Why is the Left in Love With Impeachment? Is William Barr Next?

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This article is a compilation of some of my thoughts. Ever since there were elections there was fraud surrounding the voting process, that is until the US was born. As a country we have probably had the fairest elections in history, at least at the federal level. The local level not so honest. During the Civil War, there were simply not enough volunteers to fill the ranks of the Northern Armies. So the Enrollment Act of 1863 was enacted. However the Act was riddled with loopholes. You could pay a fee to be exempt from the draft, but it only lasted 6 or so months, than you had to do it again. You could also pay a substitute to fight for you, this was a permanent solution, as the draft was for the duration of the war. The army learned their lesson with the Continental Army, where there service time was not for the war’s duration. Well as you can imagine there was a lot of fraud associated with this practice. New York City in the 1860’s was probably the most corrupt City in the Union. One particular area called the Five Points of NYC corruption was rampant. Political parties actually waged war on each other to gain power. In the South after the Civil War, the participation of Black Men in the voting process was curtailed by many Jim Crow laws. There was also a lot of voting fraud surrounding Organized crime and Irish Immigration. It ran unchecked in many of the large northern cities in the 1890’s. Crime took an upswing when the Prohibition Act was passed in 1919. The Great Depression era created a nice climate for crime and fraud, thousands of foreclosures and businesses going bankrupt, fortunes made and lost. World War II saw a slowing down in the amount of corruption. But the advent of the Cold War, McCarthyism and the increase in power of the Unions, especially the Teamsters with Jimmy Hoffa in the 60’s, voter fraud made a resurgence. Organized crime and the associated voting fraud seems to wax and wane like the tides. In the 2000 and 2004 elections there was possible voting fraud involving “chads”. Especially in 2000, where Florida was the key state in the presidential election, a state run by the Presidential Candidate George W. Bush’s younger brother Governor Jeb Bush. No fraud there. To a lesser extent a replay occurred in the 2004 election, another close presidential race.

Now our story brings us to the 2016 presidential election. The Democrats were certain they had the election sewn up, however, being the good little liberals they are, they did not take the election for granted. The Clinton team partly, to cover up Hilary’s corrupt activities during the Obama Administration and partly to ensure a victory in 2016, started the rumors of Russian collusion. When that failed and Trump won the election, they have continued collusion activities through most of his first term. It culminated in impeachment proceedings in January. Since the Covid-19 Pandemic, the Democrats have threatened to investigate his response to the crisis and possibly impeach him again. Knowing full well that it will not be upheld in the Senate. It is just a distraction to keep President Trump from enacting legislation to help the country. They are also trying to taint his first term so much that it will cost him his second term.

Bill Barr was appointed as new Attorney General replacing Jeff Sessions by President Trump 2019. Since being confirmed, he immediately started investigations in the Russia hoax, and the Flint hearings, and is now investigating all the people involved in initiating the Trump investigation. These hearings are causing quite a stir in the liberal camp. So take a guess, I dare you to guess, too late they are calling to Impeach William Barr. Well if nothing else the Liberals are persistent, if not a little predictable. I guess it is hard to come up with new ideas, when you are busy rioting, tearing down statues, changing names of monuments and parks, getting TV series cancelled, blocking old movies and don’t forget my favorite kneeling and bowing to the BLM and Antifa leadership. I mean, you can only do so much.

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