ago. It kind of makes you wonder where this country is going.

“If President Joe Biden and his regime would use such heavy-handed tactics and take this unprecedented action against a former president and chief political rival, what will they do to the rest of us?

What could the feds do to someone who does not have the nearly unlimited financial resources to fight prosecution by an out-of-control government?How easily could agents run roughshod over a citizen who doesn’t have Secret Service protection and surveillance cameras guarding his residence?

The prospects are truly frightening.”

8/12/2022 5:08 AM

8/12/2022 5:25 AM

8/13/2022 9:11PM

The way I understand it, the 87,000 will be over ten years, a large number will be to replace retirees, and so on. However, this tax hike was totally unnecessary and why do they have to be armed? We also did not need to increase their number at all. Simplify and tighten the tax code. They don’t want to do that because the rich would actually pay more in taxes. Right now their tax attorney’s will keep them from paying more.

8/14/2022 9:02 AM

Who thinks that willy old fox president Donald J. Trump instigated that whole Mar-A-Lago raid to boost his news coverage? He once said bad press coverage is better than no press coverage. His donations have skyrocketed. He is on the news non stop since the event. It makes you think. He is pretty sharp.

8/14/2022 5:07 PM

I am seeing something very disturbing, the democrats are getting stronger in DC. If they keep the majority in the Housse and the Senate for two more years, God help us. We also deserve to lose this country, because it means that we are just too stupid to help ourselves.

8/14/2022 7:54 PM

Biden said we had 0.0% inflation for last month. Why did we need a bill to fight inflation? I know it was because they wanted that IRS add-on. Pelosi couldn’t get it passed the first time she tried, but she got it this time, bitch!

8/17/2022 8:29 AM

8/17/2022 8:31 AM

I am hearing that the Chinese are trying to gain power over the Panama Canal. The canal while important, it is obsolete. Why don’t we build a larger more modern one with other countries helping out? One that can handle even tankers and our aircraft carriers.

8/27/2022 1:40 AM

I am against debt forgiveness. A debt restructuring OK. Colleges are incentivized to get students to take more expensive private loans. This has to stop. Tuition prices are outrageous. This has to stop. Our young adults are being brainwashed by these overpriced universities. They are ending up with worthless degrees. They are graduating with huge debts that makes them more susceptible to government manipulation. Why do you think most of the millennials favor socialism?

9/2/2022 1:26 AM

I want to know why we are waging war against our children? First of all our government is doing nothing to stop the wholesale slaughter of our next generation with Fentanyl. Second of all are we trying to turn the surviving youths into helpless/hopeless neurotics? Please tell me that we are not still making our children wear masks in the classroom? Why are we going out of our way to confuse them with these gender changing options and making them watch drag queen shows as if this is the norm? Our kids IQs have slipped because of the covid lock-downs, now we are making them afraid of their own shadows with these masks. They are not going to be able to interact in a normal manner if we keep up this BS with these damn masks. We need to allow children to be children without throwing the weight of the world on their shoulders. Our country is being destroyed from within. Don’t kid yourself if you think this is normal progress for an advanced society. The Chinese communist party have been waging war against us for decades. They knew that they could not beat us in an armed conflict. Well now that they have weakened us so much, they probably can, especially with a half-wit in the President’s seat and his hopelessly lost replacement just chomping at the bit to take over.

The litmus test will be if we can actually have a fair election this fall. If we can’t it is all over, because the fat lady will be singing very loudly by then.

What is going on with all of our young athletes just up an dying for no apparent reason? A 20 year old hockey player just died. “At least 69 athletes collapse in one month, many dead. The reports of athletes who suddenly collapse have been increasing noticeably lately. Heart problems such as heart inflammation are often the cause – one of the known life-threatening side effects of Covid vaccines, which even the manufacturers themselves warn against.” What has changed in the last year in a half? They are spot on, Covid vaccinations, for young adults. Something that was totally unnecessary. This is crazy not only is our next generation being poisoned with Fentanyl, but our healthiest individuals are being killed by useless Covid vaccines. If you have had the vaccine recently I would have to advise against doing any strenuous workouts until the effects have worn off. At least a year to a year and a half. Hopefully by then the effects of the mRNA vaccine will be over.

9/4/2022 8:49 PM

I was watching Steve Hilton on Fox. He had a guest that made a good point. He said that cities are hotter than the surrounding countryside because of all the dark rooftops of the skyscrapers and the blacktop roads. He said that they should coat all the roofs white. Great idea. Pretty simple to do. Did you know that the original highways built under the Eisenhower administration were made out of concrete? This meant that all those roads were lighter in color, so they reflected more heat. Why did we ever change to blacktop roads? Why do they have to be black? Can we not add a lighter pigment to the tar to make the roads more reflective? Is this possible?

9/7/2022 11:41 AM

9/22/2022 2:48 PM

What happened to the hybrid car? It seemed like a perfect answer to the climate control problem, despite being a little more expensive. When the battery died out, you simply switched to gasoline and the car natteries charged up while you drove. This cut back on the drain to the power grib substantially. It also would work on trips. So why don’t you hear about them? Why are we going all the way to straiht electric cars? At least it would act as a bridge to the electric car. It would give the industry to catch up. Because frankly the industry is not where it needs to be. We also need to improve our power grid and if electric cars are going to replace the fossil fueled vehicle, it needs to be able to compete head to head with it. The same thing happened with digital cameras. Now now one even thinks of film cameras, well almost no one. It is estimated that we have 250 millon gas cars and trucks in the US alone. We are looking at a replacement cost in excess of $150 Billion to replace them, if not more. That is if they were equal in performance which they are not. Every head to head test they lag behind. The only one do they win is acceleration. When you factor all the expenses involved with electric cars they are either the same or more expensive to run. I am factoring in charging, maintenance and battery replacement. Disposing of the batteries is actually nore damaging to the environment then disposing the components of gasoline powered cars.

One more thing, take a family of four, where the children are teenagers. In this case it is not unusual for the family to have four cars. How can that family afford $240,000 to replace those cars?

9/24/2022 12:06

Well, I guess my wife Connie and I have finally decided move to the Philippines when we retire. I have had my 401K devastated twice by market crashes. Now we just have our Social Security to look forward to for our income. Connie is four years younger than me. So I have to work until I am 70, so she can collect half of my check. Without her half we will not have enough to live on. I had planned on paying off the house before I retired, but expenses keep on coming up. I had to buy a vehicle because my truck got totalled. I needed bariatric surgery, so I needed to take out a loan to cover it. The harder I work the further in debt we get. So now we will still have a mortgage when I retire. That basically sucks. So we have agreed to send a nominal check to my mother in law in the Philippines for her house. So we will own her house in seven years. If she is still alive by the time me move there. She can live in a Casita on the property. Now we can live on my social security check alone. When Connie can collect half then we will have even more money. I am sorry we have got to this point, but the US is no longer the place it used to be. They call the Philippines a third world country. But my wife’s family is happy there. That doesn’t sound too bad to me, and if that means I will be happy there, sign me up.

10/10/2022 3:43 PM

So a doctor was fired over the Tua incidient at th Miami Dolphin Compound. How many people actually believe that he had any real power to decide whether or not Tua played in the game against the Bengals or that he completed the game last week? He is there to patch up the players and give them shots so that they can play. These players are worth more money dead than alive. The owners and the managers make all the decisions regarding the palyers. The docotors are there because they are paid well to take a bullet in these cases. I have heard enough horror stories over the last several decades about the NFL to know that is the case. Nothing changes when real money is involved. The players and their agents are in some way also to blame, because they demand such huge contracts that the teams have to do crazy shit to pay for these salaries and keep the league going. Nobody pays a players tens of millions of dollars to sit on the bench.

10/2/2022 4:00 AM

He put a message out he seems to be OK. The hospital should have kept him there 24 hours for observation. Even though he could move all extremities, there could have been issues as the brain started swelling from the trauma. He also should never have flown on the plane that soon. He should have waited a couple of days. He was very lucky. The dolphins need a whole new medical staff.

10/5/2022 6:49 AM

Ok guys I am going to ask you to do something that some of you may find hard to do. I am going to ask you to think for yourselves. I know you lefties want electric everything. I am going to give you a simple example. You have a city bus that only takes you half of your route to work. If you decide to take it you will have to walk the other half to and from work each day. What do you do? Do you ride the bus half way and walk the rest or do you find another way until the bus route expands and covers your whole route? Well that is where we are with electric vehicles. Only it is way less than half of the way there. About the only thing they are good for right now is driving locally. I am going to post a few more articles for you. So be prepared to think some more.

Ok here is a 2nd part. Are you ready to think some more? Where do you think the electricity comes from to charge your electric cars? If you said wind mills and solar panels, you are 95% wrong. The wasmajority comes from coal and fossil fuels and maybe hydro electric if we have enough water in Lake Powell and Lake Mead. Do you know where the off the beaten path recharging stations get there power to charge your cars? They have diesel powered generators to charge them, because their power grid can’t handle the increased power demand. If you want an electric car get a hybrid, it can charge itself by running in gas mode. Pretty cool, huh? There will be more so keep your thinking cap on.

Part Three, does anybody feel safe about flying in an electric plane? They are going to have them in Canada for rural runs. Their capacity will be 20 to 30 passengers with maybe a 200 mile range. Have you ever used a flash light? Don’t you have your bang the damn thing once and a while to make it work? How long have we had flash lights? What about tractor trailers going across the country? I don’t think we will ever be able to replace them with electric versions

Part Four. Why do you think Biden stopped the XL pipeline on his first day? Two things he was paying off Warren Buffet for his campaign contributions. Buffet makes 2 billion a year extra without the pipeline. The second thing is that they want to drive the price of gas up, so people will want to buy electric cars. Unfortunately our country is run with fossil fuels. When the price of it going through the roof, everything goes up in price. It is killing our economy. Now the Fed is increasing the interest rates so they are killing the housing market, which is a major part of our economy. Do you think we can tolerate another two years of the Biden presidency?

10/9/2022 8:38 AM

Has anyone been watching the Rings of Power on Amazon Prime? I know it is a fantasy, but give me a break people and elves survived a pyroclastic cloud without the protection of shelter. What the hell? For the amount of money they spent on this show you think they could have consulted a vulcanologist? Just saying. People are more sophisticated and they expect at least some reality in what they watch on the little as well as the big screen.

10/9/2022 8:39 AM

I have a question what would happen if nobody visited our casinos in Las Vegas or Reno? I think we all know that answer. So why in the hell are they not protecting people on the strip? The most recent event involved an illegal alien running aroung with a kitchen knife stabbing people. We had the worst mass killing in US history 5 years ago, we have drivers trying to run down people on the strip. Why can’ they protect the people on the strip? Keeping it all hush hush is not taking care of the problem. I blame Biden first and foremost, then our governor and then our mayor. Stop the BS and fix the problem.

10/17/2022 4:26 PM

I am not sure who this should go to. But this involves several of our western states, especially Nevada. There are states, such as Texas, Florida and California that have desalination lants. I know Californa doesn’t want any new ones. They cite environmental issues. This is nonsense. There are always solitions. I propose that they allow Nevada to pump the water out of the Pacific at any location they choose and we process the water in our state. We have plenty of land we can dump the brackish water left over from the process. We can either allow the water to evaporate and use the salt left over or we can create and inner coastal marshland water environment. We would have dozens of species of animals come to these new marshlands. They same can be done for California. There is no need to pump back the brackish effluent into the ocean.

10/23/2022 5:04 PM

A teen tennis player just suffered from cardiac arest. I am getting almost daily notifications of this taking place with our teens and healthy young adults. What the hell is going on? Has anybody followed up to see if they had the COVID-19 vaccine? Or is that subject taboo? I guarantee you that they have all had the vaccine. Young healthy people just don’t up and die with heart problems. I was a triathlete for 6 years during my 20s and I worked my ass off, with not even the slightest cardiac issue. This should be the case with the rest of our young athletes. Instead of pushing for more and more children, teeneagers and young adults to get the vaccine, we should put a hold on them completely until we find out the cause of these cardiac problems.

10/31/2022 12:20 PM

I am still trying to wrap my head around the Democratic obsession with abortion. How many women have an abortion in their lifetime? I am sure it is not that common. Though the dems would have you think women are having abortions all the time. Has anyone heard of practicing safe sex and using birth control? I know women should have control over their bodies, but let us be honest here, when a woman gets pregnant she is no longer just talking about her own life. She has another life to consider. Doesn’t that child’s life matter? I thought women in general were supposed to have more maternalistic feelings? Isn’t it the male portion of the population who is supposed to be the blood thirsty ones, the ones who started all the wars, and the ones guilty of most murders?

11/11/2022 4:01 PM

There is a lot of talk about DeSantis running for president in 2024. First of all he needs to fulfill his obligations as the governor of Florida. If he runs he won’t have any time to devote to the governor position and second of all he will have to step down if he wins. This is not fair to Florida. I think he would be very selfish if he did this. Second of all he is young and can afford to wait until 2028. Trump can’t wait it is 2024 or not at all. Third if he runs in 2024 he will break up the republican party because it will split, half for him and half for Trump. Finally if he waits for 2028, he will have all the time in the world to campaign because he won’t have any obligations. He will have also fulfilled his obligations to Florida. This will show that he finishes what he starts. I really think it would hurt him politically if he left the position in 2 years.

11/11/2022 4:19 PM

Now that we have had our midterm elections we should think about election reform. I think there should be term limits, and I also think that both the house and senate should serve 4 year terms. Six years is too long to have to deal with a shitty Senator, ie Fetterman and most likely Warnock. Two years leaves little time for anything but campaigning for the congressmen.

11/20/2022 8:43 AM

Now that the GOP controls the House, the liberals are saying that we should just drop all the investigations of Hunter and Joe. They want the GOP to kiss and make up. I say F–k them. For far too long politicians in general have been getting away with murder, quite literally. It is time they are held accountable. Did they let Trump off, no? They impeached him twice, then they sued him. They have tried to idict him for Jan 6th and for stealing doucments. They raided Mar a Lago. They say that Hunter is not worth going after. I say BS. He has been peddling his father’s name for years, and we have paid the price. Why do you think we are shutting down fossil fuel production? It has nothing to do with climate change or global warming. The Bidens are in the pockets of China, Ukraine and Russia and Big tech. China controls the solar and windmill production. Russia is a direct competitor with us in the production of fossil fuels. Ukraine along with Russia are the leading wheat producers. We are no longer competitive because of the expenses the farmers have in growing their crops. We are also subsizing ethanol production from corn, instead of using it to feed our farm animals and hungry people. Just think about this, we are using corn to make fuel we don’t need when people are starving all over the world. We don’t need ethanol. It cost more to produce it than it sells for. This has caused us to shift the crops that are grown, because it is so lucrative to produce corn for ethanol. Now there is a shortage of feed for our farm animals, so the price of beef, pork and poultry is higher now. We need to get our heads out of our asses and start prioritizing our issues. A good place to start would be to close the f–king border.

12/8/2022 6:17 AM

In WWI Henry Morgenthau the ambassador to the Ottoman Empire from 1915-1916 persuaded Woodrow Wilson to intervene on the behalf of 100,000 of Armenians massacred by Ottoman troops. Saying it was a case of “race murder”. In WWII Henry Jr. Morgenthau’s son visited Constantinople to see the plight of the Jewish people and he said that he would not allow what happened to the Armenians happen to the Jews. As a result an act was passed establishing the War Refugee Board was established.

12/8/2022 7:07 AM

Republicans Push to Repeal Military Vax Mandate

Congress is moving to repeal military vaccine mandates from the defense bill – despite opposition from the Biden Administration. The House is expected to vote on the provision later this week.

“The COVID vaccine has a risk of inflammation particularly in young men and particularly in young men that comprise over 90% of our military recruits. In addition, several scientific studies….including one in Israel and one by CDC, show elevated risk of myocarditis for children and teenagers, particularly after the second dose.” -Senator Rand Paul (R-KY)

Revoking the Mandate

Most parts of our society moved on from Covid vaccine mandates a while ago. Almost all private companies and state governments have dropped the mandate by now. Federal contractors are no longer required to get vaccinated.

But the military has been the last holdout.

Congress is facing the deadline for the Defense Authorization bill. That’s the legislation that funds the Pentagon for the next year. So Republicans feel that now is the time to push to finally repeal the mandate. And Democrats appear willing to work with them on that.

High-profile Senators like Kentucky’s Rand Paul and Florida’s Rick Scott argue the mandates are government overreach and they say they’re willing to hold up this legislation if it includes continued vaccine requirements. And of course with Republicans taking control of the House in January, Democrats know they’ll face less bargaining power if they don’t work with the GOP now.

Some Republicans are also pushing for remedies and possible reinstatement for the thousands of military members who were discharged or lost benefits for refusing the vaccine. The House and Senate Armed Services Committees say they are looking at adding language to the bill that will require the Pentagon to complete a study on why so many religious exemption requests were denied and how it might compensate those individuals.

The White House has gone on record as opposing the repeal, and so has the Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin. They say it’s a question of military readiness for service members to be vaxxed and boosted.

Republicans say military readiness is their primary concern too. Right now, the military is facing the lowest recruitment levels in 50 years. And leaders like Arkansas Senator Tom Cotton and House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy are pointing to the vaccine mandate as the cause.

On top of that, more than 20 Republican governors sent a letter to President Biden arguing that the mandate is keeping their states from meeting recruitment needs for the National Guard.

Republicans also point to a waste of taxpayer money as trained men and women continue to leave the military over the mandate. For example, the air force has discharged pilots, who are very expensive to train, over vaccine refusal.

12/21/2022 3:29 PM

I guess celebrities like Shaquille O’Neal do not understand what it means to be a celebrity endorser. I guess they only think of the money that they wiil receive when they sell not only their name but their reputation as well. Shaq was just another one of the many endorsers of FTX crypto exchange which just filed bankruptcy. Sam Bankman the CEO of FTX is facing multiple felony charges for fraud. He donated millions of dollars to Democratic campaigns in 2022. Now that these politicians know where the money came from, will they give it back? Thousands of people lost their life’s savings. I guess this means nothing, because these same politicians were for lockdowns dutring the COVID pandemic, where tens of thousands of peple not only lost their savings but their businesses as well. Celebrity endorsers like Shaq were partly responsible because they have a cellebrity voice. They don’t realize that people listen when they talk and they are trusted when they say things. When they agree to do endorsements, it is supposed to mean that they either use the product or have at least vetted it. When Shaq was questioned about FTX he said that he did not even believe in crypto. So how is it that he endorsed this product? I hope that this is a wakeup call for other celebrities who peddle and sell their names for product endorsements.

12/21/2022 3:42 PM

Thanks to millions of illegal aliens pouring into our country every year, we will soon not recognize it. We have always been known as a melting pot, where people movong into our country assimilate into our culture. Now we have little Italy’s, China Town’s and other ethnic neighborhoods throughout our country. Many immigrants spend the vast majority of their lives never learning english because they remain insulated in their communities. They embrace their previous culture instead of learning the ways of our country. I and my wife recently went for a picnic to Mt Charleston. We were enjoying the peace and quiet, until a large hispanic group decided to set up their group site right near us. While I have no problem with them doing this, it was the fact that they started playing very loud music. We went there to enjoy nature and to forget about the grind of our daily lives. I guess this was lost on this group. This is a growing trend today because immigrants and illegal aliens are coming into this country in such large numbers that they don’t feel like they have to learn our ways.

12/23/2022 1:39 AM

I am getting tired of Ukraine’s president Volodymyr Zelensky. I feel like our government is kissing his ass. It is one thing to give him/them money, but now we are giving them high-end weapons as well. Does anyone remember that we left billions of dollars of weapons behind in Afghanistan? Now we are giving UKraine billions more dollars in weapons. Are we replacing these weapons, or are we depleting our defensive capabilities? Does anyone know why they need the money right now? They are selling grain by the shipload. It is too early to rebuild their country when the war is still be waged. Why build something that will only get blown up again? Wait until the war is over. As always the taxpayers are getting the worse end of this deal. Our country is a mess. We have an open border, our roads and bridges are a mess. Our electrical grid is out of date and highly vulnerable to hackers and terrorists. Our rail system, the life blood of this country is hopelessly antiquated. Yet we keep throwing billions of tax payers dollars to foreign bottomless pits, while China cashes in on not only our largesse but our government’s ineptitude and our weakened state. The price of gas has dropped some, but has the prices of our food stuff dropped back to their earlier prices, of course not? The diet of my wife and I is far less varied and healthy than it was just a year ago. I am also making less money, due to inflation. So now I am finding myself working overtime again just to stay solvent. Prior to COVID-19 we were able to take a couple of short road trips just to get away. We have not bee able to do so for over a year and a half. This is of course due to a variety of reasons. I know it sounds like I am whinning, and I am, but I am just frankly tired of being taken advantage of by our government. Because of the lack of trust that I have in our election process, I feel that I am being taxed without representation. Well I guess I have finished my rant. Sorry guys, but it as been a while since I have done this.

12/25/2022 4:52 AM

I understand why Elon Musk is stepping down from the Twitter CEO position. You can only do so much. I hope his replacement continues on with his plan for it. I still think he really overpaid for the company. I hope that it remains solvent, because we need it on the side of the conservatives. We frankly are outnumbered and outgunned so to speak.

12/31/2022 3:44 AM

I decided to take a break from watching the news and my wife and I have been binging on YouTube. We are both avid photographers and love to travel, So there was plenty of stuff for us to watch on this site. The internet can truly be an amazing place, when it is used for what it was designed for. Which is a way to share information and to bring people closer together. It was never meant to be a tool to destroy our way of life or our country. We need to protect our first amendment rights. If we don’t the internet will just become an indoctrination tool of autocratic governments.

1/16/2023 10:03 PM

(3/25/2023 2:01 AM)

I haven’t been posting much lately, frankly I am a little fried in regards to our political goings on. It just doesn’t seem to matter what you do, it never gets better. Every time you turn around the gov’t is spending our hard earned dollars on everything but what it is supposed to be spent on. I know we are supposed to have a say in what our money is spent on, ie elections and our freedom of speech, but it seems that as soon as we elect them they forget their promises and just go back to the same old BS. Our country is fast becoming a second tier country and nobody in the government seems to care as long as they have their expense accounts.

(7/2/2023 4:12 PM)

It has been brought to my attention that I have been most remiss when it comes to my rants. I am sorry for this dereliction of duty. 🙂. In my defense I have been quite busy. I have been writing books now, I also have a blog and a podcast. But who really cares, right? So here goes. I was listening to Lawrence Jones on Fox news on my radio going to work tonight. He mentioned that a survey was run about whether or not people would be OK with having less privacy if it meant that they were safer. Where have we heard that before. Isn’t it what they said after 9/11? Do you feel safer? If you did I wouldn’t be discussing this subject.

The question is do we have any privacy at all? There are cameras everywhere. Your cell phone as cameras front and back. Why is this necessary? Really necessary? It is because you are being watched all the time. The same reason you have cameras on laptop computers.

What about that Damn Alexa? If you really don’t care about your life and you want to prove me wrong try threatening the president and make serious plans in a conversation with a conspirator and see how long it is before you have visitors. If none show up I guess I was wrong. Otherwise I will send you a couple of bars of soap on a rope for your communal showers.

My point is that with this new invasive technology, very few people have any privacy. Do yourself a favor leave your phone at home once in a while and turn off your GPS in your car. You will find it liberating. I know you have a little wildness in you.

(7/4/2023 1:25 PM)

I don’t know about you but it seems like the Biden family has a license to screw the American people. Especially that damn Hunter Biden. That jack ass needs to serve some jail time.

(8/23/2023 8:50 PM)

The Republicans presidential debate on Fox News with Bret Baier and Martha MacCallum as moderators was a joke. The two of them quickly lost control of the debate. They couldn’t moderate themselves, they both were trying to talk over each other. They also had little to no control over the audience. The candidates talked over each other. They were out and out rude to each other. Pence lied thru his teeth about what President Trump asked him to do on January the 6th. It was just a cluster. They evaded questions and answered any way they pleased. They ignored the 30 second time limit. Just a mess. No wonder Trump didn’t go.

(9/7/2023 11:43 AM)

I guess it is time for a rant. I don’t care if you like or hate Donald Trump, what the liberal left and the Biden Administration are trying to do to him is not about him it is about our very way of life. By attacking him they are attacking us. Since the artificial introduction of COVID-19 into not only our country but the world or beloved Constitution and our very freedom has been under attack. They first attacked our the first and most sacred of all of the Bill of Rights, by attacking our freedom of speech, right to assemble and our freedom to choose what and how we worship. They have attacked out right to bear arms , which is guaranteed in the 2nd amendment. With these two amendments out of the way, the government is free to control us at will. What about all the people being held witout due process for the January 6th debacle in 2021? They attacked the 4th, 5th, 6th, 7th and 8th amendments with that one. When they messed with the 2020 election laws they tried to destroy the 10th Amendment. Everything that they have done to us these last three years has been an attack on our rights under the 9th amendment. The only amendment not under attack is the 3rd amendment or maybe it is if they get to hire those 87,000 plus IRS agents. How many houses will they confiscate? Once our houses are confiscated, they can do what they please to them, including use them to house all of the illegal aliens crossing the border and yes even our military.

It seems that our fearless leader only chooses to enforce laws he likes. Like the 14th amendment which they are trying to use to prevent Donald Trump from running for president again. They stole the election in 2020, Yes I know I sound like a looney toon, Just watch the videos of what took place in Georgia where the same ballots were run through the counting machine several times. Unfolded ballots that were supposedly sent by mail. This isjust one instance of cheating, and the most easily verifiable one, unless you don’t believe your lying eyes. Now they are trying to prevent the leader of the Republican party from running for office. If this happens we will essentially be a one party government. Then forget about your cherished freedoms. For all you LGBTIQA people out there, as yourselves how many of you there are in China? Yes that is what you seem to want a communist/socialist government.

(9/8/2023 1:12 PM)

The leaders of our country are lamenting the fact that we don’t have enough trained people like engineers to reindustrialize our country. What a crock of shit. Thousands of our computer engineers and programmers lost their jobs to outsourcing to India, where they were getting $2 an hour. Of course people stopped going to school to get those degrees. They had to find other careers. Our leaders allowed this to happen. We also became addicted to cheap crap from China and Mexico. But corporate greed probably was and still is the biggest culprit for outsourcing and the loss of high paying jobs.

In the industrial revolution salaries were very low. While work hours were long and work conditions were poor. So unions came about. Conditions and salaries improved and we got the 40 hour work week. Then unions became power hungry and corrupt, ie the teamster’s union and now the teacher’s union. Look at how unions adversely affected Boeing, the company lost several lucrative contracts because of labor strikes.

What is the solution? Trade tariffs to give our remaining companies a chance. Countries like Japan, China and etc don’t buy American, or at least nothing substantial. We need to balance our trade deficit. Something we will never do as long as we buy foreign oil and millions of Japanese cars.

The sad state of affairs is that we can’t even trust the made in America label. While the product may be assembled in America, a large portion of the components are made overseas.

COVID-19 should have been a wake-up call for us. We can’t trust our critical manufacturing to our enemies. Yes China is not only our direct competitor but our enemy as well.

(9/10/2023 4:46 PM)

I have only read half of this book so far, and frankly I am impressed. I think every American should read this book. It is quite an eye opener.

(9/10/2023 5:00 PM)

Two of the top five most prescribed medicines are for cholesterol control. This is not just in the US, either. How did we know what safe and healthy levels are for circulating cholesterol in the bloodstream? Who decides what they are? Has anyone considered that as we age, we may need higher levels to repair our aging nervous system? How have we survived this long witout these meds,? They happen to be two of the biggest money makers for the pharmaceutical companies. The same goes with levothyroxine. Why do so many people need to be on this drug? Just maybe our bodies know better. As we age the levels may need to change? I am just saying. I guess that the Evolutionary process is pretty crappy, if we need big pharmaceutical to fix it.

(10/18/2023 7:09 PM)

Income tax reform by Ted Cruz

-For a family of four, no taxes whatsoever (income or payroll) on the first $36,000 of income.

-Above that level, a 10 percent flat tax on all individual income from wages and investment.

-No death tax, no alternative minimum tax, and no Obamacare taxes.

-Elimination of both the payroll tax and the corporate income tax, to be replaced by a 16 percent business flat tax. This would tax companies’ gross receipts from sales of goods and services, less purchases from other businesses, including capital investment. Simple , efficient, fair.

-A Universal Savings Account, which would allow every American to save up to $25,000 annually on a tax-deferred basis for any purpose.

Sounds pretty good, considering how much I am paying now for taxes.

(10/18/2023 7:10 PM)

District attorney Rachael Rollins’ crime exemptions from prosecution:

1. Trespassing

2. Shoplifting, including offenses that are esentially shoplifting, but charged as larceny

3. Larceny under $250

4. Disorderly conduct

5. Disturbing the peace

6. Receiving stolen property

7. Minor driving offenses, including operating with a suspended or revoked license

8. Breaking and entering, where it is into a vacant property or is for the purpose of sleeping or seeking refuge from the cold and there is no actual damage to property

9. Wanton or malicious destruction of property

10. Threats (excluding domestic violence)

11. Miinors in possession of alcohol

12. Drug poassession

13. Drug possession with intent to distribute

14. Resisting arrest where the only charge is resisting arrest

15. Resisting arrest if the other charges include only charges that fall under the list of charges for which prosecution is declined

(11/1/2023 11:33 PM)

Ted Cruz really did a good job on this book. It is quite an eye opener. A must read fir anyone who loves our country, but hates what is happening to it.

(11/1/2023 11:34 PM)

I have been doing research for a new project on the economy. I have read over a dozen books so far. Followers of mine might have noticed that I have recommended a few book titles. Well here is one more. This one is by far the best one yet. I am only a third of the way through the book and I have taken several pages of notes already. The Book is Bail Out Nation by Barry Ritholtz.

(11/1/2023 11:27 PM)

I am just finishing this book, I have to admit it is one of the scariest books I have ever read. As you read this book you can see how and why what is being done to Trump. If you care about your rights it is a must read.

(11/1/2023 11:38 PM)

I have only read half of this book so far, and frankly I am impressed. I think every American should read this book. It is quite an eye opener.

(11/1/2023 23:55 PM)

The Oxford English Dictionary defines Treason as the action of betraying: betrayal of the trust undertaken by or reposed in any one; breach of faith, treacherous action, treachery. Does anyone think that Joe Biden is guilty of treason. He has failed to upload his oath of office. He has left our nation’s borders open and as a result countless terrorists are roaming our country, plotting God only knows what. This is just one of the many areas he has been negligent in. I could fill a book with everything else he has done or failed to do.

(11/10/2023 10:38 PM)

I used to think that Nikki Haley the former governor of South Carolina was a class act until she went postal at the third republican presidential debate. She criticized Ramaswamy for his use of Internet platforms. When he rather innocently retorted that she shouldn’t e so critical when her daughter uses the same one. She went totally apoplectic on the stage and called him “scum”. While he shouldn’t have brought the daughter up, he didn’t exactly accuse her of doing anything bad like doing drugs or such. Is this the type of person you want as a president? Someone who loses her cool so easily. She kind of reminds me of Hillary Clinton and Elizabeth Warren, both who fly off the handle at the slightest provocation. Just saying. I think it is food for thought.

(11/10/2023 11:01 PM)

I just watched a YouTube video on the most powerful families in the world. The list was quite interesting. 1. Walton Family (ie Walmart); 2. The Rothschilds (banking); 3. The Koch Brothers (Koch Industries); 4. The House of Saud (Saudi Arabian oil); 5. The Slim Family (Carlos) business magnate in Mexico); 6. Mars Family (Mars Candy and food); 7. The Ali Nahyan Family (Middle East Oil); 8. The Ambani Family (wealthy family from India); 9. The Dumas Family Owner of the Hermes Line); 10. The Wertheimer Family (owner of Chanel); 11. The Quandt Family (German Industrialist, co-owners of BMW); 12. The Cargill-MacMillan Family (private food company owners in America); 13. The Lee Family (owners of Samsung); 14. The Ortega Family (Spanish family, owners of the clothing company Inditex); 15. The Albrecht Family ( German family and owner of the Aldi discount supermarket chain). Every one of these families are worth tens of billions of dollars. It is estimated that together they are worth Trillions of dollars, nobody knows for sure. The Rothschild family has actually bankrolled wars. The Slim familky virtually runs Mexico.

(11/20/2023 8:57 PM)

No one can deny that the tragedy that took place on September 11, 2001 was an act of terrorism. The number of innocent people killed was appalling (2,996). However when you compare it to the number of fentanyl ODs in 2022, it is just a mear drop in the bucket. 73,654 people died last year due to Fentanyl. Precursors coming from China and entering it via our open borders. The number of deaths is the equivalent of 24.6 nine-elevens. Basically a 9-11 type event every two weeks. Yet nobody in our government is is going crazy about this. There is no getting around it these events are acts of terrorism. China is waging war against our country and nobody is doing a damn thing about it. There are so many reasons that Biden should be impeached, that I don’t even know where to begin. But Biden’s failure to protect our borders and to put a stop to these senseless deaths is criminal and certainly warrants an impeachment. What say you?!

(11/20/2023 9:00 AM)

Devon Achane does not have the love of the game that Tyrek Hill has. I saw him run off the field after he was supposedly hurt in the Miami Dolphin and Las Vegas Raider’s game today. Must be nice to get paid for not working. If he doesn’t want to play trade him at the end of the year. What was McDaniels thinking on that 4th and 1 play. Miami could have tied the game 10 to 10 with a field goal. When is Tua going to stop making stupid plays? Throwing into triple coverage? That means someone else is totally open. I know they won, but they would not have won against a better team with the mistakes they made. On the bright side, the defense played another good game.

(11/20/2023 9:01 AM)

Who says the Miami Dolphins can’t beat good teams? I know who, the referees, that is who. Ten to zero penalties in the eagles game, one beating a touchdown. In the loss to the Chiefs, a fumble that should have been called a downball, because forward progress had stopped and he had even been pushed back. But thanks to legalized gambling in the NFL these things are going to take place more and more. Miami would be 8 and 1 in a world where refs weren’t allowed to decide the outcome of games. It took place in the Raiders and Bengal game. In one set of downs, there were 7 penalties called in a row. I was losing my mind watching the game. The players couldn’t scratch their asses without being called for it. They call non plays and miss blatant penalties. This had to be one of the worst years for refereeing in quite a few years.

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