Table of Contents

The Last Generation



Cast of Characters


Part One: Yua’s Story

Chapter One–Peter stays home sick

Chapter Two–Yua Goes to the Park With Ichika and Meets Bad People

Chapter Three–Yua Gets New Parents and becomes brainwashed

Chapter Four–Yua Discovers Satan

Chapter Five–Yua Gets Kidnapped Again and Goes for a Plane Ride

Chapter Six–The Thuet’s Plan

Chapter Seven–Yua Meets more Bad People and Discovers Hell on Earth

Chapter Eight–Yua Creates an Imaginary Friend and Goes to a Party

Chapter Nine–Yua Gets Sick

Chapter Ten–The End of Yua

Part Two: The Retribution of Peter

Chapter Eleven–Peter Becomes a Cop

Chapter Twelve–Peter Graduates from college and travels to Europe

Chapter Thirteen–Through a DNA Sample Peter Finds Yua

Chapter Fourteen–Peter Becomes a Missing Person’s Detective and Takes on Yua’s Cold Case

Chapter Fifteen–Peter Leaves the Police Force and Takes on Yua’s Case Full Time

Chapter Sixteen–There and Back Again

Chapter Seventeen–Peter Goes Undercover: Part One

Chapter Eighteen–Peter Gets a Job Working for Jasmine Giordano

Nineteen–Peter Goes Undercover: Part Two-Burak is captured

Chapter Twenty–Burak and Popovic Turns State’s Evidence

Chapter Twenty-one–Peter Interrogates Burak

Chapter Twenty-two–Peter Goes to the Czech Republic and finds Madame Dinara

Chapter Twenty-three–Peter Meets the Kidnappers

Chapter Twenty-four–Peter Visits the Adoption Agency

Chapter Twenty-five–Peter Interrogates Lamai Thuet






-List of organizations that combat human trafficking

-Sex Trafficking Facts

-Sex Trafficking Terms

-Coping and Relaxation Techniques

-Working Cold Cases

-Miranda Rights

-Crime By States in the U.S. in 2008

-K9-101 Dog Training Commands