How to Make Our Country Great Again

I have written several articles on postings related to politics. A list of links have been provided at bottom of this article for your convenience. This article will, however address different aspects on these political events. This article also falls under my reform category, so it will be listed under that grouping as well.

What has to be done to make this country great again is quite simple. Just read my previous article “What Has Ruined This Country,” and reverse it. Tall order you say. It took a lot to ruin this country. I will make it easy on the reader I will tell you how you can make the country great again, as I am sure you already knew I would do anyway.

The first thing we have to go is to unite this country. The simplest thing we can do is to find a common enemy to fight. This can be either internal or external. The problem with this is that too many people simply hate President Trump (Mitt Romney, Pelosi, Schumer, Obama and both Clintons to name a few). President Trump doesn’t mess around, he has chosen some of the most powerful people in the country to piss off. We had a golden opportunity with the pandemic, if not for a few key people in power this would have done the trick. Al-Queda worked for George W. Bush, his popularity shot through the roof post 9/11. Unity lasted a good solid year, people had flags on their cars, front yards and even wore flag hats. The country came together, thousands of volunteers flocked to NYC to help with the rescue and eventual clean-up. China could be a good external enemy again because of the pandemic, and their poor humanitarian record. But again, too many people in power have financial ties to China. China is their meal ticket.

So it looks like we aren’t going to find a simple fix for this first problem. It is going to be an uphill battle. We can hope that Pelosi and Schumer retire soon. But Trump can do some things in the meantime. He can be less antagonistic towards his enemies. While he Keeps on working hard behind the scenes. We are assuming that we are not going to make much progress until after the election. To hope for a marked improvement before the election is too much to hope for. We need a vaccine for the caronavirus. We need to find a way to stop the riots and the killings in the northern cities. People need to feel safe from the virus and their fellow man. If this can happen we are on the right road for MAGA. Nothing changes peoples attitudes for the better, is prosperity and security. Everybody has the same basic needs; safety, happiness, fulfillment, companionship, financial security, and a place to call home. If people have these things they usually are pretty happy. If people are happy or at least fulfilled they are more likely to work together.

We need to somehow find a way to make people care about their country. We need pride in America. People need to stand up for the National Anthem, when people started kneeling for the Anthem, it was like a nail had been driven in our coffin. The first nail was placed when we stopped the pledge of allegiance at school. These two things helped foster a feeling of unity and pride in this country. We also need to reduce people’s dependence on charity. People feel too entitled, they think they deserve free everything. That is not the way things work. By bringing industry and companies back to America and re-opening our markets, people will have jobs and insurance and will be able to care for themselves. Most people really want to be self sufficient.

These are the most basic needs of the country. Now we need some reform, education has to be changed. Our children need to be taught pride in our country, not lies but truth, that is is the best way. Our country is made up of people, we are not perfect and we are fallible. If we can start our base off right, we basically have the problem licked. However, It will take a while to turn the country around. The press needs to be cleaned up. We have broken up monopolies before. Well there is a monopoly in the media and in social media. A few major corporations control the majority of information people receive. We need to stop assaulting the Constitution. It has been here over 200 years, so deal with it. It was written very carefully, and it is what makes our country great. Leave the first and second amendment alone. The cancel culture movement needs well, to be honest, cancelled. Freedom of speech means exactly that. Most crimes are committed by illegally acquired guns, not by guns purchased in stores with permits. So gun control is nonsense. By taking away our guns, good people are left defenseless. The bad people will still be armed. Besides people will find ways to kill each other even without guns. For example, cars are pretty dangerous, so are knives. Last time I checked most people have both of them.

People need to become more self sufficient and less reliant on welfare. I know it is hard when the government pays you more to stay home. But these freebies have a cost. People that do not earn their own living lose their own self respect. They are somehow inferior to other people that are making a living on their own. This can lead to erratic and even vindictive behavior on the part of the welfare recipient. We need to reduce the giveaways. Help the needy but still give them incentives to get jobs and provide for their families. We need to protect our businesses from the rioters. People will not open up their businesses if they think they are going to get destroyed.

We need a two party system that truly works together. We need bipartisanism in congress. This can be accomplished in part by reducing the terms of congressman. Unlimited terms foster corruption and petty tyranny in each house. The founders of the Constitution had no concept of career politicians. They expected people to do their duty, then go home and run their businesses and farms. Not to stay in politics the rest of their lives.You have politicians that have been in office for over 40 years, they are so entrenched in their beliefs, that they will not listen to any dissenting views.

Another thing that will help this country is to pass legislation to help reduce lawsuits. Legal litigation has caused the price of health to go up and pretty much everything else. Set the limits for medical charges. With fewer lawsuits and malpractice suits, the price of medicine will drop. Limit the price for medication. People are sue happy and lawyers are paving the way. A good place to start would be to close down some law schools and to set limits on the number of Bar exams that are allowed to be given in each state. Eliminate lobbyists. Reduce the size of political donations to $50.00. Eliminate the loop holes that allow larger donations. Reduce the size of the IRS and simplify the tax code. Eliminate tax loopholes. Make the tax burden equitable. By having a broader tax base, with more manufacturing, more exports and less people getting welfare and reducing governmental spending we can balance the budget and maybe actually start reducing the national debt.

We need a strong military, not to use to invade other countries, but to act as a deterrent to other aggressor nations.

None of things are easy, but we have to start somewhere. So if I had one wish I would ask for, it would be increased tolerance. With this one thing we could turn our country around. Sounds pretty simple, doesn’t it. Than why don’t we do it?

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