Twelve Mainstream Politicians (2 of 12) Nancy Patricia Pelosi

I have written several articles on Speaker of the House Pelosi. A list of the links have been provided at bottom of this article for your convenience. This article will, however address different aspects on the Speaker’s life.

Nancy Pelosi (NP) Speaker of House, 2007-2011, 2019-Present. She is the only woman to hold this position. She is the highest elected woman and second in line after the Vice President. She was elected to the House of Republicans in 1980.

She served in the Appropriation Committee and the Intelligence Committee. The following are issues that she is for or against. She was against the Iraq War, she is for the Affordable  Care Act, Dodds Frank Wall Street Reform on Consumers Protection Act, Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell Repeal Act, American Recovery and Reinvestment Act and for the 2010 Tax Relief Act. She is for The Patriot Act, LVBT Rights, Equality Act, Marijuana Reform Laws. She is the Constitutional Amendment banning Flag burning, Secure Fence Act of 2006, Federal Marriage Amendment and voted against 1995 Balanced Budget Proposal Constitutional Amendment.

She was born in March 26, 1940 in Baltimore, Maryland. She is the only girl of an Italian family of 8 children. She graduated from The Institute of Notre Dame, an all girl catholic high school. She graduated from Trinity Washington University with a BA. She married Paul Pelosi and rsised 5 children.

She was instrumental in the impeachment proceedings for President Trump. We have seen it in this act, and also when she tore up a copy of his State of the Union Speech. She shows it in the way she talks about him. But whenever she is asked why she hates him so much, she denies that she hates him. I have searched the internet looking for an answer, I was not able to get a satisfactory one. But I think I have a possible answer. Pelosi is a very proud person. She has accomplished a lot in her career. She has reached levels no other woman has attained in the US. She is one of the most powerful members of congress in the US. I believe that she expects everyone to treat her like a queen. Well President Trump doesn’t treat anyone like that. I think she resents that. He tends to make fun of all politicians that believe differently then him, and that includes Pelosi. I think, part of the comments were originally meant in jest. But Pelosi took them very seriously and went straight for the jugular. This kind of points to her instability and instability to serve in office.

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