ICU Nurse by Night, avid photographer, outdoorsman, history buff and devoted husband by day.

And now a concerned citizen of the USA. Due to recent developments in our society, I am actively participating in the changes that are taking place. I never was into politics, frankly none of us has a choice now. We are at risk of loosing our country to radical groups and power hungry liberal politicians.

This blog as I stated is devoted to current events, environmental issues and anything else that effects our everyday life. I don’t profess to be an expert on all subjects, like some people do. However, I read, listen, study, observe and use common sense to gain knowledge of the subject matter I discuss in this Blog. I do extensive research for my postings. My goal is to make people think before they react, keep an open mind and above all else be tolerant and forgiving when necessary. At least for the lifetime of every individual on this earth, it is our only home. If we mess this planet up we have no way to move our whole population to another like planet, even if we could find one that would sustain over 6 billion people. Please feel free to leave comments, but no profanity and keep them civil. The only way we will grow as a society is through civil discourse.

As you probably noted if you have visited my site on more than one occasion, I have been on the pace to post one new article per day. Unfortunately that pace is no longer sustainable. I will post articles twice a week, on Tuesday and Friday. However, I will update my entry that lists posts from other sites, as I add them to those sites.

Times are changing, I hope we can weather them. Good luck and God Bless.

As I mentioned above, I am an avid photographer. You can see some of my work on the following links.



I hope you enjoy my photos.