Kids Need to Go Back to School

I have written several articles on Education. A list of links have been provided at bottom of this article for your convenience. This article will, however address different aspects on education.

Since the outbreak of the Coronavirus Pandemic school children have been unable to attend school. There is even talk of keeping them out of school this fall as well. The school systems have set up on line class work for the school children to help them stay current with there studies. Unfortunately many of the children from low income families or single parent homes can’t afford home computers or high speed internet access. So they have been falling behind. They have also missed out of all the social interactions common in school. They are feeling isolated and depressed. Initially all of the parks were closed as well. So the children had little opportunity to engage in outdoor activities and exercise. As I stated in a previous article, since the advent of video games and eventually the internet, children have spent more time in sedentary activities. An increasingly larger portion of the adolescent population is become obese. They are experiencing earlier onsets of diabetes, HTN and pancreatitis. Many teenagers are taking up vaping and are subsequently experiencing respiratory related health issues.

Many children rely on school meals to get at least one healthy meal a day. In many occasions this meal is being replaced with junk food, further exacerbating the health issues these children are experiencing. The family structure is being overwhelmed. There has been a resulting uptick in the numbers of spouse and child abuse. Many parents have been laid off from work because of the closures. Now as businesses are being opened up, child day care is becoming a problem. Because not only do many families rely on the school system for nutrition they also rely on schools for day care for their children, while they are at work.

Children throughout the world have gone back to school with little effect on the infection rate. There is evidence both anecdotal and based on science that shows that unlike with the flu, children have a much lower incidence of infections and are not carriers of the disease. Therefore their is no reason that children should remain out of school. The only reason is that it is a political issue. The democrats are doing everything in their power to unseat President Trump.

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