Possible Endings for Peter

-Peter is relentlessly hunted by Popovic and the remnants of the Black Dawn Sex Trafficking ring and dies in a bloody final battle somewhere in Europe

-Peter eventually marries the mysterious girl on the bus, raises a family and creates an agency to repatriate the victims of sex and human trafficking

-Peter goes back to work for the Lost and Found Detective Agency and eventually becomes the CEO of it when Jasmine Giordano retires

-Peter moves to Europe and becomes a millionaire recluse raising Kurdish Mastiffs

-Peter is caught and tried for multiple murders and is given life in prison

-Peter does in fact go back to work with his old partner Detective Charles Gault, until Gault retires then Peter takes on a new partner and finishes out a long and illustrious career in missing persons

-Peter starts a travel blog

-Peter after spending countless years as a homeless vagabond jumps off the Golden Gate Bridge and ends his life riddled with guilt from the lives he ruined and has taken

Which ending do you like? If you have any ideas please email them to me at photorandy2023@gmail.com