Who will be the Next President, Harris or Pelosi?

I have written several articles on Speaker of the House Pelosi. A list of the links have been provided at bottom of this article for your convenience. This article will, however address different aspects on the Speaker’s life.

It is a foregone conclusion that if Joe Biden wins the election that Kamala Harris will soon take over the reins of office. She just made a mental slip in a speech the other day. It must be killing her to have to play second fiddle to a washed up politician like Biden. Someone who can’t do the simplest press conference without a teleprompter. The second alternative if the election is caught up in  impossible gridlock due to the mail in ballots, Pelosi is given the nod for a “temporary” placement as President. Most experts believe that the chances of this happening are a long shot at best. I am not in that camp. I have seen how Pelosi works. There are only two things keeping her going (1) impeaching Trump and getting a conviction or (2) becoming president.  You may ask me how I know this? I have spent time studying her, she was part of an earlier 12 part serial article on current politicians. Yes her ego is that big, she believes she is above the law and can do anything that she wants.

So first off, If Bidden wins, he will be quickly marginalized or deemed incompetent and removed from office. If this happens you can kiss our constitution and country as we know it goodbye. She is the most radical politician in Washington DC. You think that Hilary Clinton would have been a tyrant, she is a rookie compared with Harris. She will clean house once she is in office. She has already stated that she will go on  mission to eliminate and punish anybody who spoke out against her. She is incompetent besides being petulant and vindictive. It will be her way or the highway. You thought Obama had a big ego, he again is but a shadow of Harris. She will quickly bankrupt this country with the green new deal. She will then completely alienate us from all of our allies and most likely get us into some serious military engagements. The first amendment and the second amendment will quickly fall. The rest of the Constitution will soon follow. She will quickly put the country under martial law. Then she will do what Putin did in Russia and make herself a dictator. Oh an did I forget we would be a puppet of China, for a while at least. Then eventually she would start to chafe under the China hegemony. So eventually we would have to fight China for the number one spot. The Stephen KIng Book “The Dead Zone” is a chilling precursor for Kamala Harris in office. I know King said it referred to President Trump, but he was wrong, it is foretelling Harris’ presidency. Though I don’t think we will be lucky enough to sneak out of her winning the office.

Surprisingly, we would actually be better off with Pelosi as President than Harris. She is a radical, but not nearly as radical as Harris. Our constitution would still not be safe under Pelosi. The first and second amendment would be destroyed as well as the 20th amendment, which only grants the House of Representative a temporary posting as President. Pelosi would find a way to make it permanent. While Pelosi is a volatile and opinionated and spiteful and yes hateful and basically a she devil. I think I covered all of her attributes. She is not stupid, like Harris is. She is basically playing lip service to the left, she would not change that much in the country. She likes the status quo, she is in fact a DC swamp creature. So why would she want to change the country. She would quickly stop the riots in the country, because she does not believe in states’ rights like president Trump does. So the national guard would quickly be sent into the affected states. I do believe that she would keep the lock down in place, because she is for big business. And everybody can agree that big businesses like Amazon and Walmart and so on, have flourished under the lock downs. Second of all, our alliances would be intact, she would not alienate our allies like Harris would. She would however embrace China as our ally and would have no problem playing second fiddle to them, as long as it enriched her bank account. We would also stop the investigation of China’s complicity in the Coronavirus Pandemic. Our country would be in effect become a  pseudo socialist country. We would embrace some of the features, but not all of them. While we would become a Communist country under Harris. We would not go with the new green deal like we would with Harris, because the fossil fuel industries have too much power and generate too much income for this country. Our country would collapse if we replaced it with  unreliable renewable energy. Pelosi is not a radical extremist. She is not a fundamentalist. She like Biden, will say and do whatever it takes to get what she wants. She is power hungry and greedy. At least we can understand those qualities in a politician. We are used to those attributes. Kamala Harris is a radical extremist and is therefore much more dangerous than  any other president that we have ever had in office. She is a wild card and the only thing she can be counted on doing is the inexplicable.

Well, neither of these scenarios looks too appealing to me. And before I discuss the solution, I want to let you know that these scenarios are not wild rantings of a radical Republican. They have been studied and evaluated thoroughly. I have studied both of these women extensively. I believe both scenarios are quite reasonable. So you may ask, what can we do to avoid these possible outcomes. (1)First of all forget about those mail in ballots. Burn them or shred them. Go and vote in person. It is perfectly safe. If you can go to the grocery store or hardware store safely, you can vote safely. Don’t let the democrats convince you otherwise. Just think this out logically how can we possibly handle 80 million mail in ballots? You know the signatures are not going to be verified. There will be duplicate ballots out there. especially if you have moved in the last couple of years and registered your new address. So by voting in person, you will guarantee that Pelosi never sits at the Resolute Desk. (2) Forget about voting for Biden. I have already shown you you are actually voting for Harris. Stop voting with your heart, vote with your brain. Don’t let your emotions sway you. Trump may be a bit of an egotistical bore, but he loves this country and would do nothing to hurt it. (3) We need President Trump to win both the popular vote as well as the electoral college convincingly so that there is no room for contention.

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