Cast of Characters

Note: All the cast members are entirely fictional and any resemblance to any actual personage is purely incidental with the exception of below

*Those with this designation are real life personas


-Amelia (Davis) Ackerman Mother to Lilian (Ackerman) Anderson and grandmother to Papa Gordon Anderson.

-Thomas Anderson ( 1889-1958) Father of Gordon

-Lilian (Ackerman) Anderson (1892-1960) Wife of Thomas Ackerman and mother of seven children including LOL Gordon.

-Gordon Anderson (1921-2005) Aka Grandpa Gordon Veteran of WW2, Korean War and Vietnam, Ace, retired as a Major General commander of 57th Wing and the 474th Tactical Fighter Wing

-Clara (Wilson) Anderson (1935-2008) Registered Nurse and spouse of Gordon Anderson, aka Grandpa Gordon, Mother of Christine and Sam

-Christine (Anderson) Spencer (1960-present) Daughter of Gordon and Clara Anderson and sister to Sam, wife to Mark Spencer

-Sam Anderson (1963-2003) born on December 13 a Friday. Son of Gordon and Clara Anderson, father of Yua and Peter Anderson, died from cancer related to exposure to toxins in Iraq. Airforce Fighter/bomber Pilot in Gulf War; joined ROTC in college

-Mark Spencer (1959-Present) Spouse Of Christine Anderson. Airman at Nellis AFB.

-Tammy (Walker) Anderson (1965-2012) 1st wife of Sam and mother of Peter. Died of intentional drug overdose after rich boyfriend left her penniless in Turkey and being forced into a life of prostitution to survive.

-Stephen Walker (1939-2010) Father of Tammy Walker

-Veronica (Jones) Walker (1941-2012) Mother of Tammy Walker

-Thomas Spencer (1984-Present) Son of Christine and Mark Spencer

-Julie Spencer (1987-Present) Daughter of Christine and Mark Spencer

-Peter Anderson (1988-Present) Son of Sam and Tammy and brother of Yua, Missing Person’s Detective

-Sakura (Ito) Anderson (1963-2005) 2nd wife of Peter and mother of Yua. Will die of accidental drug overdose. “Cherry Blossom”

-Hiroko Ito (1940-2010) Father of Sakura and Ichika

-Aiko (Sato) Ito (1942-2016) Spouse of Hiroko, mother of Sakura and Ichika

-Ichika Ito (1970-2015) Sister to Sakura aunt to Peter and Yua. Will get killed by drunk driver.

“One Thousand Flowers”

-Yua Anderson (1996-2012?) Daughter of Sam and Sakura and sister of Peter, kidnapped in 2000. Will die from Aids. “Binding Love and Affection”

Brothers and Sisters of Grandpa Gordon

-James Anderson (1910-1980) three children spouse Elizabeth.

-Betty Anderson (1911-1915)

-Julie Anderson (1913-1985) four children

-Joseph Anderson (1916-2000)

-Frances Anderson (1919-1922) three children

-Virginia Anderson (1923-2005) married to Ken Adams. Low supermarket count

Brothers and Sister of Clara

-Benjamin Wilson (1923-1991) 3 children

-Michelle Wilson (1927-2001) 1 child

Supporting Cast

-Colonel Sidney Jameson Commanding Officer at San Antonio Aviation Cadet Center

-Colonel Frank Miller Commanding Officer at Aircraft Gunnery School in Las Vegas Air Force Base (AKA Nellis AFB), final rank Brigadier General in command of the 4525th Fighter Weapons Wing

*Major Richard C. Catlege 1st team leader of Thunderbirds 1953-1954

*Captain Jacksel M. Broughton 2nd team leader of Thunderbirds 1954-1957

-Lt. James Mosby assistant to General Miller and General Gordon Anderson. Final rank Brigadier General of the 57th Wing and the 474th Tactical Fighter Wing.

-Annabelle Stockton Charge Nurse in ER at Minneapolis VA Hospital

-Dr. John Pemberton ER doctor at Minneapolis VA Hospital

-Melanie. Candy Striper

-Dr. Kenneth Dukakis, general surgeon operating on Papa Thomas.

-Dr. James Miller Hematologist/ Oncologist

-Lt. Colonel Peter James second in command to the gunnery school

-Thomas Kincaid-Director of Nursing at Las Vegas Hospital and Clinic, Clara’s new boss

-Grace Mathews Charge nurse and new hire coordinator at Las Vegas Hospital and Clinic

-Dr. Jean Mansfield, Tammy’s OBGYN

-Steve Franks Papa Sam’s Track Coach in Jr. High School

-Tom Jenkins Papa Sam’s Jr. Varsity High School Football coach

-Edward Stamos Papa Sam’s Varsity High School Football coach

*Harold Carmichael Philadelphia Eagles Hall of Fame wide receiver 1970s-early 1980s

-Sarge a Kurdish Mastif working Dog protects livestock. Found being abused by Iraqi deserters befriended by Sam Anderson after being shot down behind enemy lines. Ancester of Jojo, Peter Anderson’s dog.

-Jojo Peter Anderson’s dog, offspring of Sarge

-Brigadier General James Frances CO of King Faisal Air Base

-Colonel Bill Jackson CO of the Zakho Relief Base

-Private Strickland stationed at the Kahko Relief Base

*”Fats” Aka Minnesota Fats or New York Fats, gave pointers to Sam

-Detective Charles Gault chief investigator in Yua’s kidnapping

-James Pierany FBI special agent on Yua’s case

-Captian Ronald Stewart special liaision from Andrews AFB, trained counselor adn pyschologist and PTSD expert

-Jasmine Giordano Private Investigator specializing in locating Missing & Exploited Children, Runaways, Stolen Children/Adults, Parental Child Abductions, Kidnappings, Sex Trafficking, Cult Infiltrations/Rescue and Child Pornography. Founder of Lost and Found Detective Agency.

-Edmund Durst Mega-millionaire bachelor