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Medical Care in Our Hospitals is Color Blind.

Two doctors preparing elderly patient before medical procedure

I have written several articles on the coronavirus and on masks and healthcare issues. A series of links have been provided at the bottom of this article for your convenience. This article will, however address a different aspect of the virus or on healthcare issues in general.

I have been hearing stories that medical care is different for minorities than for non minorities. Now, I am not talking about the quality of hospitals in different regions or neighborhoods, I know there are differences in quality of hospitals in every corner of the world. What I am talking about, is where people of different races and cultures are being cared for in the same hospital. I have been a Registered nurse for almost 20 years, of which over 10 years has been in the Intensive Care Unit. I speak from actual experience, not hearsay. My fellow medical staff members and I care for people of all races, cultures and economic standings and yes even convicted criminals from prisons and jails and those who have just been charged with a crime. We care for homeless people, rich people, morbidly obese people of up to 900 pounds, black, yellow and yes, even even native American Indians. We care for people from China, Asia, Africa and the rest of the world. I work in Las Vegas, so we have quite a varied population and visiting guests from everywhere. I have never witnessed any of these people being discriminated against. They are all cared for the same. We don’t have the luxury to chose our patients. It wouldn’t matter anyway, they all need to be cared for. Now some patients can be harder to care for, and that is not a reflection on race or skin color, it is based on personalities. But even though we may be yelled at or spit on, we still care for these patients. My belief is that nobody wants to be sick and least of all be in a hospital as either a patient or a guest. How than can I expect them to be at their best behavior? So, stop believing the hype from the frenzied media. Our hospitals are not systemically racist. You may find a little clinic tucked away in some no name town that may treat people differently, that is in no way should reflect unfavorably on the rest of the medical profession. Hummm, does that sound familiar? It doesn’t matter where you are, or where you work , there will always be bad, indifferent and even cruel people, but the vast majority of the population is made up of good, honest and hardworking people.

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