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Randy Landry@RandyLandry19·

Replying to @realDonaldTrumpExecutive Branch needs more oversight on State Openings. Some states get it, others are messing up big time, Wisconsin, Michigan, and Maine just to name a few. There Governors are over the top.

May 15, 2020 4:19 pm

Thank you President Donald Trump for all your work . You have done more for this country with less praise than any other president. Your treatment by the press and the left has been abysmal. I have 2 things you need to address . 1st I think it is important for you to have a little more oversize on the states that are opening or not opening. The governor’s of States like Michigan, Minnesota and Maine are trampling on there citizen’s constitutional rights. Not to mention they are intentionally delaying opening up to hurt the economy and your presidential campaign. 2nd Fauci needs to go. He is a tool of the left and big pharma. He is mostly wrong in his predictions and only has been right with hand washing and social distancing. Not very good since these are the basic steps taken with the prevention of all communicable diseases. Every time he talks the market drops and thereby ultimately hurts you. He has way too much power and I don’t trust all of his motives. Thank you again.

May 21, 2020 4:20 am

People are getting tired of the state closures. People are rebelling and are therefore not wearing masks and not following the social distancing guidelines in a lot of these states. When people are pushed too far they become less willing to comply with rules. I am sure if the state governments had kept there word and started opening once they knew the hospitals were not going to be overwhelmed, people would be more willing to comply.

May 24, 2020 2:15 am

Duties of the President of the United States. Enforce laws created by Congress. The constitution was created by congress. So it is his duty to enforce it. Also he is the leader of the armed forces, which thereby infers that his job is to protect the American people. Interesting, protect the people, which I would believe that it also meant all rights guaranteed by the Constitution and of course the Bill of Rights and all of the following amendments. So what is the problem with him protecting our right to go to church or mosque or synagogue and practice our faith ?

May 25, 2020 12:38 pm

China says we may be entering a cold war if we don’t watch out. Well I have news for you, we have been in it for quite some time., and China has drawn first blood.

May 26 1030 pm

Press Part 1: President Trump I think you are doing a great job, and given the chance you will turn the economy around. However you have to get re-elected to really turn this country around. I think your scrappy remarks and fighting style is refreshing. However you can over do it. I think you are actually hurting yourself in the polls. Please for the sake of this country try toning it down just a little. Don’t pick as many fights and try to over look some of the presses comments.

May 26, 2020 11:16 pm

Part 2, The Press. If a reporter asks a terrible question simply ignore him/her and go on to the next reporter. This way you aren’t stooping to there level. If they insist, say there question doesn’t justify an answer. Eventually either the reporter will change there questions or they will get replaced by there news service. They have to have something to report, you are giving them nothing.

May 27, 2020 12:29 am

Contact Tracing only works when you are at an early stage of a contagion. How are you going to trace hundreds of thousands of positive covid patients. You would have millions of people that would have to be isolated, thereby shutting down the economy again. Just what the democrats want.

May 29 Friday 6:59pm

We need a press conference across all networks to put out a message about these riots. An arrest has been made. Enough is enough. The cities that are affected are all led by weak Democratic Liberals. Declare martial law if need be.

May 30 Saturday 6:00pm

They need to limit the organized protests to just a few hours a day. Break them up before it starts getting dark. The riots are being organized by special groups from outside. Also place cops at higher elevations in the city with laser pointers. When they see somebody throwing bricks or rocks, light them up, so the cops can arrest them. Once you get these antagonists arrested the riots will die down. You need the national guard equipped with water canons located at the sites of these riots. You have to jump on any violent activity, don’t let it escalate. Put Rudy Giuliani in charge of a national response team to quell this activity.

June 2 Tuesday 1:37am

The citizens of the major cities being affected by the rioting need to help the cops who are trying to protect there cities. They need to stand up to the rioters. They are not from your cities, they are trying to destroy our country, one city at a time.

June 2 Tuesday 10:07pm

June 2 Tues 1100pm

I originally thought there were only just a few sides in the
political arena in this country. The conservatives, Liberals,
Big business lobbies and Chinese authoritarianism. It seems
that there are some sub divisions in the big business arena.
My question is why would certain republicans want to
bring in skilled labor from other countries, when we
have such a large number of unemployed Americans.
The answer is that corporations hate low unemployment
numbers. They have to pay more money for skilled
personnel. The higher the unemployment numbers
the better it is for them. People will settle for much
lower wages. So the more skilled laborers the
merrier. There is lobby money out there to grease
the political wheels. So it is also more beneficial to
keep the small businesses closed, less competition
for the big guys. The new additions to the big business
arena are now, I believe many of the companies that
went overseas to save labor costs,
and are now unhappy, especially those in China. Our
government is offering to pay for there relocation
back to the USA, with I am sure a lot of tax breaks and
incentives besides. The problem that still existed
prior to Covid was the scarcity and the high cost of
labor in the USA. Not a problem now

June 3 Wed 0:20am

I want to know where all these big bad mayors and governors are now that there cities are being burned down, looted and there citizens being attacked? They were quick to act when business owners tried to open there stores, gyms and shops.

June 3 Wed 0:30am

I think we can open up the country now. The protesters and looters pretty much have negated the reason for keeping everything closed. Plus a lot of this pent up rage was created by these overly long closures. People are just tired. It didn’t take much to start this mess.

June 3 Wednesday 6:39am

If all the states opened up there would be less people to protest, there would also be less reasons to protest. The protests are much more severe than they normally would be from the death of an individual, because people are just fed up with the closures.

June 3 Wednesday 11:20pm

We need to stop the protests. They have honored George Floyd enough. Everybody in the world knows his name. He will get justice, changes will be made. When the protesting is over the rioting will stop. All the states and cities need to be on the same page. Antifa is just too organized and strong we need to take away the fuel for there fire.

June 4 Thur 1:06 AM

I guess General Mattis forgot about President Obama.

June 4 Thur 6:34 AM

When George Floyd stopped moving his pulse was checked, than pressure was continued for over 2 more minutes. If this was accidental any normal human being would have removed pressure and immediately yelled for help and started CPR. I firmly believe that this was a hit ordered to generate a response. George Floyd was in the wrong place at the wrong time. You want to check follow the money check the banking records of the 4 cops accused of the murder. Derek Chauvin, Alexander Kueng, Thomas Lane and Tou Thao. I would not be surprised if large deposits were made in either there accounts or close family members. President Trump was turning the economy around after the Pandemic, what a better road block than mass riots and public destruction and burning of business to hurt our economic recovery. Why did it take so long to do anything with these police officers.

June 12, 2020 04:18

Throughout history, slavery was legal and the norm in many countries. It was not well liked by many, though. Are we going destroy all our history and condemn every culture because of transgressions made by our ancestors, hundreds and thousands of years ago. The answer of course, is no. But we need to learn by there mistakes and strive to do better.

June 14, 2020 11:00

To Donald Trump Jr:  Can you tell your father to control his damn tweeting. If he doesn’t have all the facts on a person or subject? just leave it be. There is more than Just his second term at stake here. There is the whole country. Every time he makes unsubstantiated comments or tweets he loses popularity. Right now Biden is winning this election by just sitting in his basement. We want the numbers in the polls to shift, so he is forced out on the campaign trail, where people will see what kind of presidential candidate he truly is.

June 14, 2020 12:10 CHAZ: In the middle of the night send in SWAT with non-lethal tranq guns and take out the guards and leaders and put them in jail. Quietly remove the barricades,before daylight. People will bitch , but who cares, they won’t truly know what happened. The area will be opened. Quickly remove all trace of the take-over, get rid of the graffiti, re-surface the streets to get rid of all the crap written on them. People have short memories. If you remove the reminders of the hostile take-over it will be easier to forget.

June 16, 2020

Dexamethasone  or Decadron is a steroid given to many patients that have experienced neurological trauma or swelling in the skull cavity. It tends to be more effective than other steroids for this purpose. Intubated patients are frequently put on steroids such as Solumedrol to help with the inflammatory responses associated with ARDS,  and other respiratory ailments. Severe respiratory compromised Covid-19 patients are frequently intubated and are already treated with steroids. To say that one steroid is better than any other steroid to reduced the inflammatory response associated with Covid-19 is nonsense. I have  taken care of dozens of Covid-19 patients since day one of the pandemic, and none of these patients has been treated with Dexamethasone.  This is simply much to ado about nothing. 

June 21, 2020

I wonder how many shootings and killings in Minneapolis it will take before the City Council changes its collective minds and refund the police? I bet you if one of the members of the council was shot they would change their minds.

June 23, 2020

Throughout our written histories and cultures have been destroyed by hatred, greed, and ignorance. The loss has been terrible and is totally irreplaceable. We need to educate the masses and stop the wasteful destruction. Our culture and history belongs to every American, and nobody has the right to destroy it. Stop acting like spoiled children.

June 23, 2020

Just look up how bacteria are spread, contact, ingestion, blood borne and by sexual transmission. They just don’t do well with airborne. Viruses are more likely to be transmitted by airborne means

June 25, 2020

All the News Services need to stop discussing how many Covid-19 cases there are. These numbers are meaningless. The only numbers that matter are how many hospitalizations and Covid-19 related deaths there are. If we keep up these scare techniques we will never end the restrictions. The more low acuity cases we have the better. That means we are building up a larger base of people with immunity to Covid-19. You have all heard of “herd immunity” I am sure. Well this is what is happening right now. This is something we should have started a long time ago. As soon as we knew who the disease targeted and how it was spread, the gates should have been opened.

June 26, 2020

For all those people that have time to loot and riot and destroy our history. Because you are out of work. How are you living, where is the money coming from? Think of this before you vilify this country.

If we forget our past, we will repeat it. It has happened time and time again. Hitler once asked if anybody remembered the Armenians? Over a million of them were killed at the end of WWI. Well, the answer was no. So over six million Jews and other races were killed. We only talk about black slavery. There are thousands of white children and women kidnapped and enslaved throughout the world every year for the sex traffic business. Where is the all the press coverage of this?

I have in several postings stated that it is important to remember our past. But studying history can be a double-edged sword. While it is important to study history so that we can learn from our mistakes, we cannot let all the negative things that happened in the past taint our soul and govern our every action. Today’s society cannot be held responsible for things that happened hundreds of years ago. Nobody is perfect everybody has done something they regret. Even Martin Luther King, he was a philanderer. So because he wasn’t perfect should that detract from what he accomplished? Should we take down his statues and change all the streets named after him? The answer is no. The world is full of good people, unfortunately the actions of bad people tend to make the news much more frequently than the actions of good people. Please remember this and try to be a little more tolerant of your neighbor.

June 27,2020

June 27, 2020 9:56p

Suggestions for next Trump Rally. Hold it it in largest possible venue, outdoors if need be. Second no tickets, unless you can control the spoofing by tik to groups.

June 27, 2020 10:08pm

Name changing is getting out of hand. It seems to be a game by special interest groups to see how far they can push the rest of the country. The more we give in, the more they will want us to do. Nobody is perfect. If you look at anybody with a magnifying glass you will find imperfections.  Everybody says and does stupid stuff. Holding one or two comments made by an individual should not tarnish the rest of that person’s accomplishments and life.


In my life I have worked with people of all races, I have also had and have friends of all races. During this time I have either listened to or been involved in countless conversations with these people. In all this time I can count on one hand where black peole talked about hiking and camping. Now I have heard that there is talk of our park service being racist. First of all this is nonsense. The park service pays barely above minimum wage.  People work in these parks because they love the outdoors. If you don’t love the outdoors you are not going to work in these parks. The parks don’t have the funding so they can increase the salaries.  They are always the first to suffer cutbacks. They aldo can’t force people to fill out applications to work in the park service.  They can only hire from the pool of applications they get. Let’s face it not everybody likes the outdoors or wants to work there.

I will probably get flamed for this, but its true. People of color make up about 13 or so percent of the US Population,  that doesn’t mean that they get to make all the decisions for the rest of the country. We all get a say.

For all you people who are planning on voting for Biden, he no longer exists. He wasn’t that sharp to begin with. If he wins you are getting his Running mate, AOC and Pelosi. Think about that when you vote in November.

July 5th, 2020 (comment made in regards to President Trump’s 4th of July speech made in Mt Rushmore)

The speech was not divisive at all, it was well done and well received. As to local Indian tribes being against his going there, it is a federal monument, and he has all the right in the world going there. It was a very moving speech, and as always there were detractors, saying he didn’t talk about covid enough, that is insane. This was a memorial holiday, his talking about the birth of our country was more appropriate. it is supposed to be a celebration of our country and its founding fathers. There are other more appropriate times to talk about the pandemic.

July 5, 2020

I thought the National Anthem was basically the song of a country? Pretty much every country has one. When did BLM get there own country? Is each minority going to get an anthem next? Are we going to break up our country into parts for each group? Kind of like they wanted to do in the Civil War. Remember, every step they take and every concession we make, they become more powerful. If one group becomes more powerful the other has to lose power. Nothing they are doing are isolated actions. This attack on America has been planned for years and it is well orchestrated.It is geared to keep us reeling and off our feet and to just plain wear us down.

7/6/2020 2:00 AM

Each town or city has a park or parks depending on it’s size. With covid they have been closing them down. Also churches have been limited or even closed. Why don’t we set up areas in these parks where masses can be held outdoors? The churches, synagogues and mosques can all take turns holding there religious ceremonies. If the park is big enough you can even do it simultaneously. Can you think of a better way to show unity in the communities?

7/6/2020 8:18 AM

What news service do you watch? The only one that tries to be even remotely unbiased is Fox News. All the rest are anti-Trump. You are not going to get an accurate picture of the events. They were not peaceful protesters, they were throwing objects at the police and secret service. They found stashes of bricks around the site. They were asked three times to leave so the president could go through a safe corridor. Tear gas was not used, but other means were used. This was according to the park services. Of all the government services, they are the most liberal entities and the least likely to lie for the President. These are the facts, not cooked up propaganda by CNN, MSNBC, the Washington Post and The New York Times.

7/7/2020 12:37 PM

A lot of people just watch CNN or MSNBC. I should have known you would try to be more open in your views and try to get the most accurate picture possible. I am not saying Fox News is perfect, they just try a little harder to get an accurate story. I did not know about the sexual misconduct issue with Fox. But one thing I do know is that we have to find a way to come together and stop fighting and pointing fingers and destroying our past. It’s our history, we should learn from our mistakes and take from the things that worked and do our best to improve our country and society. There is no place for violence, racism, murder, sexism and rape and other types of misconduct. We are supposed to be an advanced society. We should all act like responsible citizens. Nobody had a free ride when they immigrated to this country. Some came by choice, others were forced to come here, but irregardless, nobody had it easy.

7/7/2020 4:20

Can you keep your father on tract. Only attack Biden. Pelosi or Schumer now. Leave everyone else alone on Twitter. Every time he goes off tract he takes a hit. I don’t believe the polls. But it still hurts him. Don’t let up on Biden. He is very well protected by the media. You have to expose him constantly. Attack him every chance you get. We need a vaccine now. And we need an end to the violence. I know its his fault, but he is being blamed anyway.

7/8/2020  9:37PM

As I stated I am not racist,  I work in a ICU in a local  hospital.  The hospital is like a microcosm of the world.  My colleagues are from every walk of life and every race and creed. The hospital is no place for intolerance. When a patient is crashing you don’t care who is by your side as long as they are  competent. I consider all  of my co-workers as friends and I would go to bat for any of them. We work as a team and help each other without question. I just thought you should know where I am coming from.

7/12/2020 2:38Am

I know the death  of George Floyd was wrong, it was outright murder. But he was no angel.

His actions were reprehensible, some people may it was karma.  He however served his time. Even if it was too short. His death was definitely unjustified.  However,  I don’t believe he deserved all the protests that took place throughout the country.

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