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Are We A Nation Of Wimps? Why all the Counseling?

I have written several postings related to Various topics including the military, Voting, the economy, religion and etc in America. A list of links have been provided at bottom of this article for your convenience. This article will, however address additional issues in these topics.

I remember in the first week of my senior year in High School, a guest speaker gave a brief speech to our class, approximately 460 strong. The only thing I remember of the speech back in 1980 was that he said that our graduating class would be short by two students. He meant that 2 students would die before they graduated. Well he was off by one. Only one student died that year. Angie L. was a good friend of mine. It turns out she as Marfan (Abraham Lincoln’s) syndrome. It is a connective tissue disorder, one of the problems these individuals have is a weak aorta. Her’s burst while she was walking to her school bus to go home. She died within a couple of minutes. They brought in counselors to talk to us. This was the first time this was done in our school. I guess it was something new they were trying. Not one student talked to these counselors. Back then we discussed our problems with our family, not some counselor with a fancy degree.

In my school we were actually taught real american history, and world history and we even had a class on socialism and communism and how they compared with capitalism. There was no attempt made by our teachers to change our minds and turn us into socialists. I guess I was lucky. I spent a total of 8 years in college, and I never met antifa, or was brain washed by liberal professors. I went to three different colleges.

When my father died when I was 10 years old my oldest brother explained to me what had happened to our father, and as a result I was able to say goodbye at the funeral home. Again I did not receive counseling from a psychologist. Family stepped up and took care of my problem. This is what we need in this country. More family and less counseling. We need more education based on facts and not on fantasy and lies. Our country is becoming a country of entitled college graduates. Graduates with dead-end degrees and thousands of dollars in debt. And one thing more, don’t forget a burning hate for our country, capitalism and Christianity. Are these young adults better off now than I was 30 years ago, I think not. I was raised to be self sufficient and to never give up. I was also taught to take responsibility for my own actions. I did not receive participation awards. I only received awards for accomplishments. I was taught to stand up for myself and to protect those weaker than myself. These things were not taught in school, they were taught to me by my mother and my step-father. A wonderful man who treated me like his own son. He has been dead over 10 years. And he is still in my thoughts. I have suffered tragedies and have taken a lot of detours in my life, but I never intentionally hurt anyone. I have always treated everyone the way I wanted to be treated, with respect and kindness. I believe in holding doors open for women and walking on the outside closer to the street when taking walks with my wife. I do silly stuff like that. These are things that were common in my generation. I am not exceptional in my actions or beliefs. But I fear that these ways are dead now, their is no respect for people or their possessions. And no amount of counseling is going to fix this problem. When I look where this country is going I am saddened and filled with angst.

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