My Life as a Loser. A Never-Ending Battle to Lose Weight–Chapter Twenty-One–Now What?

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I have reached my goal, Oh Happy Day! OK, just play along, will ya?! So now what do you do? By this time your surgery center should have gotten in touch with you if they are doing their job and let you know what your caloric count will need to be to maintain your new weight. If they don’t offer this follow-up, you can contact a nutritionist, or your primary doctor. Or you can even use the internet and do some research on the subject. The amount of calories you can safely consume, will, of course, depend on your age and sex and your final weight. It will also be based on how active you are. If you had to resort to bariatric surgery to lose weight, I will assume that while you may have been active, you no longer are as active. I have included a generic table below that will serve as a starting point for you. To be safe, you might want to cut back a little on these figures until you know how much you can truly tolerate. Better to be safe than sorry. It is always easier to put back on a few pounds if you lose too much, than to lose more weight.

You will also need to be a little more active than you were previously. This will be easier, since you will be at a healthier weight and you should have more energy as well. Your self-image will also be improved. You now have an awesome new body to be proud of. You did a lot of work to get there so flaunt it a little. Make your friends jealous of your new found youth. Life will now take on a whole new meaning. If your goal was to lose weight so you could play with your grand children, do so. If you wanted to reach some physical milestone like a 5k race or whatever the goal was, do it but do it safely and under professional guidance. Remember the word of the day is “Moderation“. Your new stomach is smaller, so don’t abuse it and stretch it out of shape. What a waste that would be. Some people gain the weight back, don’t be one of them. I know I am sure as hell not going to be one of them. Hopefully now that you have reached your goal weight, your health has also improved and you are able to cut back on some of your medications.

If you require plastic surgery contouring get it so you can finish your project off. This way you can start your new life. Remember you no longer are a procrastinator, you are a doer. Good luck and have a great life.