The Making And Life Of A World Traveler: Well Almost–Table of Contents

Table of Contents



Part One: Getting Ready for that Trip

Chapter One–Types of Travel

Chapter Two–First Decision–What Is Your Budget?

Chapter Three–Second Decision–Where to Go

Chapter Four–Third Decision–Tour Group or Self-Guided

Chapter Five–Fourth Decision–When to Go

Chapter Six–Planning The Actual Trip

Chapter Seven–What to Pack and Not to Pack

Part Two: A Life Of Traveling

Chapter Eight–Traveling as a Child

Chapter Nine–Traveling as a Teenager

Chapter Ten–Traveling as a Younger Adult

Chapter Eleven–Traveling Later in Life

Part Three: Road Trips

Chapter Twelve–Local vs Cross-country

Chapter Thirteen–Car Travel

Chapter Fourteen–Van Travel

Chapter Fifteen–Trailer Travel

Chapter Sixteen–Motor-Home Travel

Part Four: Commercial Travel

Chapter Seventeen–Travel by Plane

Chapter Eighteen–Travel by Ship

Part Five: Adventure Travel

Chapter Nineteen–Diving Trips-Local

Chapter Twenty–Diving Trips-International

Chapter Twenty-one–Backpacking Trips

Chapter Twenty-two–Safaris

Part Six: Final Thoughts

Chapter Twenty-three–Sharing your Experiences

Chapter Twenty-four–Lessons Learned-Do’s and Don’ts

Chapter Twenty-five–Memories

Chapter Twenty-six–A tale of mishaps