No Is A 4-Letter Word–Preface

While my parents provided a safe and loving environment, they were hardly supportive of my dreams and aspirations. Maybe they thought that my ideas were mere flights of fancy and did not warrant serious thought or support. I am sure that most children and young adults go through similar experiences as I did, so I don’t want to insinuate that I am unique in this respect.

My wife says that I am stubborn and hard-headed. So it should come as no surprise to my readers that when someone says that I can’t do something or that it is impossible, it only steels my resolve to try harder to accomplish the task or to attain my dream.

This is my eighth book, seven of which have been about some aspect of my life. Three of them have been geared towards helping my readers to either achieve certain goals or to help them in various areas of their lives. I have so far written a book about nursing, a book about travel and one about dieting.

This fourth help book will be geared towards helping one to accomplish their dreams and to become more successful. I know that there are a lot of self-help and motivation books out there. Frankly, most of them are just full of fluff and are as a result, totally useless unless you count fleecing the reader of their hard-earned dollars as a benefit. All of my books are readily available for free by simply visiting my blog, You may, however, choose to spend a little money and buy them in either an e-book format or in paperback or hardback. A few of the hardbacks have been published in color. However, the paperback edition is in BW and is thusly far cheaper. The books are over-sized and make nice coffee table books. So enough about my shameless advertising. The whole point that I am trying to make is that the subjects that I write about are available to everyone despite their financial circumstances. I have even included my first five books on my Podcast in an audio format for the visually impaired. My book on short stories will soon be included on my Podcast, “Common Sense and Ramblings in America.”

While I have lightly perused many self-help books, like I already have said I found them to be seriously lacking in any real substance. Since I have given short shrift to these books, you will not find any real similarities in my book. I am sure that faithful readers of my books and listeners to my podcast can attest that I have a rather unique way of doing things. They will also agree that I include a lot of information and I cover varied subject matter. I also include a lot of anecdotal accounts from my life. I find that if you include real life experiences, it helps the reader to more easily relate to the lessons or topics being discussed. I have also started including more visual aids in my books. I am sure that you are familiar with this often repeated quote from the advertising executive Fred R. Baarnard which goes as follows, “a picture is worth a thousand words.” Of all the sayings that I include in my books, this one is probably the most accurate.

I hope that you find this book and all my personal experiences and stories that I have included informative and helpful.