This story is a historical novel covering four major wars and three generations of a fictional family. The events that the characters have lived through are entirely true. However, the actual people discussed here are totally fictional, and no parallels should be inferred or drawn from actual individuals. Having said that, the lives my characters have lived and their experiences are totally plausible and have, in fact, been played out in part throughout the previous and current century.

The purpose of this work is to put a face on the absolutely heinous crime of human trafficking and of the child sex trade that are taking place all around our planet. In fact they are actuallyhappening in many major cities in our own country. People all too frequently bury their heads in the sand and ignore what is taking place before their very eyes. Well, I think it is time that we stop doing this and start doing something to end these terrible crimes. Slavery and human trafficking has been a part of our history for far too long. It is our job to ensure that it does not continue on into our future as well.

I hope this work will help to start a movement to find justice for these victims. Our politicians need to pass and enforce laws that will end these crimes on humanity. No one is powerless, all you have to do is start by writing letters to your local politician expressing your concerns. Show them that you will no longer tolerate the status quo. Our future lies with our children. If they are not safe, how can we expect to continue on as a society.