Did Christopher Columbus Deserve A Statue?

Columbus was not the first explorer to cross the Atlantic.  He did not discover America. He made four voyages. On his first one he discovered the Caribbean Islands,  including Haiti.  He eventually explored Central and South America. When he arrived at his first island in the Caribbean,  he soon realized that the Arawak people were very primitive and therefore ripe for exploitation.  They had few weapons and were innocent of the cruelties that man could inflict on their brothers. He soon returned to the Caribbean Islands with 17 ships and 1,200 men. They went from island to island like a hoard of locusts robbing, raping and the taking of  thousands of slaves destined to go back to Spain. They were also there for gold. Any native that did not produce gold had there hands cut off. The Arawak people soon revolted, but because of there primitive weapons, they were no match for the Spaniards.  They were soon overpowered. In reparation, thousands were tortured and killed. Many more committed mass suicides. Over half of the 250,000 natives living on these islands were either enslaved or murdered. Did Columbus deserve our reverence and adulation, the answer is no. He did not deserve even one statue.  He did not discover a trade route to the Indias’, nor did he discover the America’s. He found little gold, and only managed to alienate the natives and inflicted mass genocide and the enslaving of thousands of  natives. Many of these slaves died on the voyage back to Spain,  and many more died upon arrival due to the incredible hardships that were inflicted on them. He was an abject failure and a killer to boot.

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