Lincoln and Kennedy Lone Assassin or Conspiracy (Part 1 of 2)

I have written several articles on our Presidents and Vice-Presidents. A list of the links have been provided at the bottom of this article for your convenience. This article will, however address additional Presidents and their places in history.

While Abraham Lincoln was killed by one person, his death was part of a three pronged attempt to decapitate the head of the government. There were a total of 8 conspirators involved in the planning with a ninth individual helping out after the assassination. So, Including John Wilkes Booth (JWB) there were 10 individuals involved. One escaped doing jail time completely John Surratt. JWB was shot in a burning barn while trying to escape, and died of his wounds. Four of the conspirators were hung; David Herold, Mrs. Mary Surratt (1st woman hung in the US) George Atzerodt and Lewis Thorton Powell. The other four conspirators were sentenced to life imprisonment; Dr. Samuel Mudd ( he set JWB’s leg, and protected a of the conspirators for a few days), Michael O’Laughlen, Samuel Arnol, and Edward Spangler. JWB shot Lincoln in Ford Theater, Powell attacked and seriously injured The secretary of State William Seward while he was at home. He subsequently survived being stabbed multiple times. Gerorge Atzerodt became too drunk and never made an attempt on Vice President Andrew Johnson’s life.

Because the assassination plot involved more than one individual it can technically be called a conspiracy. There is no credible evidence that any Governmental Agency Nor Any Sovereign State conspired to assassinate President Lincoln. It was however theorized that Secretary of War Edward Stanton was involved in the conspiracy. While it is true that he did not agree with all of his decisions during the war and his plans for the south after the war, he respected Abraham Lincoln, and he was deeply distraught when Lincoln died. He was also instrumental in the rapid capture of the conspirators. It is therefore highly unlikely that Stanton was involved in the plot to assassinate Lincoln. No other politician had anything to gain or at the very least the means to carry out the assassination. The South also had nothing to gain by his death. The south, in fact fared far worse without Lincoln. Johnson tried to follow Lincoln’s plan for the South, but he was too weak. And President Grant was too trusting and was soon surrounded by corrupt individuals that raped the South.The death of Lincoln resulted in over a 100 years of racial strife and injustice in the South. As a matter of fact we are still feeling the repercussions of Lincoln’s untimely demise.

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