Are Colleges Becoming Obsolete? Are Trade Schools the Answer?

I have written several articles on Education. A list of links have been provided at bottom of this article for your convenience. This article will, however address different aspects on education.

President Trump recently stated that he wants an increase in emphasis for trade schools. He feels that a lot of college graduates are ill prepared for the job market. They have large debts with no marketable skills. Most 4 year degrees only prepare you for more college, advanced degrees such as law and medical school, Master and PHD degrees. Universities are also brainwashing there students into believing our country is terrible and is racist, and needs to be destroyed.

A good model for trade schools should be the associates degree in Nursing. It is commonly called a ADN degree. It is basically a 3 year associates degree in nursing. When you complete this degree and pass the boards you are a Registered Nurse. This program has your basic college classes, such as Composition, Algebra, Biology and so on. Just enough to cover the basic skills. Then you take all the nursing core classes. You can use this model for numerous other programs.

Universities still do have a place in modern society. Certain degrees and career paths still benefit. Here are a few, teachers at all levels, engineers, accountants and I mentioned earlier career paths for doctors and lawyers. These are just a few. But the fact remains, completing a 4 year degree does not guarantee you good paying career.

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