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Police Have Traditionally Enjoyed Extra Protection From Prosecution?

I have written several articles law enforcement. A list of links have been provided at bottom of this article for your convenience. This article will, however address different aspects on Law Enforcement.

While it can’t be denied that police have a very dangerous job, and it has only got worse for them in the last few months. We have addressed the issue of defunding vs training and a higher level of accountability. I might be wrong in this assumption, I believe that some police have been a little cavalier in there treatment of “perps” because they are protected. They have had in the past virtual immunity when they have mistreated their prisoners. I believe that this is a minority belief though.

There has recently been a push for police to carry personal liability protection. The Press are comparing it to malpractice insurance for doctors. As usual the press is biased towards Medical Doctors. They tend to forget that there are a lot more nurses than doctors in the health care field. While it is true the fewer nurses carry liability protection than do doctors who carry malpractice insurance, it is still quite prevalent in the nursing profession. There is a company called Nurses Service Organization or NSO that provides professional Liability insurance. I cost just a little over $100 a year for $3 million of coverage each year. Lawyers are provided for free as part of the service.

While police have been protected by Unions there is little protection for nurses. Nurses are frequently suspended without pay pending investigation, while police receive pay. Nurses are routinely fired peremptorily with little jurisprudence being in evidence. Police go before review boards and lengthy hearings and are frequently re-instated to there position. Police risk being killed or wounded while at work. Nurses are exposed to positive covid patients and risk their lives continually caring for these patients. What is worse, is finding out that the patient you have been taking care of for the last 3 days without N-95 masks is now covid positive. Critically ill covid patients frequently suffer from renal failure and entails the use of CRRT or ( Continuous Renal Replacement Therapy). This requires the nurse stay their entire 12 hour shift in the same room with these highly contagious patients. While it is true we are not dodging bullets and rocks, the outcome can be just as fatal. Covid kills, there are over 100,000 new graves in this country to prove the point.

If I were a cop I would not rely on anybody but myself for liability protection. I am sure it is an option available. But one thing is evident, police need our support and help. But nurses could use some help as well. That long promised hazard pay would be nice.

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