News Bias, What is the Media Afraid of?

I have written several articles on postings related to Big Tech, Social Media and Corporations. A list of links have been provided at bottom of this article for your convenience. This article will, however address different aspects on these Industries.

It can’t be denied that most of the media and even Hollywood are definitely slanted towards the Left, favoring the Democratic Party Or Liberal/Socialist Party. The news media is supposed to be the guardian angel that keeps the politician honest. They are supposed to be unbiased and only report the facts no matter where they fall. Now the news media is part of the news. They alter the reality to change the story completely. They selectively edit photos, videos and audio files to further there agenda. But you may ask why is this necessary, what is the media afraid of? Are they afraid of a fair fight? Apparently they are. Social medial selectively edits there clients postings to eliminate dissenting views. Where is our freedom of speech? The problem is, that the left knows there system doesn’t work. They can’t support there assertions. Socialism has failed in every country it has been tried in. Those that are supposedly socialist, only play lip service to it. They still are capitalist systems. You can’t have free everything, without incentives for hard work, excellence and achievement. Nothing is free in this world. Everything comes from something. From the food you eat to the clothes you wear were made by someone and cost something to make them. When people work, they expect compensation for their labor.

The Soviet Union tried Socialism/Communism for about 50 years. During this time, there was not enough food, shelters, cars and clothes for the people. The only ones that had enough, were the members of the communist party. The rest lived in near poverty. The only way China survives is that they have a modified system, based on totalitarianism.

So the media has to control the perspective that people see. There is poverty, violence, poor education and substandard living conditions throughout Democratic run states and cities. This cycle has continued for decades. The Democratic party is to blame, but now they have a powerful ally, the media. It covers all their mistakes and shortcomings. Some how this trend needs to change. The only way were are going to succeed is if both sides of the story are reported, so that the people can make up there own minds. Debate, discussion and then action, is what we need, not just reaction.

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