Detroit Put It’s Citizens First

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How is that the Democratic mayor put aside politics to protect his city? The mayor decided that his honor and doing his job was more important than following the Democratic Party line. Detroit, Michigan unlike every other major Democratic city has not suffered any damage from rioting. Not one window has been shattered, not one store looted, not one police invaded, not one building burned down and not one statue destroyed. How is this possible?

It is quite simple, the city and the state stood together for one. Second of all, the major did not defund his police. He stood behind them, gave them the tools and support they needed to do their jobs. Thirdly they put forward a zero tolerance for rioting. At the first sign of any unruly behavior, it was immediately put down. But what is more important, they don’t have a zero bail system. Criminals aren’t given a citation and notice and immediately let go. Since the judicial system was working, they said why change it. And lastly, the police have a good working relationship with the residents of Detroit.

Detroit, like all cities has its problems, but instead of trying to destroy the whole system, they took what worked and fixed what was broken. By addressing their issues, they were able to maintain that all important bond between the government and its citizens. When people feel that its government is sensitive to its needs, and addresses them in a timely manner, they earn their respect.

All of this was made possible, because the mayor of Detroit was a man of integrity. He believed the oath he took when he was elected to office meant something. This is a lesson that mayors across the country should take heed of. If they did this, our cities and states would not be the war zones that they are now.

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