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I have written several articles on our Presidential candidate Biden. A list of the links have been provided at the bottom of this article for your convenience. This article will, however address different aspects on Presidential candidate Biden’s Campaign. I have written several articles on postings related to politicians. A list of links have been provided at bottom of this article for your convenience. This article will, however address different aspects on these politicians.

Joseph Biden born on November 20, 1942, at St. Mary’s Hospital in Scranton, Pennsylvania to Catherine Eugenia Biden Joseph Roninette Biden Sr. He is the first of four siblings in a Catholic family, he has a sister and two brothers. Biden’s father was wealthy but had suffered several financial setbacks. After relocating several times, his father finally became a successful car salesman. Biden attended the Archmere Academy in Claymont. He was a gifted athlete, a poor student, and a natural leader. He was elected class president in his junior and senior years. He earned a bachelor’s degree in 1965 from the University of Delaware. He graduated from Syracuse University College of Law in 1968. He was admitted to the Delaware bar in 1969.

In 1964 he married Nelia Hunter. in 1971 Biden’s wife Nelia and their one year-old daughter were killed in an automobile accident. Biden’s sons Beau and Hunter survived the accident. In 1977 Biden married Jill Tracy Jacobs a teacher in Delaware. She has 2 master’s degrees and a doctorate in education from the University of Delaware. They had one daughter together. Biden and his wife are Roman Catholics and regularly attend mass at St. Joseph’s on the Brandywine. Throughout his career he has been guilty of plagiarism, both in law school and on the campaign trail with his speeches. The Selective Service System classified him as unavailable for service due to his history of asthma. He has also had a problem with stuttering throughout his life, more so in his early years. Practicing in front of the mirror helped. However, it seems to have resurfaced in his later years and has become quite evident in his 2020 campaign for presidency.

In 1972 Biden ran for the US Senate seat in Delaware. The campaign ran on little money, and was staffed mainly by his family. His campaign focused on the withdrawal from Vietnam; the environment; civil rights; mass transit; more equitable taxation; health care; the public’s dissatisfaction with “politics as usual” and on change. He won the election by 3,162 votes. During his first years in the Senate he focused on consumer protection and environmental issues. Biden described himself as liberal on civil rights and liberties, senior citizen’s concerns and healthcare, but conservative on abortion and the draft. In 1984 he was instrumental in gaining the passage of the Comprehensive Crime Control Act. In 1993 he was in favor of a mandate that deemed homosexuality to be incompatible with military life. The law was subsequently modified by President Clinton through the issuance of DOD Directive “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell”. In 1996 he voted in favor of the Defense of Marriage Act. Both laws he voted for were later reversed by Supreme court cases. Log Cabin Republicans vs. United States and United States vs. Windsor and Obergefell vs. Hodges.

Regarding foreign policy, Biden focused on arms control issues. He was vocal in support of the SALT I and SALT II Treaties. He was for strict adherence to these treaties even though it was feared that Russia would not adhere to them. In the mid-1970s, Biden opposed desegregation busing. He was also was for limiting the scope of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 with respect to the federal government’s power to enforce school integration policies.

Biden ran for the 1988 Democratic presidential nomination. He declared his candidacy in June 9, 1987. By August due to staff rivalries his message became clouded and confused and he started lagging behind Michael Dukakis and Dick Gephardt. In September he was accused of plagiarizing a speech from Neil Kinnock. He also lifted passages from other speeches without giving credit to these politicians. His plagiarism in law school also became public. He soon withdrew his candidacy in September 23, 1987.

In 1988, Biden suffered two brain aneurysms, one on the right and one on the left, during his recovery he suffered a pulmonary embolism. The two surgeries kept him from his duties for seven months.

Biden was involved in crafting many federal crime laws. He led in the passage of the Violent Crime Control and Law Enforcement Act of 1994 (Biden Crime Law) which included the Federal Assault Weapons Ban. It expired in 2004 and was not renewed. It also included the Violence Against Women Act which was ruled unconstitutional in United States vs. Morrison. He voted to acquit both charges during the impeachment of President Clinton. Biden was a member of the US Senate Committee on Foreign Relations. He was also co-chairman of the NATO Observer Group in the Senate. He also chaired the Subcommittee on European Affairs. He voted against the authorization for the Gulf War in 1991, while was a supporter for the Afghanistan War in 2001 and the War against Iraq in 2002.

Biden declared his candidacy for President on January 31, 2007. During his campaign he focused on the War on Iraq and his support for implementing the Biden-Gelb plan to achieve political success. He fell in the sensible center of the Democratic Party. He had trouble in raising funds and struggled to draw crowds to his rallies. He failed to make any real progress against Obama and Hiliary Clinton. In the first contest on January 3, 2008, Biden placed 5th in the Iowa caucuses. He withdrew from the race that evening. Having gotten to know each other during 2007, Obama appreciated Biden’s campaigning style and appeal to working-class voters and Biden said he was convinced Obama was the real deal. On August 22, 2008 Obama announced that Biden was his running mate.

As the financial crisis of 2007-2010 reached a peak with the Liquidity crisis of September 2008 and the proposed bailout of the US financial system became a major factor in the campaign, Biden voted in favor of the $700 Billion emergency Economic Stabilization Act of 2008. On October 2, 2008 Biden participated in the vice-presidential debate with Palin and won the debate. Biden continued to drop Biden bombs and was left out of strategy sessions. Biden had to apologize to Obama in regards to some of his remarks. On November 4, 2008 they won the Presidency.

Soon after the 2008 election, Biden was appointed chairman of president-elect Obama’s transition team. He said his vice-presidency would be different, his plan was to provide advice and counsel on every critical decision Obama would make. He was also named to head the new White House Task Force on Working Families, an initiative to improve the middle class’s economic well being. In the early months of the Obama administration, Biden assumed the role of a behind-the-scenes counselor, often solving disputes among the Obama team. Biden lost an internal debate to Secretary of State Hiliary Clinton regarding his opposition to sending 21,000 new troops to the war in Afghanistan. Biden visited Iraq every 2 months acting as the point man in Iraq. He was also in charge of the oversight role for infrastructure spending from the Obama stimulus package. It was stated that Biden forced people to think and defend their positions. He was instrumental in gaining Senate approval for the New START treaty and the passing of the Tax Relief Unemployment Insurance Re-authorization and Job Creation Act of 2010. Biden supported closer economic ties with Russia.

President Obama during his 2012 Presidential campaign considered replacing Biden with Hiliary Clinton, but the polls showed that there would be no difference in the numbers, so he staid with Biden. Despite some miscues and Biden Bombs, they won the election handily over the Romney-Ryan ticket. During his second term as VP, Biden’s Violence Against Women Act was reauthorized again 2013. This act led to related developments, such as the White House Council on Women and Girls as well as the White House Task Force to Protect Students from Sexual Assault. During his 8 years as VP he never cast a tie-breaking vote in the Senate.

On May 30, 2015 Biden’s son Beau Biden died of brain cancer at the age of 46. The death of his son was the reason he did not enter the race for President in 2016. Biden remained close friends with Senator McCain right up to his death in 2018. He gave the eulogy and served as a pallbearer. On April 25, 2019 Biden launched his campaign for 2020 presidential election. Half way through the primaries Biden was essentially the only one left in the Democratic Party running for President. Due to Covid-19 and his frequent gaffs he is essentially running his campaign out of his basement. He has also been accused of inappropriate contact with women at public events earlier in his career. But thanks to support from fellow democrats and the lack of coverage by the press, he seems to have weathered the storm. He currently leads the polls, but the polls accuracy is suspect. He has to yet announce a running mate, and he has yet came up with campaign platform, besides being not Trump. It seems whatever Trump says or does, he is against.

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