Postings From Other Internet Sites: Part 6

12/25/2020 6:50AM

I know I seem to like to beat up Fox news lately. I can’t help it, they are doing a lot of stupid shit. A guest on Fox Newsroom this morning said that President 66Trump needs to stop throwing a temper tantrrum about the election and take care of business. Really!! That is wrong ion so many levels. He has done more for this country since the election, than most presidents do in a year. He is standing up for this country. The current bill bring presented before him, is so full of pork I thought I was reading a magazine about pig farming. $600 a person, really!! When we are giving billions to the rest of the world. What ever happened to America first. No other country does that. They all take care of themselves first, than if their is anything left than they help other countries. He is right to veto the bill. Pelosi knows it is a BS bill, why else is see working on a standalone covid bill?

12/27/2020 2:15AM

For all those people who think Trump missed the date for the relief bill. It is called a pocket veto. Now Pelosi will do what she was supposed to do, just put a bill through for covid relief, not a free for all for the rest of the world. Frankly I don’t want to have my tax payer dollars funding gender studies in Pakistan. He is doing the right thing. So all for you nay sayers shut your pie holes.

12/28/2020 6:25 AM

If you get a follower or request friend request from Randy Landry it is okay. I am gradually switching my account to a page. Facebook doesn’t make anything easy. I have to invite each of my friends individually to have them accept the new page. Once this happens I can go above the 5000 limit that I have hit. You think all you would have to do is switch your account to a page and everybody would be switched over. Basically nothing has really changed. But no they are real jerks in Facebook. The problem is I have a lot of time invested in Facebook, otherwise I would simply switch to Parler.

12/28/2020 0655AM

I post 2 articles a week on my blog On Tuesdays and Fridays at around 1:oo am. They cover pretty much every topic you can think of that involves current events and how historical events and characters relate to todays society. I currently have 252 articles posted. They range from 1 page to many pages. Many of the articles are updated as new data comes in. One article is entitled “The Corona Virus Exposed” I as you would expect update this one routinely. I also have written several other articles about the virus and how to protect yourself. But if you want a thorough discussion on the virus the one I listed is it. I without tooting my own horn believe it is the most all encompassing single article on the subject in the net. in my articles I start with a premise or idea and I let the data lead me where it wills. Usually what happens is that I know a little about the subject and the more I investigate it, the information leads me into an entirely different path and unexpected conclusion. The blog has 3 separate headings “Home” which is every article on my list organized by date of posting or updates. It is an easy way to just peruse the site. There is and “About” section which of course is about me and my creds. The third section the “List of Categories”. You simply hover your cursor over it and a drop down menu will appear with all my subjects. Just click on the subject of interest and all the articles will appear. At the bottom of each article there is a collection of hyperlinks for all the related articles. So you have a couple ways of navigating through the blog. You are free to leave comments, but please keep them civil. I do not make any money on these articles, nor am I trying to gain any advanced degrees. I do give credit to the sources that I use, but if your are looking for a scholarly posting with full footnotes this is not your blog. But having said that, I do my utmost to ensure that all my postings are accurate. Happy reading. I will routinely post this message so that new readers will have the same information. It is my plan to start an all audio podcast in the new year and eventually do a video one. But who knows.

12/28/2020 6:52 AM

So what do you think about the Covid relief bill President Trump signed? I know President Trump was holding on for $2000 for each American as opposed to the $600 the relief bill calls for. The problem is that the bill also was tied to the budget as well. If he refused to sign it, the government would have had to close down. This bill is a nasty piece of work. Pelosi and the Democrats are not playing fair. Instead of having separate bills where they could have fine tuned them and maybe eliminate some of the pork, they put them all together. So it is an all or none deal. So now we are stuck throwing billions of dollars overseas for basically BS, while tens of thousands of businesses are closing for good around the country. We need a national referendum to eliminate all the politicians in Congress, both The Senate and The House of Representatives. This would eliminate all the corrupt politicians. Then we need to change up the system. Make both houses have 4 year terms, with a 4 term limit set on them. The 2 year term is simply too short, all they do in the House is run for office. The six year term is too long for the Senate, people forget what the politician’s campaigned for when they ran for office, The Supreme Court justices should be evaluated every ten years for job performance by their peers, to see if they are fulfilling their duties and are protecting the constitution. If not they should be removed. We also need to set a 9 justice limit to prevent court packing. Our government is no longer responsive to the people. We also need to limit the campaign contributions to just $1000 total per person or business to the candidate. We can’t have billionaires buying our politicians. What do you guys think?

12/28/2020 6:00PM

I can’t believe California. They wonder why their covid numbers are high. They are forcing families, sometimes with 3 and 4 generations to be together all the time. Kids can’t go to school. Everything is closed. I know at my hospital we are getting 2 and 3 people in from one household. Keep the parks and outdoor dining open, open schools. California should have the lowest numbers because of their climate. The governor and mayors all need to go. Get some people who have some brains in office. It is like firing a gun that is empty over and over again and wondering why the target doesn’t fall down.

12/30/2020 12:34 PM

Could this be happening? We now have a congressman in the House and a Senator who are going to contest the electoral vote on January 6th. And it turns out that the left may have shot themselves in the ass by not hearing any evidentiary cases on voter fraud. They have been all refused on protocol issues. This leaves it open for debate in the House and the senate, especially that several state legislatures have ruled in favor of President Trump. Trump won more states than Biden, so if it came down to a one vote per state he should theoretically win the election. his would be the biggest upset in history. It would mean that despite all the shenanigans perpetrated by the left, that right still came out the winner. I won’t hold my breath yet. But maybe things are looking up a little.

12/30/2020 10:59PM

Does anybody think it is quite curious that as soon as a vaccine rolls out for covid, that a new strain appears? It isn’t any more serious it just spreads easier. What, did they have a race? I think the governmental officials don’t want to loose their power. So now they can bully us around even more with this even scarier virus. So now we have to social distance even more. It is all BS.

12/31/2020 8:35PM

A thought for the new year. Remember 9/11? We invaded a country because of what a terrorist organization did. They killed around 3,000 people. So now China, not a terrorist group but the country itself basically through either malfeasance or negligence allowed a virus to escape its country’s borders A virus which killed over 300.000 people and we do nothing? How does that work? It kind of leaves a bad taste in my mouth.

1/3/2021 3:13 AM

A DAILYWIRE caption “High Percentage Of Frontline Workers Refusing To Take The COVID-19 Vaccine, Many Citing Political Reasons” “Large percentages of health care workers in multiple states have said they would not take the COVID-19 vaccine, with some citing a distrust of the political machinations behind the timeline of the vaccine’s creation.The New York Post reported Friday that health care works in California, New York City, Ohio, and Texas are refusing to take the vaccine in large numbers. The workers are citing skepticism that the vaccine would work without side effects given how quickly it was developed and approved.” I blame the bad press, social media and unscrupulous politicians for this belief by large portions of our population. I got my first of 2 vaccinations 2 weeks ago. I had no problems what so ever. I plan on getting what I call the booster shot next week. Again I am for seeing no problems. We need to get immunity to this vaccine. Until either everyone gets the virus and builds up an immunity from it or we get vaccinated our lives will never return to any semblance of normalcy. I work in a local ICU as an RN. Covid-19 is no joke. I have seen way too many people die from this scourge. Man-up and get the vaccine. More testing was done for these vaccines than any prior vaccine in our history. Don’t let the timeline scare you. Most of the time involved in previous vaccines was time spent fighting bureaucratic red tape and the FDA. President Trump fast tracked that BS. He also incentivized the development process, so good old capitalism and competition drove its development.

1/3/2021 10:58 AM

The worst thing the government did was give extra money to hospitals for covid patients. Now everybody that might have had the flu has covid instead. There is just more money in covid patients. I am not however saying that covid is a farce. I have seen way too many people die from covid-19 and resulting complications. Treating covid is a tricky problem, and favorable outcomes hinge on rapid and aggressive treatment. If a patient has the typical symptoms, doctors need to treat it like a covid case to stay ahead of the virus. They can always back off treatments if the test comes back negative. I have taken care of over 150 positive covid patients since the pandemic started in early March. The virus needs to be respected , but not feared. With proper precautions taken, the non infected individual is relatively safe. Transmission numbers increase with the increase in duration of the contact. In cases of incidental contact, especially outdoors, they are relatively benign. Meeting and passing by a person on a hiking trail offers little or no chance of transmission. Viruses are very small, wearing a cotton mask is analogous to using a chain link fence to stop mosquitoes from getting in your house. What cloth masks do do is reduce the force of air produced by a sneeze or cough of an infected individual, thereby reducing the distance the virus can travel. People that social distance at least 6 feet or more are relatively safe even without wearing masks. But I put the caveat, that you are safer outdoors when social distancing than you are indoors. The covid virus can stay suspended in the air for a little while. Typically there is less air circulation indoors than outdoors, duh. So your are safer outdoors. On the subject of the new strain that supposedly is circulating around the country now, I am reserving my opinion for now. Every virus mutates, that is why the you can catch the flu every year. When a virus mutates, it usually involves the receptors on its surface, which is what the immune system and vaccines attach to. So you need a new vaccine or have to get infected again to gain immunity. So my concern is that they are saying that the vaccines will work on the new strain, and their is no difference in the lethality of the virus, however, it is magically spread more easily. And I am finding the timing too convenient. The virus has become weaponized by our governments as the means to maintain high levels of control and leave little remaining freedom for the masses. This new strain is just too convenient for my taste.

1/3/2021 8:00AM

Unfortunately, I believe that travel by plane or cruise ship or even train will require a proof of vaccination. I am pretty certain that is the direction we are heading. What I hope is that they keep it optional and not make it mandatory. You can never tell with our government. I really did have much of a choice with my work. I want to stay safe and keep my wife safe as well. But I believe in free will when it comes to your body.

1/4/2021 11:00 AM

Cloth and fabric masks don’t work. Only N95 marks are effective and they have to be fit tested to your face to know which style or make and size is effective. I have to do a fit test every at my job. I also wear a full face shield when I care for covid patients.

1/4/2021 11:00AM

The problem truly arises with people being forced to stay cloistered at home with their families. How many people wear masks when they are at home. It has been estimated that upwards of 70% of the infections occur here. Only 1.5% with restaurants. Has anyone checked to see what the infection rate is in box stores?

1/5/2021 2:16AM

Trump is the real deal. That is why he has such diehard supporters. I can’t think of a country under Biden Rule. He needs to pull this off. Even if the democrats don’t want to admit it, I know that the majority of them know that Biden did not win the election. Which means that a majority of our country knows the truth. How can we possibly allow this to happen?

1/5/2021 11:32 AM

I find this absolutely amazing. The DC Mayor called in the National Guard to help handle the Pro Trump Protest. Really!!!!! When earlier last year rioters from Antifa and BLM threatened to destroy DC. They had bricks already to throw at the Police. They tried to knock down the restraining fence that protected the White House. And Trump had to bring in federally controlled National Guardsmen to protect the monuments in DC. He had to do this because the DC Mayor refused to act. What a bunch of BS!

1/5/2021 11:40AM

Now the Democrats are saying that the Republicans, by objecting to the electoral certification on the 6th are setting a bad precedent. Even Tom Cotton, who I thought very highly of, said the same thing. Is he a Rhino now as well? Lets do a little time traveling. The Democrats objected to the Electoral vote Certification in 2000, 2004 and 2016. Nothing was said about those being dangerous. When will the double standards end? Tom Cotton thinks that it will embolden the Democrats to destroy the Constitution. Give me a break, they have been trying to destroy the Constitution for the last 12 years.

1/6/2021 1:43 AM

Trump said a LOT of Crazy Stuff in his Tweets the past Four Years… Let’s examine them: He said: My offices are bugged. He was right. He said: The FBI, CIA, DOJ and the Obama administration were plotting against him. He was right. He said: The media both liberal and social are liars . He labeled them FAKE NEWS. He was right. He said: Russian collision was a hoax. He was right. He said: He could bring manufacturing back. He was right. He said: If we build a wall and manage immigration it will create jobs. He was right. He said: Joe and Hunter got rich off of shady corrupt deals with the Ukraine and China. He was right. He said: new trade deals would be better for the people. He was right. He said: Moving the embassy to Jerusalem would be the right decision. He was right He said: getting us out of un-winnable wars would create peace. He was right. He said the Clintons were corrupt. He was right. And still are! He said: locking up minority’s for decades for non violent offenses was wrong so he changed it. He was right. He said: Jobs are worth way more than welfare so he gave the people jobs. He was right. He said: our government is filled with corrupt people and he will fight to drain the swamp and right the wrongs. He is right. President Trump has been right on just about everything he said. So when he says the election was rigged I’ll bet my life on him being right. 74 million strong Sir, we got your back. #trumpismypresident

1/6/2021 1:16PM

I think this is a good thing. The politicians have become too complacent and too removed from their constituents. They have forgotten that they rule at the pleasure of the people. They also need to realize that they need to follow the law. Politicians now think that they are above the law. Maybe they will take a little pause the next time that they pass some BS bill that adversely affects the people. It also shows that the people are watching. Politicians are the representatives of the people and they need to act that way.

1/6/2021 1:17PM

The sad thing is that it won’t work, and it only gives Biden a reason to put in place martial law. So I applaud the people that raided the capital building. Without President Trump to support Pence, he is just another swamp creature. Under Trump he learned how to roar, now all he can do is meow.

1/6/2021 1:22PM

Can you believe the news. Have they forgotten the Boston Tea Party? It is something to hear Fox News. The only reporters talking are people like Chris Wallace and Juan Williams. They did everything in their power to undermine the President.

1/7/2021 1:07 AM

Did anybody see the videos where guards and police allowed the protesters to get through the barricades at the Capitol building? It certainly looked like it was staged. I really think groups like antifa from the left initiated the rioting there. I am not saying some
overzealous Trump followers did not join in. They were however not the ones who started it. This event was a means to deligitamize the Trump movement and the rest of his presidency.Just like the assasination of poor George Floyd. Where he was the victim of a plot by the left to start the racial riots and protests last year. It was all planed and stage. Now Trump is blocked until the end of his term of office, from social media. They are marginalizing him. He is being blamed for the riots. I also think that Congress used the Capitol  riots as an excuse to fast track the final count of the electors. They only protested 2 states, when they had originally planned 6 states. So even if they reversed the count on these 2 states, Arizona and Pennsylvania, Trump would still not have won. President Trump was doomed from the start. The democrats started working on a plan from the very start to make sure he lost his bid for re-election.

1/7/2021 5:35PM

Those in the Republican Party who are throwing DT under the bus are the new deplorable. Yes I am using letters to prevent being kicked off FB. I am not sure what is going to happen to our country. I will soon be migrating to Parler. I will keep my blog up, it is a private domain, so I am fairly safe. We need to support our president, he is the only chance we have.

1/7/2021 5:27PM

I am impressed on your survivability. You have managed to ride the fence between Trump and the left. Now that he has lost, you have deserted him. You and Tom Cotton could have made a difference. If you would have investigated from the start the election fraud, you would have helped legitimize it. Maybe the Supreme Court would have taken the case. The outcome would have been totally different. Remember the more you give in to the left and radicals, the more they want. You can’t erase your past. You supported Trump and that will never be forgiven. Schumer will not share the senate with you. As soon as DC and Puerto Rico are states, you have lost your bargaining power. Besides your colleagues have deserted Trump, you don’t think they won’t desert you. Your days of power are finite. You made the wrong decision and now you will pay the price.

1/7/2021 5:52PM

We are 75 million plus. I am sure it is a lot more, because thousands of ballots were thrown away. We need to remain strong. If we do this, they can’t touch us. That 75 million is misleading, that reflects voters only, there are more than that who can’t vote yet, but still support DT. Our very country is at stake. Our way of life is at stake. We need to remain strong, don’t stop fighting the good fight. Stick up for your rights. Don’t let the left crush you.


Pelosi is crazy. She can’t leave well enough alone. President Trump did not incite a riot. Pence’s inaction caused the riot. He will be out of office in less than 2 weeks. His cabinet is leaving. Just about all of social media has blocked him. And congress is not going to pursue any more laws or acts till Biden takes over. He is basically a paper tiger now. Let him have some peace. She is an evil woman.

1/8/2021 4:37PM

So, Twitter has banned DT for life. This is not about what he has done or what they insinuate and think he did, it is about what they fear he will do in the future. They are afraid of him and his 70 plus million followers. They are trying to cancel him. As long as we keep him relevant he will remain relevant. Don’t let them cancel what he stood and still stands for. He gave us everything he had. Show appreciation and never let him die. Keep him in your hearts and minds.

1/9/2021 2:20 AM

Just when I thought Juan Williams on Fox News couldn’t top his most idiotic statement list. When Jessie Waters on the Five asked him if it was good for the country if Trump was impeached. He said yes, just that the timing was bad. Inpeachment should never be the first means of negotiations with a president. Whst has this country come to? Pelosi is the problem hear, not president Trump.

1/9/2021 4:45 AM

Why can’t we get past race? Why should it matter where you were born or what the color of your skin is or even what your gender is. What should matter is what is in your heart and how you treat your fellow man. And yes I am white. So what. I have an Asian wife. I have friends and co-workers from all races. You know what I don’t care what is on the outside, just what is on the inside. Until we can all do this we will never progress as a nation.

1/9/2021 5:14AM

Since I am still pissed I mind as well continue on my tirade. I am tired of big tech, special interests and governmental hierarchies telling me what I can write, say and do. We are supposed to be a free society. We can’t even go outdoors without wearing a damn mask. You know what will happen, we will all get the vaccine and some ass like power hungry Fauci will say we still need to wear a mask, especially when we are having sex with strangers. You thought I forgot, humph.

1/9/2021 9:11AM

I just read the Twitter reason for banning President Trump. So not only are they preventing him from speaking out on Twitter, they are also reading his mind, and can tell his intentions before he even says them or does them. Since they are so powerful and rich they also have many supernatural powers as well. Kind of reminds me of the Tom Cruise movie Minority Report. Basically they are punishing him for things he hasn’t done yet, but they know he will do them. I am going to discuss this further in my blog over the next few days. Because this is entirely illegal and amoral. Since Twitter is enjoying protection under the U.S. government they have an obligation to follow certain rules, such as freedom of speech. They are violating this, they are also punishing people without do process of the law. They might be a private company, but some of those rights were given up when they tied themselves to the government via article 230.

1/9/2021 4:02PM

Everybody is saying the rioting and the incursion in the Capitol building was not justified. It sure was a mess, there were mistakes made on both sides. But when people have exhausted all other avenues, insurrection has been used in the past. Our history is based on this premise. After watching many videos from the 6th, I firmly believed that antifa or an antifa like group fomented the riots. They had black facial covers, and black backpacks. They just wore regular clothes to fit in better.


1/11/2021 8:52AM

Pence is going to Biden’s inauguration, I am not sure how he stands with Trump. You can’t trust the news. I know it would not be a good idea for Trump to go to it, because it would be a circus. Even though Biden will not be a legitimate president, It is important that the republican party shows that they can rise above the melee and show some class. While I don’t agree with how Pence handled the final count of the electors, he still was a class act during his four years as VP. he always had his back. He was basically the Ying to Trump’s Yang. I think he helped put the brakes on him a little, as much as that was possible.

1/11/2021 4:32 PM

Letter supposedly written by Pelosi.

1/12/2021 2:26AM

Trump did not start this, if you look at the videos you can see that antifa people were there as well. They just were not wearing there all black outfits, but they had their black backpacks and some had body armor. They were all wearing black masks. There is a lot going on, that we don’t know about. This event gives the left the moral high ground, something they have not had for quite some time. Now they are using it to purge DC and impeach Trump again.

1/12/2021 2:32 AM

1/13/2021 5:47PM

Mitch McConnell you can kiss all the Democratic ass you like. Chuck Schumer will not share the senate with you. So, show your true colors. Enjoy this term of office. It will be your last if you vote to impeach Trump. Your electorate’s won’t forget how you turned on your president.

1/13/2021 3:39 PM

I just heard that the House Impeached Trump for the second time. I guess they did not learn their lesson the first time. Even Pelosi admitted that they had made a mistake on the first impeachment, but her pride and hatred for Trump prevented her from pulling back. I believe that, like in the first impeachment, this second one is also without basis. If you listened to his speech on the the 6th of January, you would know this. Unfortunately too many of you don’t actually take the time to fact check yourself. The left is making a mistake because, first the more they persecute Trump the brighter and higher his star will shine, and second they are not taking into account his children. Donald Jr. Eric and Ivanka are all polarizing figures unto themselves. When you put the three of them together they have the same draw that their father has. I also believe that every congressman who voted for impeachment in the House, should be removed from office themselves. Because they are using their offices to carry on personal vendettas. They are not doing the work that they were elected to do by their constituents. They are wasting tax payer dollars on these endless attempts to ruin Trump’s Presidency and Legacy. Their efforts will fail in the long run and they will regret their actions, because all corrupt politicians eventually reach an ignobile end.

1/14/2021 6:34AM

So now, not only was the whole Capitol incident created to discredit Trump, but his movement as well. It also gave them the excuse to take one more jab at him, ie 2nd impeachment. It also allowed them to lock down DC. So as a result the crowds will be reduced. So now Biden won’t be embarrassed by the incredibly small crowds that would have showed up. This would have made the whole election fraud obvious. Because a presidential candidate who got 80 million votes should be able draw enormous crowds to his inauguration. Pretty devious. You have to give the democrats their due, they don’t miss much. Their only real problem is, they don’t know when to stop. They always overdo it.

1/16/2021 6:42 AM

So WHO went to Wuhan, they found out that China was working on the covid virus. Three people became infected, and they failed to contain them. Basically they could have done so,, by simply locking down international travel from Wuhan just like they did for travel to the rest of China. They saw an opportunity and they took it. They lied, and monopolized all supplies for themselves before the rest of the world even knew about the virus. China is culpable, and they need to be taken to task. I think $4 trillion sounds good, or erase the debt that we owe China.

1/18/2021 12:49PM

A reply to National Geographic statement that President Trump made a call to violence to hinder the peaceful transition of power.

If your magazine believes that President Trump has tried to whip up violence to stop the transition, my life long respect for your magazine has been thoroughly shaken. It is the job of magazines and newspapers to report the news not make it. Listen to his last speeches and tell me if his call to peaceful protest is in any way a call to violence. The problem with society today is that it is all one sided. If you have a different idea, you are now evil or sub human. I think you need to rethink your stance as a magazine or your reputation will be tarnished forever.

1/19/2021 11:14 PM

I am getting a little tired of the left blaming President Trump for the Capitol riots. He did not, I repeat did not incite the violence and riots. Listen to his speech if you don’t believe me. Don’t listen to a Rhino like Mitch McConnell who is trying to save his job. Stop being stupid Mitch, no matter how much ass you kiss, Schumer is not going to play nice. Several antifa and BLM people have been arrested for their complicity in the Capitol riots. Just watch the videos from the 6th and compare them to the videos of the summer riots. You will see the same tactics being used as well as similar attire being worn. You can tell which ones were Trumpers, they were walking around like dorks taking selfies. Bsides, Trump had not even finish his speech when they started assaulting the Capitol. The left is using this event to destroy the right.

1/20/2021 9:14 AM

I could only listen to a few minute’s of Biden’s Inaugural speech before I started getting nauseated. He has no right to speak about people losing their jobs and businesses going bankrupt, when his lefty governors and mayors and congressmen and women, kept this country closed up for over 10 months so the economy would stagnate, and Pelosi refused aid to starving Americans because she did not want to give a victory to Trump. Their actions have to be the most despicable actions ever taken by politicians for private gain. The only thing worse is their allowing the already decimated businesses of Democratic cities burn down and get ransacked by “mostly peaceful protestors”. Give me a f—king break. Their sanctimonious behavior sickens me. I don’t know how they live with themselves. And too think they want to actually impeach a private citizen, who never took a penny while he was in office. May the lot of them rot in you know where.

1/20/2021 5:28 PM

1/21/2021 2:14 AM

Would everyone agree we live in the same planet, I think the answer is yes? Well we live in a closed system. We are drinking the same water dinosaurs drank, just recycled. The air we breath, was recycled and used by people on the other side of the world. So what China does to the environment eventually will affect us. So you tell me what difference dies it make where the oil comes from, environmentally speaking? The only difference is how cleanly you do the process. In the US we are pro environment, over seas, not so much. So are actually better off getting the oil here. Also don’t give me that line of BS about green energy, wind and solar and geo-thermal are at least 50 or more years away from being competitive with fossil fuels. If you want to reduce our carbon emissions, plant trees. Also teach third world countries how to farm properly. In South America they are clearing thousands of acres of rain forest every year for farm land. The land becomes wasteland in under 5 years due to poor farming techniques. So education and planting trees is a lot cheaper and much more effective than trillion dollar pipe dreams.

1/21/2021 3:21AM

So you don’t think Biden is not an vindictive jerk? Guess what one of his executive orders was? He canceled Trump’s order for the 1776 project, which was to teach children in school about our founding fathers and how our country came about. That was done in sheer spite. What a prick.

1/21/2021 10:19 PM

So all those poor keystone XL pipeline workers making over a $100.00 an hour, who find themselves unemployed, should feel some consolation, knowing that thanks to Biden they can get brand new New jobs flipping burgers for $15.00 an hour. Or maybe stocking shelves. Maybe a homeless person will share his box, when they lose their houses. Nice way to start his presidency, 10, 000 high priced jobs just vanished, not to mention the taxes they paid. Thanks Biden, I thought I was going to run out of material for my blog. You are giving material for my blog and my new pod cast.

1/22/2021 3:45 AM

I have just posted my second podcast, which was a discussion on Biden’s first 2 days as president and his executive orders. I will post depending on current events at least once week and possibly sooner. I guess it depends on how irritated Biden makes me. you are interested I have also included a link to my first podcast.
the podcast is entitled “Common Sense and Ramblings in America”.

1/24/2021 2:17 AM

I am sure as most people who have been paying attention to Biden’s executive orders, that they are not about helping our country or it’s citizens. They are about paying back debts for contributions and other things. They are also about destroying President Trump’s legacy. They hate him so much, they they allowed thousands of businesses to close up permanently, they also delayed vaccine distribution, so thousands more people died unnecessarily. Did you know that Moderna had a viable vaccine just two days after China released the gene sequence of the virus? The FDA dragged their feet and made them do each testing stage separately. They could have combined steps 1 and 2 together, thereby shaving off months of testing process. Moderna could have had the vaccine ready in the summer… The FDA is part of the swamp, they were pissed off that President Trump forced them to use emergency override measures and basically stepped on their authority. Pfizer lied about receiving billions of dollars for development and vaccine production. They also held the release of the vaccine until after the election. So now Biden has undid the discounts on pharmaceuticals, like insulin and epi pens and other drugs. This obviously hurts everybody who takes prescription meds. But it puts billions of dollars in profits back into the pockets of Big Pharma. Big Pharma hated President Trump for forcing them to drop their prices. I am also still waiting for the House to Impeach Biden. All the Freshmen members of the House said they were going to put forward a call for impeachment. Apparently they were blowing smoke. I am not sure what they solution is, but I know one thing we need to need to unite and raise some hell while we still have a country left and have any freedom. Six more months of this BS and we will be a socialist country on a fast track to communism.

1/24/2021 2:32 PM

We lose high paying jobs and replace them with low paying jobs. That is what happened under the Clinton administration. They said he created millions of jobs, the problem was very few of them were high paying. So people lost good jobs and now they had to work two jobs instead. Under his 8 years in office, millions of jobs went overseas. That is the trend of the Democrats. They only want a country of poorly educated burger flippers, who are easy to control.

1/24/2021 3:05 PM

As per Newsmax: The Biden Protection Plan” Biden no heeds guidance about staying on task with speeches and no longer worries a gaffe or two will cost him the election. His staff also limits the places where he speaks freely and off the cuff. This Biden protective bubble will only tighten in the months ahead, aides tell Axios.” “The Biden White House will use the cover of coronavirus precautions to greatly curtail his freelance movements and access to him.”

1/27/2021 1:25AM

1/28/2021 45:24 PM

1/29/2021 12:06 PM

I just became aware of the Lefts, yet another attempt to guarantee continual Wins in the Presidential elections. They just never give up on finding ways to cheat. This scheme is another way to bypass the electoral college. It is called the National Popular Vote Interstate Compact (NPVIC). It is an agreement among a group of U.S. states and the District of Columbia to award all their electoral votes to whichever presidential candidate wins the overall popular vote in the 50 states and the District of Columbia. So what it does, is give the electoral votes despite who won those states, all the electoral votes to the candidate with the most popular votes nation-wide. We know who this will be, what with 15 million brand new democratic voters coming online. We know that all the illegal aliens already here and the new ones on their way will most assuredly vote Democratic. So it is not enough that that the left uses ballot harvesting, they also want to count black voters more than once, because they have been treated poorly through our history. They want to basically eliminate the electoral college without even going through the Congress. What with, Biden being the king of executive orders we are fast tracking our way to either communism or to a dictatorship. Watch the next thing they will do, is eliminate the 2 term limit for the president. And with these new steps being taken by the left, we are almost there. And what are the Republicans doing, not a damn thing. They are allowing the Democrats to mess with President Trump, so he won’t be able to run for office. They know he is the only presidential candidate that stands a chance to beat them, that is unless they cheat. So how do we fight this, I don’t know. They have the media and social media all sewn up. They are even preventing right leaning writers from publishing their books. But I do know one thing we can not give up. I am doing my part, or trying. I am using Facebook as long as I can, I have my own Blog:, and I have started a pod cast which can be seen in youtube under my name Randy Landry, I also post it under buzzsprout under “common sense and ramblings in america”. We all have to fight and never give up. Our country and our freedom are to precious to lose.

2/1/2021 5:42

You may be tired of hearing about President Trump, I know he has been out of office a few weeks. In today’s society that makes him old news and ancient history. A lot of people may not have liked him and what he stood for. But nobody can deny, he was for the common working man, he was for creating jobs. He was for Americans, he was for improving the living conditions of Americans. During his presidency world peace became a possibility. Now under Biden, we have lost jobs, the federal minimum wage will increase to $15.00, more than double that in many states. It will not help the poor. It will simply cause people to get laid off, more small businesses to close, and the cost of living to up across the board. Minimum wage increases should be mandated by states. $15.00 in California is not the same as it is in Georgia or Alabama. It will have little effect in California, it will destroy businesses in the southern states. Under President Trump taxes were cut, so real income increased for families. Under Biden, tax breaks will be repealed and the rates will go up even to higher levels than that under President Obama. So, for all those people who voted for Biden, I hope you like a higher cost of living, higher taxes and don’t forget fewer rights. The left is chipping away at our first and second amendment rights. In Germany and Italy, private citizens were not able to own guns prior to WWII. When people are not able to defend themselves , they become weak. They become easy targets. People also need to be well informed. Don’t take other people’s word for things, do the work and research. Don’t be sheep, be leaders, be strong. Defend your families and your rights. Thousands of Americans died before you, so could have these rights, don’t take them for granted.

2/2/2021 8:56 AM

I think schools and the government are interfering too much in the raising of children. If the parents want to raise their kids to feel a certain way towards a different race, it is there prerogative, not the state’s. They should also stop discussing gender identity with young children. Let them be kids. If the they are raised in a loving family environment they will make the right decisions based on their needs, not some bullshit agenda of the left.

2/2/2021 9:00AM

You know, it is funny, I never thought the term “trumpers” was derogatory. I am a proud Trumper. Besides, it is not about the man, it is about what he stands for. He is pro-America and America first. What is wrong with that?

2/2/2021 3:44 PM

You know, it is funny, I never thought the term “trumpers” was derogatory. I am a proud Trumper. Besides, it is not about the man, it is about what he stands for. He is pro-America and America first. What is wrong with that?

2/2/2021 4:37 PM

Weilding power is not doing what is legal, it is doing what you can get away with. Our government is only as powerful as we allow it. If we allow the legislature and the executive branch to do things that are unconstitutional than we are just as much to blame. Impeachment of a private citizens is unconstitutional, period. Ruling our government by executive order is unconstitutional. We have a legislature for a reason. Where is the Supreme Court? They jumped all over President Trump. The Supreme Court is supposed be conservative, why are they not questioning Biden?

2/4/2021 8:45 AM

This is a recent article title from the Daily Wire, “Top U.S. Commander: We Must Assume ‘Very Real Possibility’ That We May Need To Use Nukes Against China, Russia.” I thought this kind of thinking died with the cold war with Russia. Lets hope our military and our political thinkers can’t be this stupid. There can be no winner in a nuclear war with Russia and China. I was scared shitless after watching the 1983 movie the “The Day After”. I can remember doing drills when I was in elementary school where we had to hide under our desks and go to a tunnel that we had connecting our elementary school and our Jr. High school together. That is no way to live. Lets hope that the author of this article is wrong.

2/6/2021 4:00 PM

There has been a lot of talk going on about not taking the vaccine. First of all, if you have had the virus, you don’t need the vaccine. You are already immune to it. We have been at this almost an entire year, and we are still not at the herd immunity numbers we need to truly open up our society. That is why the vaccines are better and quicker. They are also a hell of a lot safer than taking the chance of getting infected, so you can gain your immunity. I have seen younger people get infected and end up dying from it. They probably had a comorbidity they were not aware of. But the virus found it anyway. Chances are it would have emerged later in life. By taking the vaccine, millions of people can gain immunity each week, at little or no risk. We need to give the vaccine to first responders, than the elderly and those at higher risk. Than the general population. However, don’t throw away unused vaccines at the end of the day. Have a list of people you can call, to give them to, so they don’t go to waste. A vaccine thrown away is a possible life lost to the infection. We also need a more reliable way of testing people. And I am not talking of the Chinese rectal swab, that is insane. Even if you have the vaccine or have been infected, you can still get a colony of the virus to grow in your nose or nares. The thing is that they are totally harmless now. However they will give you a positive test, if you get a swab test. This is how the Democrats are going to keep the country locked down. Because we know they are famous for not following the science. So there are two things we need to beat this pandemic; (1) every individual who has not had the infection, needs to get vaccinated. I know this is going to be hard to do, because you may have been one of those who had no symptoms, if that is the case just get it to be safe. The test to see if you have immunity is not accurate. (2) we need a new and more accurate test to see if you are infected or not, one that will not give false positives. It happens even in the hospitals, with our current tests. I am not a doctor, but I am an ICU nurse with 20 years of experience and almost one year of taking care of Covid-19 patients, that makes me a person in the know.

2/6/2021 5:54 PM

What a crock of shit. The House stripped Marjorie Taylor Greene of her Committee positions. This is her first term in office. She is being penalized for things she said before she was elected. Obviously her constituents knew what she has said, yet they still voted for her. So by taking these actions they are saying that they know better than the voters do.

2/8/2021 5:38 PM

There is talk that Biden doesn’t want President Trump to get security briefings. He is hinting that he is a security risk. This was also discussed on Fox News in the Chris Wallace show. One of his guests stated that he could not be trusted with state securities because of his debt and that he would be susceptible to financial blackmail. I think this is scandalous and verges on liable. No surprise with Wallace’s show. He was our president for 4 years, with no problems about security. There were more leaks under Obama’s term as president.

2/9/2021 3:33 PM

Ok, so many northern states are now opening up their schools for classes one day a week. So my question is? Is it, going to be Sunday or Saturday that the children go to school on? Because I am trying to figure out if the covid virus is either Jewish or Christian. Because obviously the virus is tired and needs a day off, to rest up. So now it is safe to allow kids to go back to school on that one day. I am sure the parents are going to be happy that they can all go back to work one day in their special per diem jobs. Jobs, that have been on hold for a year. Give me a break!

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