The Making and Life of a Blogger: The Story Continues: Table of Contents 

Table of Contents



-Part One–My Heritage

-Chapter One–How Life Began?

-Chapter Two–The Landry Clan

-Chapter Three–The Lapierre Clan

-Chapter Four–Roger Landry

-Chapter Five–Rita Lapierre

-Chapter Six–My Family

-Chapter Seven–Ronald Landry

-Chapter Eight–Regena Landry

-Chapter Nine–Robert Landry

-Chapter Ten–Randy Landry

Part Two–My Life In A Nutshell

-Chapter Eleven– My Stepfather

-Chapter Twelve– My Sisters-in-Law

-Chapter Thirteen–Connie And Her Family

-Chapter Fourteen–Forgotten Stories From The Vault

-Chapter Fifteen–Updates On My Life

-Chapter Sixteen–Nursing Updates

-Chapter Seventeen–My Struggle With PTSD

Part Three–Me And The Internet

-Chapter Eighteen–My Photo Sites

-Chapter Nineteen–My Facebook Journey

-Chapter Twenty–My Blog

-Chapter Twenty-One–My COVID-19 Postings

-Chapter Twenty-Two–My Political Postings

-Chapter Twenty-Three–My Historical Postings

-Chapter Twenty-Four–My Environmental And Nature Postings

-Chapter Twenty-Five–My Misc Postings

-Chapter Twenty-Six–My Podcast

Part Four–That’s All Folks!

-Chapter Twenty-Seven–Finito!

-Chapter Twenty-Eight–Honorable Mentions