Saving Our World–Table of Contents

Table Of Contents

Volume One



Part One: Our Planet

Chapter One–The Birth of Our Planet

Chapter Two–Plate Tectonics and the Formation of Our Continents

Chapter Three–The Science of Weather

Chapter Four–The History of Our Planet’s Climate

Chapter Five–How Our Oceans Effect Our Environment

Chapter Six–How the Polar Ice Caps Effect Our Weather

Chapter Seven–Volcanoes, Forest Fires and CO²

Chapter Eight–The Universe and Our Planet

Part Two: Life On Our Planet

Chapter Nine–The Evolution of Life

Chapter Ten–Mass Extinctions

Chapter Eleven–The Industrial Revolution and Fossil Fuel Use.

Chapter Twelve–Which countries are historically responsible for climate change?

Chapter Thirteen–How Does Climate Change Affect Our Animal Life?

Chapter Fourteen–Do Flatulent Animals Harm Our Climate?

Chapter Fifteen–The Top 10 Causes Of Global Warming

Chapter Sixteen–Pandemics are They Man-made?

Part Three: Saving Our Planet

Chapter Seventeen–Protecting Our Environment

Chapter Eighteen–Protecting Our Fragile Oceans and its Sea Life

Chapter Nineteen–Is Climate Change a Hoax?

Volume Two

Chapter Twenty–Is the Green New Deal Good or Bad?

Chapter Twenty-One–Saving Our Animal Life.

Chapter Twenty-Two–Water Conservation and Desalination

Chapter Twenty-Three–Drought Tolerant Crops

Chapter Twenty-Four–New Super Foods, Soylent Green Anyone?

Chapter Twenty-Five–Population Control

Part Four: Our Future

Chapter Twenty-Six–Where Does Our Future Lie?

Chapter Twenty-Seven–Does Intelligent Life Exist Elsewhere?

Chapter Twenty-Eight–Is Interstellar Travel Possible?

Chapter Twenty-Nine–What Does It All Mean?



Appendix A–How Many Species Have we Lost Since Mankind First Appeared?

Appendix B–Real World Examples of Environmental Contamination