How Can Protesters Justify Vandalism?

I have written several articles Racism and Slavery. A list of links have been provided at bottom of this article for your convenience. This article will, however address different aspects on Racism and Slavery

Mass protest marches work, even when participants break the law in acts of targeted civil disobedience. But random acts of violence, vandalism and theft do not. The nonviolent protests of the Civil Rights Movement in the 1960’s were not passive. Organizers executed direct actions linked to their political goals, like sitting at segregated lunch counters and in prohibited seats on buses. Organizers knew that these protests would be answered with force. Their responses helped to spur the passage of the landmark Civil Rights Act and Voting Rights Act.

Anti-Trump protests in 2017 shut down access to airports. This targeted disobedience had a delaying impact on the Muslim Ban and spurred electoral change in the following year.  Black Lives Matter is helping to reduce police violence. Their actions forced changes in the political agenda of the Federal Government and resulted in President Trump signing a criminal justice reform bill, which helped to reduce police killings in big cities run by liberal politicians.

Over the next 2 years crime seemed to be down and the economy was booming for all of the country.  Then in early 2020, disaster struck in the form of the Chinese Corona Virus Pandemic. The economy was promptly shut down, and people were basically prisoners in their own homes. After 2 months of these draconian measures when people’s tempers were short, a match was struck to gasoline, in the form of a racial killing by the police. In fact it was a blatant murder by a rogue cop. A murder so blatant in fact that 99.0% of the population were in agreement that the police were at fault. The protests started out peacefully, but after a few days, all the events of the past few months caused people’s tempers to boil over, and rioting started throughout the northern states. Followed by looting and burning and eventual destruction of government buildings and monuments. With the exception of some Federal interdiction in Washington, the majors and governors allowed these activities to go on unchecked. The Corona pandemic no longer seemed to be a problem. Offers of Federal assistance was refused by most of  the affected states. Where it was authorized, the riots were quickly quelled.

There has been a question as to where the rioting arose. The violence seemed to be too well organized to be a simple escalation from peaceful protests. Further investigation, has shown that BLM and antifa groups were instrumental  in initiation and organization of these activities. To be fair, many of the peaceful protesters tried to intervene to stop the looters and vandals. They realized that the original purpose of their protests’ were being hijacked for more nefarious reasons.

The question is what gives these individuals the right to destroy our country and culture? The simple answer is they have no right to do this. It is up to us to put a stop to this. State and local governments appear to be unwilling to put a stop to it. They are willing to allow businesses to be destroyed and children to be slaughtered as part of some twisted plot to destroy this country and allow socialism to take over United States. Most of these looters and rioters are of college age and as a result have not even paid taxes yet. Well it is going to take tax payer’s money to rebuild these cities.

Reasons and justification for looting and rioting: They have acted like a release valve for the pent up frustration from being put basically on house arrest for months. Others see looting as a firm of empowerment. In otherwards a way to reclaim dignity after decades of abuse by the system. In cases where peaceful protesting hasn’t worked, the protesters feel the escalation to looting and rioting is justified. Some looters enjoy chaos and destruction. While others are taking advantage of the riots to steal for financial gain. Finally many see this a step towards disrupting and destroying society. There is no meaningful connection between much of the vandalism and the protesters’ political message.

One piece of good news about the 2020 riots, is that so far, they are not on the scale of the 1960’s riots. We however deflect the basic reality, that at a time when millions are struggling to address serious issues, the people running around looting and rioting are not helping the cause.

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