The Making and Life of a Blogger: A Truly Never-Ending Story: Chapter Thirteen–But Not Really–What’s In A Number

The following chapter will be short and succinct because it is my life basically reduced to numbers. To quote Sheldon Cooper, some “fun facts”.

Age 58

Height 6 foot 2 inches

Number of wives: three

Number of college degrees three: Associates in Art in Biology; Bachelors in Science in Biology/Pre-med; Associates Degree in Nursing; unfinished Masters in Arts in History

Number of dives in scuba Diving: 275, including caverns, wrecks, oil rigs, solo dives, night dives, two aquarium dives and etc.

Number of marathons completed: three

Number of Triathlons completed: over 50; four international, three half Iron Man and one full Iron Man

Number of cars owned: five, plus one boat

Number of miles biked: over 4,000 miles

Number of Miles ran: over 1,000 miles

Number of miles swam: at least 300 miles

Number of years in photography: 35 years

Number of businesses owned: two

Number of cameras owned: too many to count

Number of photos taken: over a million

Number of houses owned: three

Number of books in personal library: over 3,000.

Number of countries visited: not enough (only five so far)

Number of siblings: three, only one living.

Hobbies other than scuba diving and photography: carpentry, hiking, backpacking, kayaking, reading, travel, blogging, collecting videos

Number of web pages: one blog, one podcast site, and two photography sites

Number of power tools owned: definitely too many to count

Number of videos: over 1,700.

Number of careers: over five

Number of years working as a Registered Nurse: 19 years, 11 of those in Critical Care

Number of times moved in my life: fifteen!!

Number of partners and encounters: Private, but suffice it to say above the national average

This is a fairly complete list of the numbers in my life. I feel that they add a different perspective then the previous chapters that I have written. I hope you find them interesting.