Chapter Twenty-Eight: Sam Gets Married

It was amazing what could be accomplished on such short notice. The Walker women were able to not only find a beautiful wedding gown but also get it altered. When Tammy showed up to the justice of the peace wearing her gown, she was simply magnificent. When Papa Sam saw her he was immediately full of regrets and was deeply ashamed that he could not manage a better wedding ceremony. He knew that no matter what he would make it up to her, He really shouldn’t be surprised, he after all had been living with her for the last four years, but he was still amazed at how her gown just seemed to enhance her beauty. He had never been more in love in his life. It is quite heartbreaking that such feelings can fade with time and that even solemn vows can be forgotten.

Let us not get ahead of ourselves, at least for the moment, the newlyweds were quite happy. The austere ceremony was followed by a simple gathering and picnic at a nice park overlooking a shaded lake. Afterward, the couple boarded a greyhound bus to Galveston, Texas, where they spent a relaxing albeit abbreviated honeymoon. They decided on Galveston because of the beaches and their Coney Island style boardwalk attractions.. Their brief holiday was over before they knew it as they found themselves making a tearful goodbye at the bus station. Tammy took a bus back to Las Vegas while Papa Sam hitched a ride to Randolph Air Force Base where he would begin his Air Training.