My Life as a Loser. A Never-Ending Battle to Lose Weight–Table of Contents

Table of Contents



Part One–My Struggles With Weight Control

Chapter One-Genetics and the Early Years

Chapter Two–Puberty and Your Self-Image

Chapter Three–Young Adult Hood and Bad Choices

Chapter Four–Balancing Health and Life

Chapter Five–Sluggish Metabolism in Your Middle Ages

Chapter Six–Living with your Choices

Part Two–Modern Society and Its Effects

Chapter Seven–Stress, Work and Life

Chapter Eight–Fast Food and Junk Food

Chapter Nine–The Effects of Electronics and the Media

Part Three–Maintaining Your Health

Chapter Ten–Healthy Diet

Chapter Eleven–Exercise for Life

Chapter Twelve–Preventing Injuries

Chapter Thirteen–Love for Life

Part Four–Weight Loss

Chapter Fourteen–Dieting

Chapter Fifteen–Gastric Surgery, Liposuction and plastic surgery

Chapter Sixteen–Keeping the Weight Off

Part Five–My Personal Journey with Bariatric Surgery

Chapter Seventeen–Choosing the type of procedure

Chapter Eighteen–Pre-Operation Preparation

Chapter Nineteen–Surgery Day

Chapter Twenty–The first six months

Chapter Twenty-One–Now What?