Police Deserve Your Respect

I have written several articles law enforcement. A list of links have been provided at bottom of this article for your convenience. This article will, however address different aspects on Law Enforcement

This is my second post of the day that probably won’t be popular, but it needs to be said. As I stated in a few previous postings, I work in a hospital. Every job in the hospital is important and essential. Without a environmental person present to clean our dirty rooms, we would have no place to place our sick patients, no cafeteria staff, nobody would get fed. No lab techs no blood tests would be drawn or completed. The hospital can not run without these ancillary staff. They are every bit important as doctors and nurses. We can use the hospital as model to help us relate the country as a whole. We need leaders to run our governments, we need lawyers to writ our laws, judges to make rulings and to ensure that those laws are legal. We need the police to enforce our laws. The list goes on and on. Everybody’s job is important and essential to someone. If you don’t think we need law and order just refer back to the bible. Look up the story of Sodom and Gomorrah to see what living in lawless society’s is like. I am sure similar examples are also present in every religion.

As I have stated in previous articles there are bad people everywhere in our society. Bad people tend to do bad things, even good people may be tempted to do bad things if they think that there will be no repercussions. Take for example speeding. How many people slow down when they see a cop on the road and speed up when they are not around, just about everybody. This is a simple example but it helps to bring home the lesson that nobody is above reproach. In our great cities’ early inceptions the police made walking rounds in there districts. They talked to business owners, helped children put chains back on bicycles, they became involved in there community. The local people knew there cops by name. Cops were known and respected by many people. Today this activity has all but disappeared. Cops are not known by name anymore and are respected by few. They are in fact, vilified by many.

This growing trend needs to stop. Police provide a very important role in our society. More than just there to enforce the laws, they provide a deterrent so that good people won’t become bad. Society needs structure, law and order. The weak, elderly, need to be protected. The police are not just cops they are detectives as well. They investigate murders, rapes and robberies. They also respond to cases of domestic abuse. Cops are, in fact, very important. Don’t defund them, don’t remove them, train them, help them and above all else respect them.

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