Time line 2nd vol.

1982  Missing Child Act–Congress enacted the Missing Children Act, requiring the FBI to record missing children in the National Crime Information Center (NCIC) computer to aid law enforcement agencies. The exact number of ‘missing children’ is not known, and a large percentage is recorded by police as probable runaways.

1984 The Missing Children Act–Requires the Attorney General to seek information assisting in the location of any missing persons, including children. The Act also gives parents, guardians, or next of kin access to the information in the FBI National Crime Information Center’s Missing Person File.

1990 National Child Search Assistance Act–Requires each Federal, State, and local law enforcement agency to report each case of a missing child under age 18 to the National Crime Information Center (NCIC) of the Department of Justice.

2000 Yua is kidnapped

2002 Yancy Thuet (Yua Anderson) is “kidnapped”

2003 Sam succumbs to cancer after wasting away to virtually nothing

2005 Sakura, deeply depressed due to loss of daughter and husband dies of accidental OD from sleeping pills and anti-depressants. Peter moves in with Aunt Ichika. Mama Clara gives one of Sarge’s offspring to Peter.

2006 Peter graduates from Thomas Jefferson High School for Science and Technology

2006 Peter is becoming obsessed with his sister’s kidnapping and Ichika guilt enters the police academy.

2007 Peter graduates from the Metropolitan Police Department Academy and is hired by the Washington D.C. Metro Police Department.

2008 Mamma Clara dies, and Peter inherits half of the Anderson estate, which is valued at over four million dollars.

2008 Peter completes his probation and enrolls in the criminal justice program at the  University of the District of Columbia.

2010 Hiroko Ito father of Sakura and Ichika dies quietly walking in his apple orchard.

2012 Peter completes his bachelor’s degree in criminology and becomes a missing persons detective. He works on several cases with Detective Gault and special agent Pierany. He also works on his sister’s kidnapping cold case in his spare time. With a solid investment portfolio, Peter’s money has doubled, making quite a wealthy young man.

2012 Peter takes a trip to Europe, Moroco, Turkey,  Egypt and Jordan. He his driven by blood (Lusko ng dugo), a Filipino saying. Unbeknownst to Peter he meets his sister Yua at a Beach on the Mediterranean Sea in Istanbul. She dies in his arms. He goes with her body to the hospital and makes arrangements for a funeral and burial at a local cemetery.  He collects a buccal swab for DNA sample to bring back home in the hopes of identifying her.

2012 Yua Dies the same year Peter becomes a missing person’s detective, she dies from Aids.

2012 Tammy Commits Suicide

2013 Peter completes his probation period and is now a full time missing person’s detective

2015 Ichika is killed by a drunk driver

2015 after burying his Aunt Ichika Peter takes an extended leave of absence from the Force, though he does agree to work occasionally on special cases. He now works on Yua’s cold case full time

2015 Peter takes a trip to Toulouse and to Istanbul and finds that the brothel Yua was held has been closed for at least three years

2016 Aiko Ito mother of Sakura and Aiko dies of a broken heart after making one final trip to the US to bury her last living child.

2016 Peter gets hired at the Lost and Found Detective Agency.

2019 passes boards and becomes a licensed PI

2019 Peter goes under cover working for the traffickers in Europe

2021 Burak is caught in a sting operation and turns state’s evidence, gives leads to the detectives of the Yua/Yancy cases.

2022 Peter Finds Madame Dinara in a brothel in Cheb, Czech Republic

2022 Jojo dies saving Peter’s life

2022 he finds the responsible parties and finally achieves absolution and closure.

2023 What happens to Peter?