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I have written several articles on postings related to politics. A list of links have been provided at bottom of this article for your convenience. This article will, however address different aspects on these political events.

I have addressed this matter in a few of my postings on other sites, but this is the first time I have addressed it on my blog. There is no evidence that the lock down was necessary, at least not a prolonged one . Initially we did not know much about the virus, thanks to the lack of information coming from China and WHO, and the early blotted fatality projections, early lock downs were understandable. But once we knew the truth and who the target populations were, less draconian measures could have been taken. However, the left quickly realized that they could use these closures to hurt President Trumps’ 2020 campaign. So, Covid-19 became a matter of politics, with little real regard for peoples’ health and safety. If we really cared for the people, we would never have sent infected patients back into nursing homes in many northern cities. We also would not have lied about wearing masks, to make sure the medical professionals had enough masks. Though this is a fallacy, since most of the masks available to the public are not medical grade and would not have in any way affected the supply going to the hospitals. If these were not enough indicators, we over the last several weeks have tolerated enormous political protests and riots throughout our country. The media and the Democratic party have justified these events because they were for a good cause and therefore justified. Plus they were out side so it was okay. Little or no social distancing was practiced and few masks were in evidence, so what could go wrong? These same politicians have closed beaches, barricaded parks have arrested people for mowing there yards and fined people for sitting in the cars for outdoor religious services. They are also, trying to prevent President Trump form scheduling any campaign rallies and hold his Republican National Convention.

Northern Democratic cities have delayed small stores and business from opening up, or if so in such a limited manner that their business model is unsustainable. Large retailers like Target, Lowes’, Home Depot and Walmart can stay open because they are essential having just paid lip service to health restrictions. Amazon and other online retailers are making bank, because of limited competition, same goes with the aforementioned retailers. You can almost smell the odor of lobbyist money in the air. A week economy plays right into the Democratic agenda. A week economy makes President Trump look ineffective and helps bolster Bidens’ reputation. Also as I have mentioned previously, a depressed economy is one of the essential ingredients in major political reform, ie socialism and communism. If you look at history, the rise of Italian Fascism, German Nazism and Soviet Communism all road the backs of financial depression, political unrest and racial inequities.

We need to open our country to restore our economy and save our country. Small businesses provide for well over half of the jobs in this country. If we don’t open soon, our country will not be recognizable for very long. Anarchy will rule the day, and a totalitarian government with racial and religious intolerance being the norm. There will only be 2 classes of people, the working class and the elite ruling class. There will be food shortages, and only the powerful and rich will be able to afford luxury items.

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