Biden and His Mask, Does It Give Him Super Powers?

I have written several articles on our Presidential candidate Biden. A list of the links have been provided at the bottom of this article for your convenience. This article will, however address different aspects on Presidential candidate Biden’s Campaign.

Correct me if I am wrong here, since the Pandemic started, Biden has come out of his basement how many times? What has he been doing all this time to help our country? The only thing I can see besides his continuing to make errors on the air is to wear a mask when in public. Is that all it takes to be a President is to wear a mask? If so sign me up. I would like to take Air Force One for a whirl around the block. I have been watching the polls come out for weeks now, and the results are amazing. President Trump is doing everything except actually take care of the Covid patients himself, to help this country. He even, at the beginning stages of the pandemic, moonlighted at a testing facility helping clean test tubes and bring in supplies. This is after working a full day as president. He has not been snoozing in his basement. The result of these polls is due mainly to all the 24/7 anti-Trump smear campaigns being carried on by the media. After a while people tend to start believing it. Joseph Goebbels the Propaganda Minister for the Nazis Party, once said if you “repeat a lie often enough, it becomes the truth.” If you don’t remember our world history, the Nazis Party was the Brain child of Adolf Hitler, if not the most evil person in world history, certainly in the top five. I know the top is really crowded, with people like Joseph Stalin, Vlad Dracula the Impaler (yes he was a real person), Josef Mengele, and Genghis Khan. But I digress. You get my point bad press can make any noxious odor smell sweet.

Biden’s mask can’t cover up for all his inadequacies. He is a mere shadow of himself, not that he was that great to begin with. He was only an average student at best in college and law school. He has been found guilty of plagiarism on multiple occasions, either because he was just too lazy to come up with his own ideas or simply did not have enough mental acuity to do so. He now has difficulties in answering simple questions posed by the press. If his teleprompter breaks down, he is at a total loss. This is the person who is leading in all the polls? He has been a politician over 50 years and during this time he has been instrumental in only two bills becoming law, the Law Enforcement Act of 1994 and his Violence Against Woman Act which was reauthorized in 2013. The negative impact that these two bills have had on people’s rights is so egregious that they both had to be amended and basically marginalized. While the Vice President, in the Obama administration, the country almost went bankrupt, millions of jobs disappeared overseas, China and Russia repeatedly raped our country. Several major corporations were basically taken over by the government. Corruption was rampant as Hiliary Clinton sold Uranium illegally to Russia. Race relationships worsened as the Black Lives Matters Movement saw its birth during this administration. It was open season on police. More police were killed than at any previous time in our history. Our country was a laughing stock in the international community. President Obama embarrassed our country at every opportunity. Obama gave billions of dollars away to countries that hated us. He signed one agreement after another that weakened our political influence in the world. The only difference now, is the first Biden will be top dog, not Obama, and second Biden is experiencing some form of dementia. His campaign is being run by far left liberal advisers, Like Bernie Sanders, AOC, and Pilosi. If he wins this trend will continue right into the White House. He wants to defund the police and eliminate all prisons. If you want to know what our country will be like just watch Mel Gibson’s movie the Road Warrior or any number of apocalyptic movies that followed. They want to destroy our culture, our past and our country. Wake up America, use your brains, open your eyes and stop being duped by the Left. Biden’s mask doesn’t give him super powers, it is just covering up that smile when he thinks of countries’ future. Remember that the only thing he has done in the last 4 months is hide and wear a mask. “Don’t look for Biden because He Is Hiden”

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