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Postings From Other Internet Sites: Part 8

  3/24/2021 11:29 AM

I think Biden will go down as not only the most incompetent president , but the most ignorant and arrogant president in our history. On my blog, I had rated James Buchanan as the worst president followed by Andrew Johnson in the number two position. I now believe that Biden has leap frogged both of them to take the worst president spot. Everything that he has touched has turned to absolute shit. He his doing all of this out of sheer hate and spite for president Trump. I dare anyone to tell me otherwise. He could have coasted into this presidency. All of the framework was set up for him. He could have concentrated on trying to bring the country back together, something his boss Obama also failed to do. I guess having a united country is not sexy enough. Silly me, I thought eliminating racial issues was a noteworthy accomplishment. President Trump was too hated to pull it off. But Biden had a chance at it.


Everybody has the right to their own opinion, and to practice their faith in peace. No one has all the answers an no one truly whst is in store for them in the afterlife. So knock the f__king shit off and grow up. Leave your BS in the garbage where it belongs.

3/27/2021 2:47 AM

Worldwide deforestation is having a greater effect in global warming than the use of clean fossil fuels. 100,000’s of acres of forests are being cut down every day. Trees help reduce carbon emissions and produce oxygen. If you want to slow down the global temperature changes, help the third world countries learn how to do sustainable farming. New farmland in these countries only lasts about 5 years, after that, the land is barren, due to poor farming techniques. We also have seeding Drones, which can plant thousands of trees a day. Reducing deforestation and planting new trees will do more for our environment than trillions of dollars worth of green new technology will do.

3/27/2021 7:08AM

This is in regards to the border wall. The wall has already been paid for. Why can’t the states decide for themselves about the wall? It has to do with their safety. I am sure that the border wall was never mentioned in the constitution. So any law or matter not discussed in the constitution falls under the preview of the state governments. It is the whole concept of states rights. What does everyone think about this? Am I right?

3/29/2021 3:58 PM

So our government wants to impose a mileage tax now, plus increase our over all taxes. So is this mileage tax going to be imposed on every vehicle in the country? If so, that means everything that requires transportation in this country will go up in price, because the price of gas has gone up a dollar a gallon already, and expect it to go up at least another dollar a gallon. This is going to hurt every business that relies on road travel for their revenue. We are also going to have a guaranteed salary per household. So people that are not working will make as much in the long run as people who are working, after you factor all these taxes in. How am I going to afford to buy an electric car? Like I said last year if Biden wins the election, expect at least a 60% percent or higher tax. We are well on our way towards that figure. Because next year they will figure out how screwed we are with all these trillion dollar infrastructure bills they are passing. They basically want everybody to live in small apartments and use public transportation. Our lives will be totally controlled by the government and big business. Do you want to see our future, watch the movie 1984. It is based on George Orwell’s novel with the same title.

3/31/2021 2:31 AM

I know this has been out for a while, but the commercial with four ex-presidents and four ex-first ladies was a major slap in the face for President Trump and First Lady Melania. We would not even have a vaccine if it were not for the actions of President Trump and his Operation Warp Speed. I know it was meant to help the drive for vaccinations, but I am sure that President Trump was never even asked to be in the commercial. Since he has left office, everybody and his brother has tried to take credit for the vaccines. But we all know better.

3/31/2021 3:19 AM

3/31/2021 11:45AM

If the Democrats were smart, they should have finished the border wall. This way they could have still had catch and release, but they could have controlled the flow of immigrants. Like making sure they are not transporting drugs across the border. Also they could monitor how many people are entering our country. Plus they could test everybody for covid, then they could quarantine all the positive individuals. They could also turn back all the people with cartel bands on them. This might deter the cartels some. But they aren’t smart.

4/1/2021 1:36 PM

I know, I seem, like the doomsday man, now. China and Iran signed a 25 year agreement of cooperation. It didn’t say it was an outright alliance, but I am reading between the lines. All we need is Russia and North Korea to join them and we are really screwed. That means Nuclear power and weapons will most likely be shared. If you know your history, look at how WWI started with all of the alliances. China has drawn a line in the sand. It is also a whole lot worse than just those two countries. China has a lot of influence throughout the world now. If it came down to choosing sides, I am afraid that a lot more countries would side with China. We may find ourselves vastly outnumbered and on the loosing side of the next cold or hot war.

4/2/2021 2:00 AM

4/3/2021 1:04 AM

So MLB is pulling out of Atlanta due to new voting laws. That is a bad call. MLB lost millions of dollars last year, now they just alienated all the citizens of not only Atlanta but Georgia as well. When they need to be growing their fan base they are shrinking it. Not very good business if you ask me.

4/5/2021 4:04PM

You know, I think all these public schools being closed is hoing to hurt the left. More and more people are sending their kids to catholic and Christian schools, which will ultimately increase the numbers of people participating in organized religion. This is something that the left is trying to destroy, so that they can move us to socialism. The left never seems to know when to stop.

4/5/2021 4:11 PM

2 years ago, MLB awarded Atlanta the 2021 Allstar game. So Atlanta spent all that money getting
ready for the game. I think Atlanta should sue MLB for a breach of contract.

4/5/2021 4:19 PM

I know I mentioned this in a previous posting. The border wall. I don’t think the federal government can stop the states from finishing the border wall. Just look at the 10th amendment. The border states should tell the federal government to f__k off.

4/9/2021 4:53 PM

4/10/2021 2:02 PM

I think it is safe to say the Biden is not only going to go down as the worst president in our history, but he is also going to be listed as the most destructive president as well. Every action he has taken has helped to divide this country further and further. He is trying to weaken our Constitution as well. Our country was founded on the premise of a weaker central government and stronger state governments. We also value our freedoms , which include speech and the right of assembly. These freedoms are being chipped away at, by cancel culture and wokeness. Who in the hell came up with that term anyway? I think the best way to beat this crap is to stop enabling the individuals who are pushing these agendas. If we stop listening to them and empowering them, their influence will eventually be eroded away. We are more powerful than we think. We can also stop buying products from companies who support this crap, and eventually they will be forced to stop their support or go out of business. Instead of waiting for Twitter to block your access, just quit them in droves. If all 70 plus million people who voted for President Trump last year, quit Twitter, Ole Dorsey would think twice about the shit he is espousing. Stop watching liberal news channels and watch Newsmax and even Fox News. You will be surprised what you have been missing. Maybe your eyes and ears will open up some.

4/14/2021 8:27 AM

I have heard a lot of crap about abolishing the police, due to people being killed by them. I have seen many of the videos involving police shootings. Everyone of them involved someone resisting arrest or resisting them in some manner. I want to know if people have been taking stupid pills? When did it become ok to resist the police when they are trying to do their jobs? I firmly believe if people listened to the police and stopped resisting, just maybe shootings would drop markedly. What do you think?

4/17/2021 4:20 PM

I always wondered what was driving the push for electric cars. Now I know, China is behind this too. They currently have control of the production of approximately 90% of the worlds rare earth metals. Metals that are necessary in the production of the batteries used in electric cars. Due o the size of the US., electric cars are of limited value. Their use is mainly limited to transportation in the cities. But the vast majority of Americans live in suburbs or rural areas, where the distances are much greater. They are also of little use in the transportation of goods and products. They are of little use in cross country travel as well.

4/25/2021 1:39 AM

Did you know that back in the early 80’s we produced over 99% of the world’s supply of rare earth metals? Thanks to environmentalists we only produce 10% of the metals we use in this country. China now has the world’s market share. So they want us to build electric cars. More money in their pockets. Plus we will be even more dependent on them. That is why the democrats are pushing this agenda. It has nothing to do with the environment. Besides we are one the cleanest countries in the world when it comes to emissions. While Russia and China are the biggest polluters.

4/25/2021 9:08 AM

If this country is systemically, how and why did we elect a black man twice for president? How and why did we elect a black female as a vice president? How do black celebrities and athletes become mega millionaires, and in the case of Oprah, billionaires? At least athletes like Bo Jackson and Michael Jordan were skilled in more than one sport. The vast majority of these athletes are only skilled in a very limited way. I am frankly tired of the BS. In this country it doesn’t matter what your skin color is, it only matters what you have under the hood, so to speak. So to all you left leaning politicians, celebrities and business moguls, knock the shit off.

4/25/2021 4:22 PM

I am not here to beat people up, what I am here to do is to provide information so that people can decide for themselves. I believe that there has been too much politically motivated and erroneous information about the Covid-19 vaccine. Please don’t shut me down, just bare with me. Last year during the 2020 presidential election, Biden and Harris said publicly that they did not trust the vaccine. But guess what once the election was over and the vaccine was out, they were among the first to get it, including AOC. Biden has even tried to take credit for the vaccine. So now some numbers. We currently have 332,526,757 people currently living in the US. That doesn’t even include all the new illegals entering in every day. We have had 565,000 Covid-19 or Covid-19 related deaths. That translates to 0.17 %. Yes that is a small percentage. But it is not about the numbers so much. I am an ICU nurse, I have personally seen hundreds of people die from Covid-19. It is not a good way to die. It is a long and heartbreaking process for both the family and the patient. Now to the vaccine. Over 123.9 million people have received either one or both of the vaccine shots. There have been some deaths from receiving the vaccine, I won’t lie to you. But guess how many? Only 55 have died from the vaccine. To be honest with you, I think the number is actually much lower than that. I think politics are playing a part here as well. Guess what that translates to in percentage points? .0000044%. Is that a ridiculously low number or what. Here lies the problem. Unless we reach the herd numbers stipulated by Fauci and his gang of merry men, we will never get our lives back to normal. If that is even possible. But you know what, we can’t give them any excuses to keep us locked down. We have to beat them at their own game. Please read this posting, and make an educated decision for once in your lives and not one based on propaganda and lies propagated by the left.

4/25/2021 4:50PM

Everyone is entitled to their own opinion. The CDC, like the WHO are political tools. They can be bought by the highest bidder. How many drugs passed by the FDA, have been pulled years later because of dangerous affects. The FDA hasn’t passed the vaccines because they are still pissed off at Trump. If it hadn’t been for the emergency act, how many more lives would have been lost? While they may have skipped animal trials, they more than made up with extra human testing trials on all three levels of testing. Just because they used new technology to create these vaccines, it doesn’t mean that they are ineffective or anymore dangerous than previous vaccines. There will always be people against vaccines or drugs of any kind, and that is fine.

4/27/2021 9:13 PM

So the Supreme Court is going to hear a case on the free speech of a cheerleader being kicked off the cheerleader squad, but they could not find the time to hear any of the myriad of cases involving the unconstitutionality of state voting laws? I am not saying that they shouldn’t hear the case, but they sure no how to take on safe cases. What are they going to rule on next, whether or not women can wear thongs on public beaches?

4/27/2021 9:35 PM

I just just saw NYC Mayor Bill De Blasio talking about a police death and how terrible it was. Where was he last year when he could have supported his police? Now the police are paying the price for his actions, or should I say lack of action? What an idiot. He should be impeached along with Governor Cuomo.

4/28/2021 12:203 AM

When did people’s careers and their continual grab for power and untold riches become more important than people’s lives and the wellbeing of our country? Nobody in their right mind can think that what has happened to Venezuela is a good thing. What has happened to that country is only a precursor to what will happen here if we continue to allow career politicians to have total control of our lives and our country.

5/1/2021 1:37 AM

I guess the left hasn’t finished messing with President Trump. They raided his lawyer’s (Rudy Giulliani) house and office and took all electronics and files relating to Trump. Nothing unconstitutional about that. I guess the 4th and 6th Amendments are under attack now. It is not back enough that we have lost the 1st, 2nd, and 10th Amendments.

5/1/2021 12:04 PM

The longer that Covid-19 circulates through the world’s populations, the greater the chances for mutations. Eventually these mutations will cause enough variations in its structure that our current crop of vaccines won’t work. We need to get people vaccinated to slow down the progression of the virus. If you have already been infected, you don’t need the vaccine. I also believe that young children don’t need the vaccine. For some reason they are virtually immune to the virus. Which leads me to believe that it was intentionally altered to behave this way. Read the book Inferno, By Dan Brown. If people can think of something, there is someone out there who can make it a reality. While the book Inferno talked about population control by mass sterilizations from an infectious agent, Covid-19 just kills the elderly and those in poor health. Kind of like natural selection for people. As man became more civil we also altered the rules of survival of the fittest. I think this is the inevitable outcome of any civilized society. What is the answer, I don’t know? Surely killing off our sick and elderly is not the answer. I hope that Covid-19 was not intended to be such a tool. If it was, the people who did this need to pay dearly.

5/4/2021 1:27PM

I just heard this girl on a tape of Watter’s World where she said if traditional forms of protest did not work, then rioting was OK. So where does she live so we can trash her place first? When did it become acceptable to destroy someone’s lifes work to make you feel better about yourself? This shit needs to stop. Nobody is entitled to a free ride on someone else’s back. Because someone worked his/her ass off to make something of their lives, the government doesn’t have the right to take the fruits of their labor and give it to lazy people.

5/5/2021 10:48 PM

So I guess racism is a bad thing. At least that is what I hear anyway. I guess it is not bad if our government practices it. Like the farm relief bill that only helps people of color. Now we have the restaurant relief bill. That is only needed because Democrat run states and cities won’t allow them to open. This bill only helps owners of color as well. I guess the Caucasian restaurant owners will just have to suck it up like their farmer counterparts. Oh racism is also OK if the Democrats and liberals practice it as well. You can’t leave them out. You might get called racist or a descriminator. I just made that one up, but it does sound cool in a bad kind of way.

5/6/2021 2:00AM

I watched Hannity interview Caitlin Jenner. He actually had some good stuff. Yes he is a guy. He has an x an a y chromosome, that makes him a guy, no matter what he does to his body. That’s besides the point, I hope he wins, so I can see the democrats blow a gasket.

5/8/2021 4:46 PM

Why are adults trying to make children go through gender altering surgery? The answer is to prevent suicides. Really?! What about all the suicides that resulted from prolonged lock downs in 2020? What a crock of shit. Let kids be kids. Once they become adults and can sign their own consents, than let them decide. We are putting too much shit on these kids. A mother making her son wear a dress, because she wanted a girl, should have her head examined.

5/9/2021 2100

Yes women should have the right to choose. But an abortion is not something to be taken lightly. It should never be used in lieu of birth control. I also think late term abortions should only be done for medical reasons. Rape and incest are certainly reasons for abortion. But you always must bare in mind that you are ending a life when you have an abortion. There is always adoption as an option for an unwanted pregnancy. By going the route of adoption, you can turn an unfortunate event into a godsend for some unlucky couple. Yes , I am a catholic. In case you were wondering.

Being a catholic is about doing what is right. Life is not black and white, it is all shades of gray.

5/11/2021 7:29 PM

Something to make you think. We all know that the freeze this year in Texas was a blackeye for the Green New Deal. It showed how vulnerable a system totally reliant on green energy is. They are just not that reliable. So now we have a supposed hacker attack from Russia, of all places on our most reliable energy source, oil. So know fossil fuels has a blackeye of their own. Kind of fishy. Did we hack our own pipeline to show that fossil fuels are not that reliable after all? I know another conspiracy theory. They seem to crop everywhere. Well they are easy to start, so why not? They can be a little fun and a bit of a brain teaser. But really, Russian hackers?!

5/30/2021 5:36 PM

Connie and I just got back from a road trip to Florida. We drove close to 5,500 miles in 17 days. We did a lot of site seeing along the way. Our journey was an eye opener. We both spent a great deal of time just talking and listening to total strangers who opened up themselves to us. We had just as much fun talking to these people as we did in site seeing. We talked to people of many races. I did not see any hate or animosity in these people. These people just want to live their lives and raise their families. Many of the states we visited have relaxed rules on mask wearing. I want to let you know that It was a pleasure talking to people who were not wearing masks. We went on a paddle boat cruise on the Mississippi river, where social distancing, while disembarking was measured in inches, not feet. Virtually none of these people were wearing masks. It is evident that people are just tired of the damn things. I did notice something, though, children and young adults were the ones wearing the masks. You can see that brainwashing has been taking place. They seemed to be terrified of not wearing the masks. This has to stop. One thing I took from this trip is that we need to stop giving money to other countries in lieu of our country. Our people are living in poverty, houses are falling apart, roads are disintegrating and bridges are rusting away. There are businesses everywhere that have closed up permanently, many from Covid-19 shutdowns. I have one thing to say to our leaders. Biden and et. al. get your head out of your asses and start helping our people.

6/1/2021 7:12 PM

As I said we were out of the state for almost 3 weeks. I was pleasantly surprised to find out that you no longer needed to wear a mask to shop in Walmart. Unfortunately, they are still making the employees wear masks. This is ludicrous and totally unhealthy. I am sure I will have to wear a mask at my job as well. When is the madness going to end? I updated an article I posted on Dr. Fauci, that I find appropriate and pertinent to today. The link is provided below.…/fauci-and-hiv…/

6/1/2021 7:30 PM

6/5/2021 4:43 PM

There are so many people pushing for a high speed rail. We already have a system, it is called our air traffic and transportation system. It has all of the pros with non of the cons associated with the bullet train. Countries like France and Japan that have a successful rail system, are much smaller in physical size, they also use subway and rail and public transportation system to a much higher level. Besides airplanes can go anywhere, trains are limited in destinations. You still need a vehicle to get you to your final destination like in all public transportation. Stop wasting our taxes on BS and fix our Interstate highways.

6/6/2021 12:47AM

Well it took a couple of days to go through all my vacation photos. I have culled through thousands of photos and have posted my selections on my Flickr page.
We made almost 5,500 miles in 17 days in a big loop road trip to Florida. One thing I learned on a trip like this, is to be flexible. Our final itinerary was totally different from the original one. But irregardless, we had a great time and got to see a lot of cool things, and in a early posting on the trip, I mentioned that we talked to a lot of people on the trip. This was certainly the case. I hope you enjoy the photos. There is no charge to look at the photos on Flickr, and you do not have to be a member either.

Debunking The Four Biggest Lies You’ve Been Told About Israel

ByIan Haworth•Jun 4, 2021

Carl & Ann Purcell via Getty Images

After violence broke out in the Middle East between the Israeli military and Hamas “militants” in the Gaza Strip, the so-called “Israel/Palestinian” debate returned to both the political arena and social media.

The debate surrounding the conflict is, indeed, more complicated than some will admit. However, one fundamental element of the conversation is the increasingly dominant viewpoint pushed by the Left that Israel represents a colonialist oppressor state, while the Palestinians are perpetual victims of Western aggression.

This narrative prevents an honest discussion on Israeli government policy by dismissing or obfuscating the routine human rights abuses of Palestinian groups and building an invalid moral equivalency between Israel and the Palestinian territories.

Central to this narrative are four abject falsehoods:

1) Jews did not “steal” Israel after World War 2. There has been a Jewish presence in Israel for thousands of years

The claim made by many anti-Israel and pro-Palestinian advocates is that Israel “became” a Jewish state in response to the attempted eradication of European Judaism during the Holocaust, and was somehow “created” following the United Nations Partition Plan for Palestine in 1947.

However, this selective historical cherry-picking intentionally ignores that the Jewish people have maintained ties to their historic homeland for thousands of years, far before even the existence of Christianity or Islam. There has also been a physical Jewish presence in Israel for thousands of years, despite numerous attempts to expel the region’s Jewish population.

Contrary to the notion that “Palestinans” pre-existed Jews in Israel, the name “Palestine” wasn’t even introduced until the Romans applied the name Palaestina to Judea in the second century C.E. “in an attempt to minimize Jewish identification with the land of Israel.” Indeed, the Arabic word, “Filastin” is derived from this Latin name.

Another factor in the false narrative that Jews “stole” Palestinian land is the fact that Jews legally purchased land in the decades leading up to Israel’s declaration of independence as part of the early Zionist movement. Between the 1880s and the establishment of the State of Israel in 1948, Jews actively purchased land in Ottoman and Mandatory Palestine — as it was known at the time — procuring the land from British or Arab landowners. By the end of 1945, various Jewish organizations had purchased 906.8 square kilometers of land.

However, the false claim that areas of Palestinian “territory” were “given” to Jews or “stolen” by Jews following the Holocaust is continually pushed to delegitimize the Jewish claim to the region. Examples of the promotion of this falsehood include Rep. Rashida Tlaib, who “said she had a ‘calming feeling’ knowing that her ancestors had lost their land and their livelihoods in the creation of ‘a safe haven for Jews’ after World War II.”

2) Israel is not the roadblock to peace, or a Palestinian state. Israel agreed to give the Palestinians their own state on multiple occasions.

Another falsehood promoted by much of the pro-Palestinian movement is that Israel — both its policies and mere existence — represents the sole roadblock to the establishment of peace in the region, usually in the form of a “two state solution,” in which an Israeli and Palestinian state exist side-by-side.

In reality, it was the Arabs and Palestinians who, on multiple occasions, turned down opportunities for peace between themselves and the Jewish state, instead choosing to fuel ongoing conflict and terrorism.

The UN’s “Partition Resolution,” passed in 1947, called for the creation of both a Jewish state and an Arab state, which would live side-by-side in what we now call a “two-state solution.” Jerusalem — often the focal point for conflict given the “claims” to the city by Jews, Christians, and Muslims — would have been its own separate and independent district.

The Jewish Agency, representing the region’s Jewish residents, accepted the plan. Had the Arab Higher Committee accepted it too, there would have been an independent Palestinian state since 1947. Instead, Arab nations refused and invaded, violating Resolution 181 and the UN Charter. They were later defeated by Israeli forces.

This pattern of refusal is common, with Palestinian leaders refusing to negotiate or accept generous offers, despite their repeated military failures to achieve their goals through force. In 2000, Palestinian leader Yasser Arafat rejected a proposed peace plan known as the “Clinton Parameters,” which would have provided the Palestinians with “‘custodianship’ over the Temple mount, sovereignty on all Islamic and Christian holy sites, and three of Jerusalem’s four Old City quarters,” choosing instead to return home and arguably oversee a flood of terrorist violence, including suicide bombing attacks against Jewish civilians.

On the subject of relations between Israel and Arab nations, Israeli diplomat Abba Eban said in 1973, “The Arabs never miss an opportunity to miss an opportunity.” In the context of achieving their supposed goal of a two-state solution in the region, Eban continues to be correct.

3) Israel is not occupying the Gaza Strip.

Critics of Israel often accuse the Jewish state of being an “occupying force,” and that their military presence is both the reason for the low quality of life for Palestinians and justification for the terrorist tactics used by groups like Hamas “in response.”

However, when it comes to the Gaza Strip, Israel has not been an “occupying” force — ignoring that the term occupying implies an illegitimate presence — for 16 years. Israel unilaterally withdrew from the Gaza Strip in 2005, dismantling Israeli settlements, removing military members, and evacuating Jewish civilians — sometimes by force. Gaza is now under complete Palestinian control.

When it comes to the so-called “occupation” of the West Bank, the territory is viewed as disputed by objective analysts, given that the region was captured by Israeli forces during the 1967 Six-Day War. This conflict began with a pre-emptive attack on Egyptian air forces after Egyptian President Gamal Abdel Nasser closed the Straits of Tiran to Israeli ships and mobilized Egyptian forces along the border while ejecting the United Nations’ Emergency Force, in preparation for an imminent attack against Israel.

The Palestinians are perhaps the world’s only population whose continued claim to territory lost after multiple failed attempts to expand their borders through military force are taken seriously by the global community.

Indeed, the intentional dismissal of the impact of Arab-instigated conflict upon the “map” of Israel implies that Israel is the aggressor in an apparent “expansion” of territory, when quite the opposite is true. The changes in territory fluctuated only when Israel was targeted for elimination by the surrounding Arab states, and critics often ignore that Israel repeatedly returned fairly-won territory as part of ongoing attempts to achieve long-term peace.

4) Israel is not an apartheid state

Perhaps the most egregiously untrue claim leveled against Israel is that the world’s only Jewish country is an “apartheid” state, with Rep. Rashida Tlaib (D-MI) saying “It is our duty to end the apartheid system that for decades has subjected Palestinians to inhumane treatment and racism,” and “comedian” John Oliver claiming that “Palestinians are essentially being governed by a form of apartheid.”

This is demonstrably false. Not only do Arabs in Israel have equal voting rights, but Israel is also one of the few countries in the Middle East where Arab women are even permitted to vote. Four members of Israel’s parliament — the Knesset — are members of “Ra’am – United Arab List.”

As Rich Lowry of National Review noted, “Arab Israelis are full participants in Israeli society.”

“There are Arab justices on the Supreme Court. About 20 percent of doctors in Israel and about half of pharmacists are Arab,” Lowry added. “Roughly 17 percent of students seeking an undergraduate degree are Arab, a number that has roughly doubled over the past decade.”

According to the International Holocaust Remembrance Alliance, “Denying the Jewish people their right to self-determination, e.g., by claiming that the existence of a State of Israel is a racist endeavor” and “Drawing comparisons of contemporary Israeli policy to that of the Nazis” are both examples of anti-Semitism. The false accusation of “apartheid” policies falls squarely under such categories.

6/6/2021 10:25 PM

While I have never made it a secret about my disdain for Dr. Fauci. It saddens me that he put his ego and greed before his country and as well as the rest of the world. Millions of people have died because of his actions in addition to 10’s of millions of people’s lives having been ruined due to unnecessary shutdowns. I guess people like this are totally amoral and have zero empathy for their fellow man. How else can you explain their actions. He has shown no loyalty to this country and appears willing to jump in bed with anyone who can help him attain his goals or feed his incredible ego. Unfortunately individuals like this never seem to pay for their actions. Even if he was convicted and sentenced to prison time, due to his advanced age he wouldn’t truly serve the time he deserves. But I think the worst punishment for him would be to marginalize him and sue him for everything he his worth. Making him penniless and than finally take away all of his awards and accolades. The Roman Catholic Church used to call it excommunication. Which was the worst punishment you could give to a true believer.

6/10/2021 10:32PM

Ok guys, if you have been infected by covid-19 and have antibodies, you don’t need the vaccine, period. Children stand a better chance of getting sick from the vaccine then they do from covid-19. Unite and fight the system. You have the right to say no to the vaccine if that is what you want. If you are young and healthy refuse it. Public schools and colleges cannot legally force you to get the vaccine. Stand up for your rights. Politicians and other institutions have gotten used to unfettered power the last year or so. We have let them get away with it. The prolonged shutdowns were illegal. They had the right to do this for emergencies only. 1 1/2 years is not an emergency. We need to take our country back. I got the vaccine because I have several comorbidities and I work with covid patients. It was my choice. My wife got it because she felt safer, because of my job. Her choice. Nobody forced us. That is the way it is supposed to work. Give people the information and allow them to make an educated decision.

6/15/2021 10:46 AM

Biden has said on a few occasions what is the most dangerous thig for the country. One time it was white supremacy, another time it was global warming and I even think he said systemic racism. But what is the most dangerous thing we have in this country is stupid politicians that think they are smart. A lack of awareness of your own limitations is incredibly dangerous to not only yourself, but to everyone around you as well. We have politicians that espouse the green new deal, and want to stop the use of all fossil fuels. Little do they no, that to do so would mean going back to almost medieval times. Every item that you use in your daily life was either made from petroleum products or they were used to make them. Wind and solar are great, but they don’t provide you with the raw materials necessary to make the products you use. We are simply not sophisticated enough to eliminate their uses. This will not happen in our life times nor will it happen in our grandchildren’s life times. All we can do is to reduce the emissions in the processes we already have in place, and continue to innovate.

6/15/2021 3:22 PM

After watching a video of a schoolboard meeting, I believe that the only way we are going to be able to save this country is for us to take over the school systems, one board at a time. We need conservative parents to run for the school boards. That is the only way that we are going to make the appropriate changes. We have to stop the brainwashing process. I posted an article a while back on my blog, entitled “The Plot to Destroy America: When and How Did It Start? you can click onto the following link…/the-plot-to…/ If you read this article, you will see that the plot to destroy our country has been in the works for quite some time.

6/18/2021 4:22 PM

A little blast from the past and some introspection. As Trump’s Presidency progressed, I felt that Pence was going to go down as one of the greatest VPs of all time. But I feel that his place in history will always be tainted by his actions on January the 6th in 2021. I believed he caved into pressure from the left and did not due his diligence and delay the count being ratified Several states requested a delay so that their voting process and results could be verified. Some people may disagree with me. But many more will agree with me on this one. Now we are stuck until 2024. Unless Trump runs for a House position. I know it seems far-fetched. But, if he were to win a seat in the House of Representatives, and the Republicans took the House, he would be chosen Speaker of the House. Then the process for impeachment of Biden and Harris could begin. They both are incompetent. So I think we have just grounds to kick them out of office. Crazier things have happened, and it could in theory work.

6/18/2021 4:43 PM

Who thinks that election day should be a Federal holiday? I think it is a fine idea. Allow voting to start 2 weeks prior, with on demand mailing voting to begin one month before election day. With Photo ID verification. What do you think?

6/18/2021 4:44 PM

Can anybody remember Charles Bronson ‘s Death Wish saga? I see a lot of parallels in what many of our democratic run cities are becoming. I am referring to the lawless violent behavior that was prevalent In all the cities he happened to live in. Where is Paul Kersey when we need him?

6/18/2021:4:53 PM

When are we going to wake up? Whomever wins the space race and controls the skies, controls the world. Stop Wokism, gender BS, systemic racism and cancel culture. Get your shit together and work on making this country great again.

6/29/2021 10:01 PM

Who believes that the Republicans are behind the defund the police movement? If you do I have a bridge and statue for sale? I don’t know how the left thinks they can get away with this shit? Considering how many news clips I have seen in the last year of democrats espousing just that. If I were a Democrat I would really be pissed off. Because they are treating you like a bunch of idiots. They also have a pretty low opinion of minorities, because they don’t think you know how to get an ID. Just saying.

6/30/2021 10:21PM

7/2/2021 8:03 PM

I appreciate everyone that acknowledged my post, unfortunately I have fallen far short of the numbers I was hoping to attain. I don’t know if this is r/t people just surfing and not taking the time to make a comment or they just are not seeing the posts. I think FB relies on this trend. This way they can prevent people from getting out unpopular views. If I am in fact being monitored by by FB, think of some of the previous media giants. Remember Netscape, AOL, Compuserve, AltaVista and Lycos. Remember nobody is too large to fail. Don’t become too complacent. You are only hurting yourselves with censorship.

7/3/2021 3:53 AM

7/4/2021 10:30 PM

I just looked up the rankings for the US presidents. Most historians rank him in the bottom 5. But you know what, our colleges are liberal cesspools. So any historian that came out of the universities in the last 20 or so years, are going to be liberals. So you can’t trust what they say. They have Obama in the top 15. What a joke, he is responsible for our BLM mess and our recent hatred of the police. He could have been great, but he blue it. Even Clinton ranks well. We know he is responsible for the Freddy Mac and Fanny Mae debacle. I have started my own presidential rankings. It is not complete yet. But I think it is very fair. You can find it in my blog

7/6/2021 10:08 PM

7/6/2021 11:21 PM

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