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6/10/2022 12:18 PM

“Jan. 6 committee blames Trump for ‘carnage’ at U.S. Capitol.” One person died directly from the riot, hardly carnage. That person was killed by public official/guard. So why don’t they knock the shit off. They are doing it to distract people from the real problems, rampant inflation, gas prices, open borders and crime in our once great cities. As we speak it is spreading to a community near you. When will it end?

6/10/2022 2:24 PM

Randy Landry

Well I am back home from my surgery, It is over 24 hours since the procedure and I feel a lot better, the first 5 to 6 hours were a bitch, I must have walked five miles last night up and down the damn hotel hallway. The folks at Blossom Bariatrics are consummate professionals. They really have the gastric sleeve surgical procedure down pat, not to mention they threw in a hernia repair for good measure. They said I might be able to not only get rid of my blood pressure meds but my omeprazole as well. That would be great. Everybody is nice even the limo drivers, and they are trained and instructed in the basics of the procedure as well, plus they all have BLS and have been trained in what to look for if you are having problems. The have a contract with the Hyatt Hotel in the Silverton compound. It is a very nice hotel, the rooms are large and the bathrooms are very modern and functional. Overall a very good experience. Now lets see the fat melt away.

6/12/2022 7:06 AM

Why does the FED always want to raise the interest rate to help the economy? Who does it help, certainly not the poor to middle man, because everything we borrow money to purchase costs us more. If you are trying to sell your house, you have to reduce the price so that people can afford it, so you are losing money there as well. The banks and loan companies make out because of the higher interest rates. Right now who has the money? The answer is only the international conglomerates who are surprisingly enough are the ones buying up houses at an accelerated rate, which will only continue as the prices drop. Every time we have a crash in the housing market and people lose their houses, the end result is that fewer and fewer low to middle income people are home owners. Eventually we will return to a feudal society where only the rich and noble born are landowners and the rest of us are renters. If anyone knows their history you know that those times were not very good unless you were noble or wealthy or were the leaders of the organized churches. You may say that this is a simplistic view and could never happen, well my answer to that is who knows. Changes are certainly happening and they are not going to be for the better.

6/12/2022 9:05 AM

6/15/2022 1:48 PM

The Fed is wrong, they need to figure out what caused the inflation to begin with. If you want to lower it, increase production of items so that the prices will go down. By increasing the interest rates the only thing you are guaranteed in doing is causing a recession. Increase the production of oil, so the price will go down and the cost of goods will go down as well. Stop spending over the budget, we need to balance it and yes start paying it off. Which means stopping all the foreign bail-outs. Think about it, if we don’t have enough money for our budget and we give money to other countries in aid, we are borrowing that money. Let those countries borrow their own damn money. We can’t take care of the world. Let China suck it up for a while. What have we received for all the money that we have given to these countries? They all hate us. When someone is beholden to you for their very existence, they eventually start to resent you. Case in point, does France really like us? We bailed them out out of two world wars, and yet they barely tolerate us.

6/16/2022 3:12 AM

True, the profit margin is higher now, but if the price is too high who will buy it. I posted an excerpt from a book I read a little while ago about luxury yachts and taxes. It is one thing to be price gouged for necessary items. You really have no choice, however I choose not to be gouged by luxury item prices. With the Fed increasing interest rates, what does it do to the company who wanted to expand on their fleet of vans or cars, or needed to replace their obsolete fleet of vehicles? How are they going to afford to buy them now? Not only is the price is up, but so is the interest rate for the loans. How many people will be laid off with a recession? Especially now with the country being flooded with cheap labor from third world countries. Biden are not the team to fix the problem. They are trying to destroy the country, not fix it.

6/15/2022 7:00 PM

So they are going to change the name of Monkey Pox, can anyone say 1984?

6/16/2022 8:08 AM

People are saying that the drive to change the name of monkey pox to something else is by animal activist. I don’t think the monkeys give a shit. I think they would prefer if we stopped using them as lab animals. We all know they are trying to have it replace covid as the next big pandemic. I think they should wait and try again. They are really stretching this one.

6/17/2022 7:23 PM

6/19/2022 8:12 AM

At least we have some information about the formula issue. From

“The bacterium behind the baby formula recall, Cronobacter sakazakii, is less well-known than other food-borne pathogens like E. coli or Salmonella, but it can wreak havoc in vulnerable populations like newborns or people with compromised immune systems.

“”When two infants died earlier this year after drinking bacteria-contaminated baby formula produced by Abbot Nutrition, the tragedy sparked a sweeping recall, eventually shutting down the company’s Michigan-based plant. Parents and caregivers—already squeezed by pandemic-related supply chain hiccups—scrambled to feed their babies. The deaths, and the shortage that followed, exposed weaknesses in the food safety system in the United States when pitted against C. sakazakii.

“Fortunately, infection with this “nasty little bug”—which kills between 50 and 80 percent of infected newborns—is relatively rare with just a handful of cases in the U.S. identified per year, says Amy Edwards, a pediatrician and associate medical director for infection control at UH Rainbow Babies & Children’s Hospital in Ohio. In the 12 years Edwards has worked in neonatal intensive care, she’s encountered it five to 10 times. “But if you call me and tell me you’ve got a two-month-old whose culture is growing Cronobacter sakazakii, I’ll freak out a little bit,” she says. ‘It scares me more than E. coli does’.

“Despite its comparatively low profile and infection rates, C. sakazakii is common. “It’s in soil and in the environment,” Chapman says. The bacterium has also been detected in homes—including on countertops, air filters, and other surfaces. And although it’s infamously linked to powdered baby formula, now and in the past, the microbe has popped up in everything from fresh produce and herbal teas to sewer water.”

6/22/2022 7:00PM

6/27/2022 11:14 AM

I find it amazing that so many people are defending the right to take a life, that protests are actually springing up around the country. Are they actually realizing what they are doing? The level of brainwashing that has taken place in this country is absolutely amazing. Besides the states that they are protesting in are the ones where nothing has changed.

I also find it amazing that if a pregnant women is killed, the assailant is charged with a double homicide, while that pregnant women can kill the same child with impunity.

This is an excerpt from, about the reversal of Roe vs Wade. “Myers has estimated that, within a few months of Roe being overturned, 54% of US women seeking abortions will have to travel farther than they would have previously to reach their nearest abortion provider. For these women, travel distance will increase from about 58 kilometres (36 miles) on average to about 441 kilometres (274 miles) on average.” My heart bleeds, abortions should not be easy to get, they should make you think before you do them. People should should find it harder to get one then to go out and buy a pack of cigarettes. Why do they say that black people are incapable of practicing safe sex and birth control? They keep on mentioning them when it comes to abortions. I find this highly stereotypical and racist. Besides the local health clinics offer free condoms. How easy is that?

6/29/2022 3:54 PM

Was Francis Hopkinson the one who actually designed the original continental flag? In 1780 the Continental Congress was billed for the Great Seal and the flag of the United States. A bill they never paid. If that is true what an auspicious way for our country to start. We started in debt and now look at us.

7/4/2022 9:43 AM

According to National Geographic “Roughly 60 percent of Americans between ages 27 and 45 worry about the carbon footprint of bringing a child into the world. And nearly half of the young people in a recent global study said concerns about the state of the planet were interfering with their sleep, their ability to study, to play, and to have fun. ” While I think some concern for the environment is a good thing, because it might actually lead to them taking care of our world a little better. I am not sure if they are concerned with the small picture, which is garbage. I see way too much trash on our streets, parking lots and even our work place. It seems that they are only concerned with global warming. If we live in a cesspool, what is the point? I know we are not as bad as we once were in the 60s and 70s, where people just threw garbage everywhere. If you want to see what we really think of our world take a drive on Lake Mead Blvd as it starts climbing up to Frenchman’s Mt and before it hits the back of Lake Mead Park. It is disgusting, it is like a dump there. We need to take care of the small picture first, then the big picture will follow. So instead of spending nights worrying about stuff we have little control of, do something locally and in your neighborhood. When you go for a walk or a hike bring a garbage bag with you and pick up the trash. If more people did this, our world would be a cleaner and better place to live in. If people care for something and take pride in something, they are less likely to destroy it. If their neighborhood is clean, maybe they will feel a little different about where they live. If you care about something you are more likely to start caring about something else, like your neighbor. How do babies learn how to walk, by first taking little steps or “baby steps”. Maybe eventually we even stop killing each other.

7/4/2022 9:51AM

7/7/2022 9:39 AM

A journalist tested out a electric F150 6.2 Lt V8 pulling a 6,000 lb travel trailer. They took a highway which usually has a fairly conservative grade. It made it only 85 miles, which the later portion was at a reduced power due to low power alerts. I just looked up the distance from the east to the west coast. The distance is 2,972 miles, that comes out to approximately 35 charges. I don’t know about you, but I have never stopped 35 times to get gas on any trip, even when I made a road trip from Las Vegas to Florida and back.

7/7/2022 6:06 PM

7/11/2022 11:11 AM

7/17/2022 5:19 PM

Just a baby rant. I am really getty pissed off with how my tax dollars are just pouring into the coffers of other countries. Don’t we get a say what our taxes dollars are spent on? We have so many issues in this country, already. We need to concentrate on taking care of our people and their problems first. Isn’t that what we pay taxes for in the first place? Let these other countries take care of their own problems. We can’t bail out the whole world.

7/18/2022 12:33 PM

“Ben Affleck, Jennifer Lopez Get Married 18 Years After First Engagement,” The Daily Wire . I wish them both well. Let’s face it both of their careers have been less than stellar lately. Is this way to become relevant again? Their track records in regards to relations have been less then stellar. He only ever seemed to do well in collaborations with Matt Damon. If he was trying to get a boost to his career, maybe he should have married him, instead. That certainly would have made the “LBGQTI….ZFGBSLaughmyASSofculture” happy.

7/18/2022 4:41 PM

Since I just pissed off the LGBT community in mmy previous posting, I mind as well go for broke and piss off the transgender community as well. Frankly I don’t really care who or what people sleep with and what sex they think they are. It is none of my business, as long as it doesn’t affect me and mine. Well that isn’t exactly true, I kind of have a soft spot for those that can’t fight for themselves, which means children , handicaps and animals. What happened with children being left alone? Childhood is hard enough as it is without crazy assholes trying to make it more difficult and confusing for our children. Maybe I would respect some of these individuals if they did not look and sound like f–king clowns. If you want to be respected, look, act and speak professionally. When I see a clown I just want to laugh, because isn’t that what they are here for, to make us laugh? Why do drag queens have to screw with our children? Why do we have to try and screw with our kids in regards to their gender? Why are teachers making kids feel bad about their race? Why are teachers making our children hate our country? The list just goes on and on.

One more thing, if the lefties are so damn concerned about our children why are they allowing thousands of them to die from Fentanyl poisoning and suicide? This is one of the biggest crises we have ever faced or experienced. One way or another we are losing an entire generation.

7/18/2022 5:05 PM

I typically never have anything positive to say about our president. I know a lot of people made fun about Biden falling off his bike. First of all, how many people in their late 70s ride a two wheel bike? If you were to take a trip to Florida and especially St Petersburg, you will find the elderly riding three wheel bikes. This is mainly because they have slower reactions, are weaker, and have a decreased sense of balance. Another thing, as you age, your tolerance for stress diminishes. So why would someone take the most stressful job in the country in their late 70s. I am almost 60 and I refused a more stressful promotion. I just don’t want the extra headaches and stress in my life. So just maybe, we should cut him a little slack? Naaah!!

7/20/2022 4:36 PM

I am barely a quarter the way through Robert F. Kennedy’s book “The Real Anthony Fauci. It should be a must read for anyone living in the US. What an eye opener. Below is an excerpt from his book.
…..Whatif, instead of spending their budgets (NIH and NIAID) developing profitable pharmaceutical products, Dr. FAUCI and the heads of NIH Institutes deployed researchers to explore the links between glyphosate in food and the explosion of gluten allergies, the link between pesticide residues and the epidemic of neurological diseases and cancers, the casual connections between aluminum and Alzheimer’s disease, between mercury from coal plants and escalating autism rates, and the association of airborne particulates with the asthma epidemic? What jf NIH financed research to explore the association between childhood vaccines and the explosion of juvenile diabetes, asthma, and rheumatoid arthritis, and the links between aluminum vaccine adjuvant and the epidemics of food allergies and allergic rhinitis? What if they studied the impacts of sugar and soft drinks on obesity and diabetes, and the association between endocrine disruptions, processed foods, factory farms, and GMOs on the dramatic decline in public health? What would Americans look like if, for fifty years, we had a public health advocate running one of our top health agencies—instead of a Pharma shill? What would have happened if we’d spent those hundreds of billions of dollars on real science and cures that benefit Big Pharma–instead of public health–and to cover his trail with artifice.
Do you get the idea he really hates Fauci?

7/24/2022 6:59 PM

I know I have posted a few times about sending money to the Ukraine. I am actually getting a little worried about our military. We left over $80 billion of gear in Afghanistan, we have sent a bunch of dhit to Ukraine already. Now we are sending planes. What will have left? Is this intentional to weaken our country’s defense?

7/26/2022 2:11 PM

Over the weekend, the World Health Organization (WHO) declared that the monkeypox outbreak spreading globally is a ‘public health emergency of international concern’ (PHEIC). Researchers hope that the declaration — the agency’s highest alarm — might serve as a wake-up call for countries as they struggle to contain the spread of the virus that causes monkeypox.
Did you know that I Tedros was appointed by Bill Gates to be the head of WHO? It now make sense why they are pushing monkeypox. Gates is tied in with vaccines. He stands to make even more money if we have another big scare.

7/31/2022 8:34 PM

Yes I like meat. I said it. But blaming how the animals are treated in the commercial processing plants on those that eat meat, is not fare. We are not the evil ones. If you want a change go after those plants and how they treat the animals. There are more humane ways to treat the animals, maybe not as profitable though. It is true nature can be cruel. Those on the top of the food chain tend to live off those lower down the chain.

8/1/2022 4:38 PM

While I am not a big fan of Pelosi, frankly I think she is a waste of human flesh, along with a whole slew of policians in this country. I feel that we should not allow China to scare us. There is a reason that they did not pull any BS under Trump. They feared him and the military capabilities of the US. They will back down if we show true strength. So would Russia. Russia is not the power house that we thought they were. If they were that strong, Ukraine would have been wiped off the map in a few weeks. Eventually China will be stronger then us, if we keep on cutting our defense budget, giving our weapons to Ukraine and leaving it behind in places like Afghanistan and mainstreaming the Woke madness that has become endemic in our military. We definitely need to fix the problem. For one of the few times in our history, we are not getting enough volunteers to enlist in our military to maintain the ranks. We are also seeing the same problem in our police departments throughout the country. Obviously the democratic party doesn’t have a clue, and I hope that they will eventually go the way of the Dodo bird and the Whig Party. Every time they come into power, our foreign policy is hurt and our world image takes a major hit.

8/2/2022 10:07 AM

What does the left and Bill Gates have against farm animals? For some reason they think that making artificial protein is less harmful to the environment. This is blatantly false. It is all about the money. Gates now owns the vast majority of the products that will go into making artificial protein. How in the hell much money does one person need? Or does he think that he is God? For somebody who is a college drop out and has no real education or training in the biological, environmental or health care sciences, he certainly thinks he knows it all.

8/2/2022 10:17 AM

Why are governments waging war against its farmers? Where in the hell do they think food comes from? Or are they like AOC who thinks that food comes from grocery stores? Canada wants farmers to cut down their use of fertilizers. That is precisely why third world counties are destroying quality land in South America. Land that used to be part of the Amazon Rain Forest. After five or so years the land is no good, so they have to cut down more of the forest. Have they heard of the Dust bowel, This was in part created by the lack of fertilizers along with poor planning for the field placement. They did not use tree beaks in the farm land. Maybe politicians should leave the people alone who actually run the country.

8/2/2022 3:51 PM

This is the second time Tucker Carlson has been on the wrong side of history. Several months ago he sided with Russia and spoke out against our helping Ukraine, now he spoke out against Pelosi’s going to Taiwan. Sometimes you just have to roll up your sleaves and do what is right even if it hurts. We can’t continue to allow dictatorships to do what they want. We have to stand up to them, if we are going to maitain not only our sovereignty but our place in world politics. Do we want to become a footnote in history like England and France? When they spoke the world used to shake, now they barely generate a ripple. I frankly don’t relish the idea of Russia and China running this world and being the dominant powers. Maybe Tucker Carlson should think of this before he kisses another dictator’s ass.

8/4/2022 6:03 PM

An email that I sent to the California department of desalination:
I have recently read an article on desalination in California. Apparently you are pumping the left over brackish water back into the ocean. My question is why? The island of Bonaire pumps salt water in fields and once the water evaporates, they collect the salt and sell it. You could do the same thing, you could also use the brackish water for fracking. You could also make an inland sea with the brackish water, thereby creating a whole new ecosystem. The Bonneville Salt Flats used to be an inland sea. Why harm the ecosystem by pumping the brackish water back into the ocean?
The small amount of salt water taken out of the ocean would have little to no effect, especially if you are concerned about the sea levels rising. You would in essence eventually be offsetting this, if enough countries took up the practice. Think outside of the box.
Randy Landry

8/8/2022 4:06 PM

I did not think I could be ashamed of my country. But now I am. The FBI is raiding Mar-A-Lago in Florida. This is where ex-president Donald Trump lives. This is unconscionable. Who is responsible for this? I thought the two impeachments were beyond the pale. Now we have this. I am finding myself speechless.

8/8/2022 4:37 PM

This new bill that will double the IRS is ludicrous. If they want to raise taxes, just tighten the tax loopholes that favor the rich and their corporations.

8/8/2022 8:17 PM

This is an update on Trump’s Mar-a-lago. Apparently the FBI had already been there over a month ago looking at the boxes that were locked in the secure room. Trump and family were in NY at the time of the raid today. So there was no immediate threat to the files. They also broke his safe. Apparently the search warrant did not cover the safe. They took all the boxes that they had already previously looked at including the contents of the safe. No Trump lawyer was allowed in the areas being searched.
Eric Trump in an interview on Hannity said that the boxes contained personal momento’s only. Apparently Trump is sentimental. He collects clippings and saves all letters from his family, including even his ex-wifes. That is what the FBI Apparently took.

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